2011-09-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:43:55 <JasonBoxLaptop> hrm, when prompted to save my pin for online banking, is it stored securely?
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10:06:06 <ihf> I am trying to open a gnucash sqlite file with Sqlite manager and I get:
10:06:08 <ihf> SQLiteManager: Error in opening file finance.gnucash - either the file is encrypted or corrupt
10:06:08 <ihf> Exception Name: NS_ERROR_FILE_CORRUPTED
10:06:08 <ihf> Exception Message: Component returned failure code: 0x8052000b (NS_ERROR_FILE_CORRUPTED) [mozIStorageService.openUnsharedDatabase]
10:06:16 <ihf> any idea what the problem could be?
10:45:30 <warlord> JasonBox: probably not.
10:45:54 <warlord> ihf: are you sure it's a SQLIte DB?
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10:58:47 <ihf> warlord, I believe it is. I opened in in Textedit and it is certainly not XML. I tried moving the file to another machine running GC and I have the same problem although the file opens fine in GC.
10:59:08 <ihf> a different GC file opens fine in sqlite manager
10:59:31 <ihf> it is as if it is in fact corrupted somehow
10:59:51 <warlord> ihf: note that gnucash by default compresses the xml..
11:00:04 <warlord> Are you sure it's not compressed xml?
11:04:10 <ihf> no, how can I tell if it is sqllite and not comp. xml?
11:04:57 <ihf> i think it is comp xml! How can I change it to sqlite?
11:05:24 <ihf> is there an easy way?
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11:11:30 <warlord> "file /path/to/file.gnucash"
11:11:58 <ihf> nm, Save as did the trick.
11:12:22 <ihf> duh
11:18:13 <warlord> heh
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14:36:08 <syn2fin> Is there a good way to backfill transactions after one starts using gnucash? For example, I recently took my current assets and set that as my starting point a week past, and I have added items since, but I would also like to fill in transactions from before the day I started using gnucash without affecting the starting balances at that point.
14:43:26 <warlord> syn2fin: it's possible, but a LOT of work to do that.
14:43:46 <warlord> As you add more transactions you effectively have to reset your starting balance to "before" your "new" (old) transactions
14:45:36 <syn2fin> I was afraid of that. I was hoping there would be a way to lock the value of all assets and liabilities at a particular point as I add prior transactions for the purposes of flushing out budget pie charts.
14:45:44 <syn2fin> thank you
14:46:24 <warlord> Nope.
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15:09:27 <warlord> (and you're welcome)
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17:06:40 <theozaurus> Hi, just importing all my bank details into Gnucash. Can anyone explain to me how I should handle 2 accounts. 1 joint account, and 1 current account. I regularly transfer money from one to the other. I've downloaded the bank statements for both. However, when ever I click on a transaction in the current account that transfers money to the joint account and change it from Imbalance-GBP to Assets::Current Assets::Joint Account it create
17:06:55 <theozaurus> In short, how do I link the transactions without creating new ones?
17:09:19 <warlord> theozaurus: your first message stopped after "from Imbalance-GBP to Assets::Current Assets::Joint Account it create"
17:10:39 <warlord> But I'm not sure what you mean by "creating new ones"? It sounds like you're not properly assigning the double-entry "far" account during the import, so the importer isn't recognizing the duplicate. As a result you ARE getting two transactions imported.
17:11:08 <warlord> Instead, during the import you should assign appropriate destination accounts, and then tell the importer that it's a dup.
17:11:11 <warlord> Is this QIF?
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18:27:12 <theozaurus> warlord: I import 2 OFX files, 1 for each account from Natwest. Are you saying that it should be possible on import to tally up debit from one account to the credit on the other account automatically?
18:30:10 <warlord> Well, when you import the first bank you need to assign the transaction to the second bank, and then when you import from the second bank you will need to mark it as a duplicate
18:31:28 <theozaurus> ah okay. so now I just go through and specify the right destination for each transaction. Then scan through and mark the duplicates
18:33:51 <warlord> During the import, yes.
18:33:58 <warlord> After the import it's a little more difficult, but still doable.
18:35:35 <theozaurus> do i just delete the non linked transactions?
18:35:51 <warlord> Yes, you will need to manually delete the already imported duplicate transactions.
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18:57:30 <theozaurus> cheers
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20:51:07 <JasonBoxLaptop> What might the logic for say an income & expense report look like?
21:05:12 <warlord> I think how I would do it is for each selected account compute the account balance at the start and end of the period, compute the difference.
21:06:02 <JasonBoxLaptop> hrm
21:06:14 <warlord> Why?
21:06:35 <JasonBoxLaptop> Looking for an excuse to try out ExtJS 4's new charting and graphing components
21:06:42 <JasonBoxLaptop> Thought I'd feed them gnucash data
21:06:57 <warlord> oh.
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