2011-09-05 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:53:20 <LiamH> "Transaction List Help" for importing a QFX mentions "Select Import Action". Where do I find that?
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09:59:21 <warlord> I *think* it's a right click, or something near the right side of the window, maybe?
10:02:37 <LiamH> Well it seems double clicking once I've checked "A" brings up a list of accounts to transfer to.
10:03:31 <LiamH> But now I have another question: how do I tell it to match a transaction already recorded if it doesn't recognize it?
10:05:11 <LiamH> So it seems there's some kind of heuristic that rates the strength of possible matches, and I need to select one?
10:16:41 <LiamH> Is there any way to get GnuCash to re-read the accounts file when doing an import? Also, is there a way to cancel out of the import without leaving all the transactions in the registers unbalanced, i.e., cancel with the accounts unchanged?
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10:38:47 <warlord> LiamH: no, there is no way to re-read during the import, and canceling the import is not idempotent (it's a design flaw)
10:40:50 <LiamH> warlord: Oh, OK. I found that if I quit GnuCash without saving, then restart, it restores the original state. Clumsy, but it seems to work.
10:42:55 <LiamH> Since I inevitably forget a few transactions, it's useful to read the QFX so I can enter in the forgotten information first. I guess this means I need to read it in emacs first, because once I pull it into GnuCash, it's hard to add transactions and reread.
10:43:02 <warlord> Yeah, that's what you have to do.
10:43:14 <warlord> ???
10:43:20 <warlord> I dont understand that last one.
10:43:26 <warlord> What do you mean re-read it?
10:45:15 <LiamH> 1) Read QFX into GnuCash. 2) Find that I forgot to record (or didn't know about) a transaction 3) Add transaction 4) importer doesn't know about transaction, because it can't re-import or re-read file 5) quit GnuCash without saving 6) Start GnuCash, add missing transaction(s), 6) Import the QFX again.
10:46:21 <LiamH> Within a given session, GnuCash cannot be coaxed into realizing the accounts have changed. I guess I should have said that instead of reread.
10:48:12 <LiamH> Now I realize that the QFX can't substitute for a human-readable statement, which I was hoping would be the case.
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10:52:38 <warlord> I dont understand why you need step 2. If it's a part of the import then finish the import. If it's NOT part of the import then why does it matter?
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10:53:04 <warlord> And no, OFX does not replace a printed statement.
10:53:10 <warlord> I never use any importers.
10:53:17 <warlord> I enter all my transactions when they occur.
10:53:21 <warlord> (by hand)
10:53:28 <warlord> and then I reconcile when my monthly statement arrives.
10:54:55 <LiamH> Why I need step 2? That I forget things?
10:56:32 <warlord> I still don't understand what that has to do with the import
10:56:45 <LiamH> Increasingly, monthly statements don't arrive, no more mailed statements. I have to go download them. If I download the statements, why don't I just download them in machine-readable form? Clearly that rationale doesn't work, but it was what I was hoping.
10:57:51 <warlord> Because OFX is not a reconciliation method.
10:58:24 <LiamH> Yes, that's what I've learned.
10:59:27 <warlord> OFX will clear transactions.
10:59:32 <warlord> but you need to manually reconcile.
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11:00:11 <LiamH> Can you explain the difference?
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11:02:23 <LiamH> Cleared means the bank records the transaction, reconcile means my accounts balance?
11:02:33 <kpreid> Yes.
11:04:03 <LiamH> When I reconciled, I rolled those into one process using the paper (or virtual paper) statements.
11:04:45 <kpreid> You don't have to mark cleared before reconciling.
11:07:12 <LiamH> Which I haven't up until this point. But if I import the QFX/OFX, it should clear everything that I've properly recorded. Once I check those clears, then to me reconciling is easy.
11:22:25 <warlord> anyways, gotta run. have a good day
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19:36:28 <FlyingWatermelon> i am having a problem getting my sub accounts in alphabetical order
19:37:33 <FlyingWatermelon> anyone alive?
19:38:39 <kpreid> HI
19:38:53 <kpreid> expand upon your problem?
19:42:03 <FlyingWatermelon> um
19:43:00 <FlyingWatermelon> well when i add a knew sub accout say "books" under a savings account or something it goes to the bottom of the list instead of being in alphebical order...
19:43:19 <FlyingWatermelon> i checked on the wiki and it said this could be so if i numbered my accounts but i did not number any of them
19:44:06 <FlyingWatermelon> when i say "numbered" i mean under account code
19:44:16 <FlyingWatermelon> i left the account code field blank for all of them
19:48:59 <kpreid> FlyingWatermelon: did you click on the 'Account Name' column heading?
19:49:34 <FlyingWatermelon> yes
19:49:38 <kpreid> you don't need to play with Account Code unless you want a *different* sort order
19:50:11 <FlyingWatermelon> well i was thinking of using the account code to get them in alphabetical but i tried that too and nothing changed
19:50:36 <FlyingWatermelon> like i tried making all my sub accounts that started with "a" like 1,2,3 etc
19:51:58 <FlyingWatermelon> under "assets" investments is above current assets and under "bank savings", dining is above charity
19:52:35 <FlyingWatermelon> all account code fields are blank as well
19:54:05 <kpreid> works fine for me
19:54:24 <kpreid> as long as I have Account Name [down triangle], each subgroup is in alphabetical order
19:55:47 <FlyingWatermelon> oh that was it
19:56:01 <FlyingWatermelon> thank you tho i would prefer them to be the other way lol
19:58:49 <FlyingWatermelon> if there is no arrow by it it just means its the order you created it?
19:58:58 <kpreid> dunno
19:59:42 <FlyingWatermelon> why isn't there a "net worth"
20:00:53 <kpreid> The 'Summary Bar' shows a value called 'Assets' which is probably what you want (it's actually assets-liabilities)
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20:04:41 <warlord> FlyingWatermelon: a "net worth" what? Report? List? ....?
20:36:52 <FlyingWatermelon> oh i think kpreid is right
20:37:02 <FlyingWatermelon> assests-liabilities
20:37:28 <FlyingWatermelon> also i need help with the budgeting tool
20:39:04 <FlyingWatermelon> the way i generally budget is: 1. direct deposit from income to savings 2. I do a split transaction that splits my DD into multiple sub accounts under savings like "supplies" "food" etc 3. From these categories i tranfer money to pay for the same named categories under expenses
20:40:24 <FlyingWatermelon> that is generally the way i budget because then every dollar has a place and there is no "unknown"...though i do have a miscellaneous category
20:41:44 <FlyingWatermelon> and for some subaccounts like "computer" i let the balances accrue over several months while for others like "dining" I move the surplus at the end of the month to a different sub account for "unused money"
20:43:07 <FlyingWatermelon> Q1: is there a better way for me to implement this idea using the actual budgeting tool?
20:43:58 <FlyingWatermelon> Q2: is there a way to do a split transaction using percentages of income for a non-stationary paycheck?
21:06:32 <FlyingWatermelon> warlord, when i do "price update" why does it return the value of money market accounts as 0 instead of 1
21:07:27 <FlyingWatermelon> i mean get quotes returns the value of a share of vanguard prime money market account as 0
21:13:19 <warlord> FlyingWatermelon: re: budget -- I dont know anything about the budget features. Never used them. As for the price update -- what price source do you have configured, and what does the website say?
21:13:57 <FlyingWatermelon> well i have a money market fund VMMXX...should that be under fund or under NASDAQ
21:14:16 <FlyingWatermelon> i think NASDAQ now so that could be the problem
21:14:47 <warlord> Doesn't matter where you put it. Those namespaces are for your use; GnuCash doesn't care.
21:15:06 <warlord> The real question is which price source you chose in the get-quotes configuration for the fund.
21:15:07 <smw> FlyingWatermelon, Budget does not do what you are doing now
21:15:23 <smw> I have been playing with budgets for the last few days :-)
21:15:57 <warlord> Maybe vanguard changed their website; when I try to get a quote for VMMXX I see vanguard giving me 0.00.
21:16:13 <warlord> It COULD be because today is a holiday so we had a 3-day weekend.. And it only shows quotes up to 2 days old.
21:16:38 <smw> FlyingWatermelon, also, percentages is not possible. That is on my ever growing list of usability features to add.
21:17:22 <smw> FlyingWatermelon, but I see that enhancement bugs are rarely completed after checking out the bug tracker :-\
21:17:41 <smw> If only I knew C...
21:17:41 <FlyingWatermelon> smw what does that last thing you said mean
21:18:08 <smw> FlyingWatermelon, which part?
21:18:16 <FlyingWatermelon> but I see that enhancement bugs are rarely completed after checking out the bug tracker
21:18:25 <FlyingWatermelon> why did you say that?
21:18:56 <smw> FlyingWatermelon, it means that it is unlikely any bug I submit for usability improvements will be done.
21:18:57 <FlyingWatermelon> warlord: thats not it
21:19:18 <smw> so I would need to learn C and implement it myself if I wanted it done :-P
21:19:45 <FlyingWatermelon> warlord: because its been like that for ~2 weeks....its not a huge deal tho cause money markets have to stay at 1$ so i just always delete the one that says 0 and use my manually entered one
21:20:04 <FlyingWatermelon> but smw what bug are you talking about?
21:20:09 <smw> nm
21:20:19 <warlord> FlyingWatermelon: Okay, then there are two possibilities: 1) Vanguard's quote site is broken, or 2) Vanguard changed their quote site and F::Q needs to be updated.
21:20:36 <FlyingWatermelon> warlord: its not just for vanguard
21:20:59 <warlord> gnc-fq-dump is your friend
21:21:17 <FlyingWatermelon> i have BDMXX (money market) for use with sharebuilder and its also 0$
21:21:28 <FlyingWatermelon> warlord: what does that do?
21:21:28 <warlord> What quote source?
21:21:33 <FlyingWatermelon> yahoo
21:21:41 <warlord> it shows you what F::Q gets from the quote source
21:21:53 <FlyingWatermelon> i just tried changing it from fund to nasdaq and still 0
21:22:02 <warlord> Yep, also returning 0
21:22:04 <FlyingWatermelon> do i have to use that in linux then?
21:22:22 <FlyingWatermelon> in the terminal?
21:22:45 <warlord> As I said before: fund/nasdaq doesn't mean anything to GnuCash; it's purely for you.
21:22:55 <warlord> yes, that's a terminal command
21:22:58 <FlyingWatermelon> oh sorry
21:23:08 <FlyingWatermelon> ok well i am running GNUcash under windows atm
21:23:24 <warlord> You might be able to run it from the cmd line.
21:23:29 <warlord> But I dont know. Windows is weird.
21:23:39 <FlyingWatermelon> lol its okay i believe you
21:25:22 <FlyingWatermelon> why isn't google a quote source?
21:25:39 <warlord> Probably because they don't know how to make money from it? ;)
21:25:44 <FlyingWatermelon> http://www.google.com/finance?q=MUTF:VMMXX
21:28:08 <warlord> Hmm... You'd have to ask the F::Q people. We only use what they provide.
21:28:41 <FlyingWatermelon> what music do you listen to while you are programming?
21:31:43 <warlord> music?
21:31:52 * warlord has the TV on in the background
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