2011-09-04 GnuCash IRC logs

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15:24:41 <smw> Hey. Anyone seen chase blueprint? Implementing split and full pay from blueprint would be awesome :-)
15:29:23 <deadly_risk> I am a new gnucash user with issues with split transactions looking for some help in what I'm doing wrong. If I move money from a checking account to pay down a credit card I can either have it add to the credit card debt, but correctly deduct the ammount from checking, or correctly deduct the credit card debt, but add the ammount to the checking account where it came from. I cannot seem to figure out how to get gnucash to correctly de
15:30:14 <smw> deadly_risk, that does not sound like a split transaction
15:30:43 <smw> from Checking to Credit Card is a simple transaction
15:31:33 <smw> deadly_risk, which register are you looking at when you do this transaction?
15:31:47 <smw> (I mean which account tab is open)
15:32:47 <deadly_risk> Hmmm. Ok, so I'm missing something basic then. When I try to move money like that using the "Transfer" button I can setup the transaction then select the "split" button so the ledger shows that I took money from checking and put it towards paying down a credit card. I am currenty looking at the credit card tab in the basic ledger format.
15:33:09 <deadly_risk> I took two screenshots to illistrate the problem a little better
15:33:09 <deadly_risk> http://mannindustries.net/hotlink/gnucash/correctly_deducts_from_checking.jpg
15:33:14 <deadly_risk> http://mannindustries.net/hotlink/gnucash/correctly_deducts_from_credit_adds_700_to_checking.jpg
15:34:41 <deadly_risk> This is my first venture into any kind of accounting software, so I don't really have the grip on terminology someone coming from a commercial program would.
15:35:12 <smw> deadly_risk, this is my first and only program. I started a couple months ago :-)
15:35:45 <smw> deadly_risk, have you tried a simple transaction? No split
15:36:28 <smw> deadly_risk, ah! just figured out what you are doing wrong
15:36:43 <smw> deadly_risk, you have been putting information in the wrong spot
15:37:01 <smw> you have been adding payments instead of charges!
15:37:48 <deadly_risk> What do you mean?
15:37:53 <smw> deadly_risk, the left column is only for payments and the right is only for charges (using your card)
15:38:20 <smw> deadly_risk, see how the credit card is going more and more red? That is bad
15:38:44 <deadly_risk> oh...oh god. You mean for the entire ledger not just the transaction in question? I figuerd it was more into the red because the larger the number the more im in debt to the credit card.
15:38:56 <smw> nope
15:39:12 <smw> it is more in red because payments exceed charges (yes, I know it does not make sense)
15:39:36 <smw> the fact that it is classified a "Liability" means the meaning of the red is inverted
15:40:18 <deadly_risk> Ha! I knew it had to be something simple I was doing wrong.
15:40:26 <smw> :-)
15:40:43 <deadly_risk> I checked the bug reports first, and no one else was complaining
15:41:05 <smw> most people just see that the columns say "payment" and "charge" ;-)
15:41:06 <deadly_risk> Thankyou smw, I'm going to start switching everything over
15:41:11 <smw> cool
15:59:49 <deadly_risk> Very cool! now its working properly, and now my graphs make sense. Thank you once more smw.
16:01:07 <smw> np :-)
16:01:57 <smw> deadly_risk, I have been using gnucash since I graduated high school (2 months ago) and it has been really useful for tracking budget :-)
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21:17:30 <warlord> smw: Never heard of it. What is it, and what protocol does it use?
21:18:16 <smw> warlord, it is not a protocol, it is a set of features of their website.
21:18:31 <smw> warlord, I will find the link, it is pretty simple, but very cool
21:18:57 <smw> http://www.chaseblueprint.com/ (all flash... yay)
21:19:19 <smw> mostly it is full pay and split that are awesome :-)
21:20:14 <smw> track it is a feature gnucash pretty much already does...
21:20:29 <smw> and finish it is just a simple calculator
21:21:28 <smw> warlord, for "Full Pay", I am imagining a report that just tells you how much you spent in total in certain accounts from your credit card.
21:21:40 <smw> Split would be a little harder to implement
21:24:19 <warlord> smw: if there is no protocol involved then I don't see how to integrate into GnuCash.
21:24:27 <warlord> It's not like GnuCash is going to be a flash player.
21:24:39 <smw> warlord, not integrate... copy features
21:25:35 <smw> warlord, I never used the words "integrate". I said implement :-)
21:26:10 <warlord> Sorry. So what features do you think need to be implemented?
21:26:25 <warlord> (I'm not going to pull down the flash and look at it, sorry)
21:26:52 <smw> <smw> warlord, for "Full Pay", I am imagining a report that just tells you how much you spent in total in certain accounts from your credit card.
21:27:02 <smw> that would be too easy
21:27:39 <warlord> And the cash flow report can't do that?
21:27:45 <smw> it can?
21:28:37 <smw> warlord, no report tells you how much money was transfered from one account to another (or group of accounts).
21:28:43 <warlord> Well, it might not limit you to the selected accounts, but yes, it should be able to. Load the Cash Flow, then change the set of selected accounts to just the CC Acct.
21:30:54 <smw> warlord, wow, did not realize that was possible :-). Now all it would need is to be able to tally up only certain accounts. So i could add get the amount spent from the card on food, public transportation, and 20 other specific accounts but no others :-).
21:31:07 <smw> warlord, thanks for showing me I could do this though :-)
21:32:28 <warlord> Hmm... You can't just ignore the extraneous stuff? ;)
21:32:35 <smw> lol
21:32:48 <smw> warlord, not if I want to add them up :-P
21:33:01 <warlord> (I'm not sure the Cash Flow can limit it)
21:33:28 <smw> I don't think so, but thanks. I had no idea cash flow could do that
21:33:45 <warlord> Your other option would be to create a massive query (Search for Transactions) that matched your query, and then run an Account Report on the results.
21:33:46 <smw> I really need to learn these reports :-)
21:34:03 <smw> ok
21:34:56 <smw> warlord, you have no idea how excited I was to learn that the expense barchart had a table function :-)
21:35:07 <warlord> :)
21:36:50 <smw> warlord, I must say though... chase blueprint is very cool assuming you are not smart enough or too lazy to do most of its features yourself.
21:37:43 <smw> oh, and I have decided that if I ever work on a C project, it will be to fix the gnucash loan calculator. It is truly aweful :-P
21:39:08 <smw> warlord, if I ever do work on it. It will be to make the loan calc work like this: http://www.bankrate.com/calculators/mortgages/loan-calculator.aspx
21:39:26 <smw> warlord, (note it also allows you to show the amortization table)
21:39:41 <warlord> Sure, that part of the code needs some love.
21:40:08 <smw> warlord, right now there are ways you can make it spit out wrong answers :-\
21:40:52 <warlord> I'm sure.. But GIGO
21:41:34 <smw> not really garbage, let me try to reproduce what I did
21:41:48 <warlord> If you do, please file a bug report.
21:41:54 <smw> sure
21:43:23 <smw> got it. Filing bug
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21:44:04 <warlord> ok
22:05:03 <smw> warlord, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=658212
22:05:25 <warlord> cool
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