2011-09-02 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:30:17 <odverb> evening all
03:30:27 <odverb> anyone awake?
03:32:55 <odverb> I want to understand compiling GnuCash for windows but this doesn't have to be on a windows box. I just want to get the big picture. I will work out the details myself. If anyone can help.
03:36:37 <odverb> I am an experienced C++ programmer.
03:38:07 <odverb> I am particularly interested in the difference between the different compiles.
03:40:00 <odverb> I seem to get, from the documentation, that it may be easier to compile the windows version on a unix box, but that only seemed to be implied.
03:41:41 <odverb> I want to look at what is involved in moving stock directly on to an invoice.
03:43:59 <odverb> I might also like to look at how it would be possible to move stock from two accounts which have the same stock type so that the quantities remain are automaticaly equal.
03:48:13 <odverb> I would be happy to provide any code I write promptly back to those maintaining the source, but I am not interested in being involved in any politics involved in getting it into distribution. FYI only.
03:51:19 <odverb> Once I have worked out how to build the code I indend to ensure that any modifications I make are sufficiently modular so that I may easily re-compile the current distribution to include them.
03:51:43 <odverb> I have commited my business to using GnuCash.
04:01:42 <odverb> Overall, I don't understand what the level 1 scale pieces GNU cash is made off. I therefore don't understand how they fit together. I also want to know what is the easiest way to get from the point of wanting to make changes to the point of them working on a windows box.
04:05:58 <odverb> The documentation for compiling on a windows box has many caveats. Should I install GnuCash, and the requirments to compile it, on a Linux box and work how to make the changes into the base code, then work out how to then compile those changes on a windows box?
04:07:07 <odverb> Or, is the pill of working out how to compile the windows version one that should be swallowed up front?
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04:09:49 <odverb> 7 posts up should say between rather than from.
04:13:54 <blathijs> odverb: The easiest would of course be to work on linux, get your modifications accepted and then just use the released Windows versions ;-)
04:14:12 <blathijs> odverb: (Sorry, I don't have any advice on compiling for/on Windows)
04:16:33 <odverb> thank you.
04:16:48 <odverb> what is involved in getting modifications accepted?
04:18:02 <odverb> easiest, is what i like.
04:18:06 <blathijs> odverb: The usual approach is to create a bugzilla entry and attach the patches
04:18:32 <odverb> they are not really bugs.
04:18:51 <blathijs> bugzilla has an "enhancement request" bug type :-)
04:18:56 <odverb> is there anoyingzilla?
04:19:10 <blathijs> odverb: In my experience, the GnuCash devs are pretty active in reviewing and committing reports with patches attached
04:19:10 <odverb> sorry for the flipancy. thank you.
04:19:25 <odverb> works for m.
04:19:31 <odverb> me. even.
04:19:47 <blathijs> and in case of questions, asking here on IRC or on the mailing list usually works
04:21:33 <odverb> thanks blathijis. you have precicely answered my questions.
04:23:08 <odverb> any hints on which distro to use?
04:24:24 <odverb> for example, is there a distribution with i can install which would give me a ready to compile install of GnuCash?
04:25:16 <odverb> If many, which would mandella use?
04:26:10 <odverb> you know, if he were a programmer. That old Simon and Garfunkle song.
04:27:42 <blathijs> odverb: I'm using Debian, which works rather well
04:27:58 <blathijs> odverb: Though the sources are best obtained directly from Gnucash' SVN server
04:28:12 <odverb> sorry again for the flipancy. I am serious. My BMS (Building Management System) maintanance business which now has two employees (plus myself) is committed to using GnuCash.
04:28:45 <odverb> I'm fairly sure none of this source is under active modification.
04:29:24 <blathijs> Hmm, what's "flipancy"? :-)
04:31:19 <odverb> flippant; flippantcy (i think). I'm not a good speller
04:31:35 <odverb> frivolously disrespectful, shallow, or lacking in seriousness; characterized by levity: The audience was shocked by his flippant remarks about patriotism.
04:32:53 <odverb> when i say none of the source is under active modicfication, i mean none of the source i'm interested in.
04:33:51 <odverb> re flippant, i'm inclined towards joking about stuff despite being reguarly reminded that my jokes are not funny.
04:33:59 <odverb> i like in hope.
04:34:30 <odverb> sorry, i live in hope.
04:36:01 <odverb> they tell me it is all in the tie-
04:36:06 <odverb> ming
04:36:21 <odverb> but, i'm not sure.
04:36:36 <odverb> thanks for the debian tip
04:50:42 <odverb> any tips on installing on a USB?
04:57:35 <odverb> sorry, stupid question.
04:57:40 <odverb> thanks again.
04:59:08 <odverb> btw, I still have the problem with price editor not rendering but I have a work around using reports.
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17:20:24 <andrewks> Can Gnucash process a single payment for 2 invoices? The process payment dialog only lets me enter a single invoice #. Do I have to pretend the single payment came in as 2 payments?
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19:53:38 <warlord> andrewks: Yes, it can. Just ignore the invoice# in the payment dialog (it's optional, anyways!).. It will apply the payment in FIFO format.
19:54:20 <warlord> THe invoice# on the payment dialog just puts that invoice at the front of the fifo
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20:00:29 <andrewks> cool! I'll have to delete the two payments and try that
20:00:41 <andrewks> register not matching bank statement bugs me, even though the numbers work out
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20:42:33 <warlord> Understood
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22:42:35 <kloik> Can GnuCash be customized so that I have icons under the tool bars for the various parts of GC that I need to work with?
22:53:37 <kloik> Where do I find gnucash "Menu and Toolbar" preference panel?
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