2011-09-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:58:58 <geraldh> Can I alter the Dutch translation of my local installation myself?
04:07:15 <geraldh> Hmm, I see that's difficult with all kind of svn's and make installs etc. What is the normal way of contacting the -in my case- Dutch translator? Just email him, or make a request somewhere, or..?
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07:02:19 <Bob_S> hi anyone home ?
07:03:03 <kpreid> INTRUDER ALERT!
07:03:09 <kpreid> nah, hi. got a gnucash question?
07:04:03 <Bob_S> Hi Yeah can it be used for non-profit (Charity) accounts and SORP reports ?
07:09:20 <Bob_S> ? ? ?
07:17:53 <Bob_S> hello ???
07:18:47 <Bob_S> Anyone from the uk ???
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07:32:53 <warlord> Bob_S: not from the UK, so I cannot answer the second question (no idea what a SORP report it). But yes, it can be used for non-profits.
07:33:08 <warlord> It's just an accounting tool. If you could record it on pen&paper you can record it in GnuCash
07:33:53 <Bob_S> How does it compare with TurboCash ?
07:35:20 <warlord> No clue. Never seen TC
07:36:18 <Bob_S> ok thanks
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08:41:54 <creichen> Hi! I've been sent what appears to be a file containing HBCI transactions (starting with `:20:STARTUMSE'). How do I import this intoGnuCash? Trying to open it yields the error `no suitable backend found'.
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08:44:24 <creichen> s/intoGnuCash/into GnuCash/
08:44:50 <creichen> (I have not set up any accounts in GnuCash.)
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09:21:49 <LiamH> How do I get an OFX for my Scottrade account? My credit union has a clearly labeled button on the main page for downloading OFX/QFX, etc., but I don't see anything like that for Scottrade.
09:22:59 <LiamH> Do I need to use this? http://www.ofxhome.com/index.php/institution/view/623
09:25:09 <LiamH> Ofxget is a "jnlp" file which my computer doesn't understand.
09:29:41 <LiamH> OK, this works on another computer with a better Java installation.
10:16:06 <creichen> Never mind. Turns out it was a different file format called `MT940'. That'll teach me not to check the file name for hints...
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10:51:12 <LiamH> OK I'm trying to load my Scottrade OFX. It's going through the accounts in the OFX and asking me to identify the accounts already in Gnucash. Some accounts it keeps repeating the question; why is it not taking?
10:52:56 <LiamH> and I cant get out of the "select account" sequence, both cancel and OK just bring up another account until it loops around to the beginning and starts over
11:02:26 <LiamH> What is supposed to go in "Account Code" and "Account ID"? It's mostly putting the same thing (the fund number, not my personal account number) in both of them, but it looks like for some it has one blank and the other with the number.
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16:59:43 <LiamH> Is there some documentation for the format (columns) that the CSV importer expects?
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21:08:55 <FlyingWatermelon> when i look at the cash flow report it counts liabilites: credit card as a balance instead of putting all those under individual expenses
21:09:21 <FlyingWatermelon> when i use the credit card to pay for an expense it doesn't count those expenses in the report for their own category
21:10:29 <FlyingWatermelon> the credit card has 0 balance now but it still says a numerical value instead of counting the credit card purchases under their individual expense categories
21:10:53 <FlyingWatermelon> anyway to fix this so i can see what my actual expenses are?
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21:24:07 <ksjosh82> help I have a problem
21:24:57 <ksjosh82> I was working on my accounts and I had a power outage and now I have an error message and can't open the file.
21:26:44 <ksjosh82> There was an error parsing the file file://C:\Users\WhiteFamily\Documents\White Finances.gnucash.
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22:59:11 <warlord> ksjosh82: what backend do you use? SQLite or XML?
23:00:49 <warlord> LiamH: I doubt there are any docs for the CSV importer. As for asking for account selection -- if you select the same account multiple times it will override the setting. If you find yourself doing that you're *probably* doing something wrong.
23:00:50 <ksjosh82> xml
23:01:19 <warlord> ksjosh82: Hmm, is this a relatively new file? Did you just start?
23:01:35 <ksjosh82> yeah i started it last night
23:02:46 <LiamH> warlord: I found a limited selection of columns when I went through the importer, that's enough to tell me that it won't work for investment accounts (no price, share columns).
23:03:19 <warlord> Okay, this seems to be a known issue on Windows in current systems. I bet you set opening balances. IIRC you will need to manually fix your XML to set appropriate date entries.
23:03:38 <warlord> LiamH: yeah, I'm fairly sure CSV wont work for investments.
23:04:11 <ksjosh82> i tried doing that, might have messed something up but everytime I try to use it the program just crashes
23:04:33 <LiamH> warlord: so... I can't import investment accounts with OFX or CSV... is there some file format that will work?
23:04:50 <warlord> OFX should work fine.
23:04:53 <warlord> as should QIF
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23:06:02 <ksjosh82> @warlord Any idea when a fix for this might be out
23:06:02 <gncbot> ksjosh82: Error: "warlord" is not a valid command.
23:06:41 <warlord> ksjosh82: I dont know -- file a bug report to make sure it gets fixed? (People have mentioned it, but honestly I dont know if it's been filed as an actual bug)
23:06:45 <ksjosh82> oops been a LONG time since I used IRC
23:07:14 <LiamH> warlord: I downloaded my OFX ... it is enormous, because it is not date restricted, going all the way back to 2004 when I opened the account (I only want the August transactions, everything before is already in there). I tried importing it, and I got in what seemed an endless loop of associating accounts in gnucash with accounts in the file, same question over and over.
23:08:21 <warlord> That's very odd, LiamH .... Why can't you date-limit the download?
23:08:21 <ksjosh82> warlord the FAQ says it will be fixed at 2.6.x but I wonder when that will come out
23:08:38 <warlord> 2.6.x?? Probably not for a year or more.
23:09:08 <ksjosh82> so I have to manually figure it the xml for another year? Yikes, this doesn't sound like fun.
23:10:17 <warlord> This is a one-time issue. It's only an issue when you create an opening balance for an account on Windows .
23:10:21 <LiamH> warlord: I'm using ofxget http://www.ofxhome.com/index.php/home/ofxget, it doesn't seem to have that option. The GnuCash FAQ says don't use direct download for investment accounts. Is there another method to get the file that allows date restriction?
23:10:23 <warlord> Once you fix it, it's done.
23:10:45 <warlord> I have no idea about ofxget, and honestly I don't use any importers. I think they're "wrong'.
23:13:59 <ksjosh82> but why is it crashing then?
23:14:48 <warlord> ksjosh82: because it creates bad data. Once you fix it it will be fixed.
23:14:53 <warlord> But you have to fix it manually
23:15:12 <ksjosh82> but I fixed it and the program crashes when I open the new file
23:15:25 <warlord> the data wont *get* corrupted.. It just starts corrupted.
23:15:37 <warlord> Are you sure you fixed it?
23:15:47 <warlord> How did you "fix" it?
23:16:11 <ksjosh82> I added in the date entries everytime I saw trn:currency where there wasn't a date
23:17:27 <warlord> That's not necessarily the right thing to do. You need to make sure it's only in the transaction objects.
23:17:46 <ksjosh82> thats what the faq told me to do
23:18:55 <warlord> URL?
23:19:46 <ksjosh82> maybe i misinterperted what it said http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_When_I_try_to_open_my_datafile_on_Windows.2C_I_get_.22Parse_error.22._What_happened_.3F
23:20:08 <ksjosh82> how can i tell which one is a transaction and which isn't
23:20:44 <warlord> Well, trn:currency should be sufficient -- and it should be inside a <transaction> tag
23:21:43 <ksjosh82> ok, I will try looking for the transaction tag and fixing those, could be easy to miss one though, thanks for your help warlord
23:22:00 <warlord> good luck. Sorry you're hitting this bug.
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23:49:17 <ksjosh82> warloard-afk still there?