2011-08-30 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:00:54 <JasonBoxLaptop> No such like, loan still ends on 8/7/2010
00:01:06 <JasonBoxLaptop> Should run until 2016
00:02:40 <JasonBoxLaptop> Start on 11/7/2003, 176 months, remaining calculated to 82, which I left alone
00:11:35 <JasonBoxLaptop> Only thing I have no tried is leaving Repayment Frequency alone, which starts on today's date instead of changing to 11/7/2003
00:12:43 <JasonBoxLaptop> hrm, didn't think that would work
00:12:47 <JasonBoxLaptop> At a loss, then
00:15:15 * JasonBoxLaptop attempt with 2.4.5
00:15:49 <JasonBoxLaptop> Once again, Review & Whole Loan range correctly shows entire replayment history plus future payments through discharge
00:15:58 <JasonBoxLaptop> Applying
00:16:35 <JasonBoxLaptop> Ans since Last Run... once again terminates on 8/7/2010
00:19:10 <JasonBoxLaptop> Trying on brand new gnucash file, no data, default accounts; same result
00:19:28 * JasonBoxLaptop shrug
00:19:31 <JasonBoxLaptop> At a loss
00:19:45 <JasonBoxLaptop> Disappointing
00:21:22 * JasonBoxLaptop download 2.2.9
00:30:27 <JasonBoxLaptop> hrm, can't build due to silliness
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05:21:31 <Ant> hello!
05:32:54 <Ant> I have a question regarding online banking in gnucash: Ho do I handle (the same) transactions that are imported by online banking in two accounts?
05:32:59 <Ant> With my bank i have three accounts: giro, savings and credit card.
05:33:15 <Ant> When I connet to get my transactions for the above three accounts, There are transactions that involve the other accounts. e.g. a transaction from my giro to my savings account.
05:33:27 <Ant> I receive those tansactions twice - for each account once. But that is a problem, because when i set the appropriate accounts for the double booking, those transactions are shown twice in each account.
05:33:27 <Ant> What am I doing wrong? How to I merge or handle those transactions correctly?
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05:37:09 <blathijs> Ant: You can either delete one of the two transactions (though I'm not sure if you can with imported transactions, never used them)
05:37:45 <blathijs> Ant: Or, you can have an extra balance account, "money in transit" or something ("Kruisposten" in Dutch), which you use as the account for both transactions
05:38:57 <Ant> I think deleting is not the best choice, since the possibility of re-importing transactions exists
05:39:17 <Ant> But the "money in transit" sounds like a good idea
05:39:34 <blathijs> There might be a more standardized name for that account, but I don't know it in English :-)
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05:40:13 <Ant> there is such an account for that, but all transactions are booked automatically to it
05:40:58 <Ant> when I search for transactions that i did not book correctly i have to search this one (in german it's calles "Ausgleichskonto")
05:42:18 <Ant> However, this account is linke a crutch to me. I was wondering if there is a way to merge those transactions
05:58:58 <Ant> Well, i guess the solution is to create an account as you proposed: "money in transaction". this way i do have two of those, but i can distinguish the transactions that i dod not book yet from those that i booked correctly.
05:59:12 <Ant> thanks for your help, i did not think of that! :-)
06:06:10 <Ant> well, i'll do my bookings now. I wish you a nice day!
06:17:24 <blathijs> Ant: Good luck with that :-)
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07:47:59 <warlord> JasonBox: what do you mean by "SLR terminates at 8/7/2010"?
07:48:11 <warlord> That would be correct -- it's not going to apply future payments.
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08:43:12 <JasonBoxLaptop> warlord: It's incomplete
08:43:19 <JasonBoxLaptop> My loan should run 15 years
08:43:33 <JasonBoxLaptop> It runs from 2003 to 2010
08:43:35 <JasonBoxLaptop> This is 2011
08:43:42 <JasonBoxLaptop> It doesn't even make it to present day
08:43:49 <JasonBoxLaptop> Clearly that's not correct
08:44:21 <JasonBoxLaptop> It also seems to try to 'finish' the loan; the interest goes positive for the final few payments
08:44:45 <JasonBoxLaptop> And the principal and interest split is what you'd expect for a 8 year loan, not a 15 year repayment
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08:45:12 <JasonBoxLaptop> So I am at a loss
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08:50:25 <Seta00> hey, there are some problems with the portuguese translation of the website, how can I submit a patch or let the localizer know about it?
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09:35:29 <JasonBox> hrm
09:36:03 <JasonBox> Maybe I'll try earlier versions under Windows since I have no luck building older versions under my GNU/Linux install
09:36:40 <JasonBox> Not sure how this could be user error -- only so many inputs for the loan druid
10:08:58 <warlord> Oh, sorry JasonBox -- misread 2010 as 2011 thinking it's "up to date"
10:09:46 <warlord> Seta00: how much is incorrect? You could submit a patch to gnucash-devel?
10:10:04 <Seta00> warlord, just some encoding issues
10:10:11 <Seta00> or at least that's what it looks like
10:10:18 <Seta00> chars like ? and ? are missing
10:10:44 <warlord> ? and ? (looks like the same character to me)
10:11:03 <warlord> But yes, it might be an encoding issue of utf8 v iso
10:11:29 <Seta00> hehe
10:11:35 <Seta00> IRC encoding issues
10:11:37 <Seta00> or ZNC
10:12:02 <Seta00> warlord, I'll subscribe to the mailing list
10:12:25 <Seta00> and send a patch
10:13:16 <warlord> Send a patch to the htdocs .po file
10:30:28 <JasonBox> ah, squeeze here has 2.2.9 packaged, I'll try that
10:45:47 *** warlord sets mode: +o gncbot
10:51:49 <JasonBox> same behavior
10:51:54 <JasonBox> 2.2.9, different box
10:52:00 <JasonBox> brand new file
10:52:51 <JasonBox> sigh
10:55:03 <warlord> I find it odd that the Amoritazation Table is correct but the resulting transactions are wrong.
10:56:08 * JasonBox shrug
10:56:25 <JasonBox> Just what I see when I pick 'whole loan' in the preview before apply
10:58:19 <JasonBox> pmt( 0.03250 / 12.00 : 176.00 : 14740.00 : 0 : 0 )
10:58:22 <JasonBox> That's the input
10:58:36 <JasonBox> Initial date is 11/07/2003
10:58:48 <JasonBox> Maybe it works for someone else and I fail at using interfaces
11:07:41 <warlord> That says (to me) that the loan has 176 payments.
11:07:42 <warlord> So it's just under a 15-year loan?
11:07:46 <warlord> (I wish jsled were here)
11:14:27 <JasonBox> Yeah
11:15:01 <JasonBox> Student loan sold off to a private company, which initialized the whole thing at 176 I think
11:16:29 <JasonBox> The exact same inputs ran fine when I did it 5 or 6 years ago
11:16:46 <warlord> File a bug report in bugzilla?
11:19:24 <JasonBox> Guess so
11:21:16 <warlord> If it's not working right then seriously, please file a bug report. Maybe it's user error, but it could be a bug which if not reported wont get fixed.
11:21:40 <JasonBox> heh
11:22:08 <JasonBox> My track record with filing bugs on Open Source (tm) is generally getting an email 3-5 years later as WONTFIX lol ;)'
11:24:04 <warlord> heh
11:32:09 <JasonBox> filed 657727
11:32:46 <JasonBox> My only bug filing success was back in the KDE 0.9x days when I emailed the kfm author directly and suggested a right click context menu for doing stuff
11:32:55 <warlord> heh
11:32:59 <JasonBox> And that was like in 1999
11:33:07 <JasonBox> Pretty exciting
11:33:17 <JasonBox> Since then, mostly KDE, Firefox, OpenOffice.org filing fail
11:34:48 <JasonBox> It emailed a ton of people, maybe someone will know
11:39:04 <warlord> Hopefully.
11:39:14 <warlord> I've had a bunch of bugs filed and ignored.
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11:59:03 <vlada_> hi! Where can I see translation status for supported languages (other then English, obviously)?
12:00:29 <vlada_> Trying to figure out how to set up Gnucash to use serbian translation, since I'm not that familiar to English to know accounting terminology.
12:04:20 <warlord> vlada_: I dont think there is a page that shows % completion of each language..
12:04:44 <vlada_> warlord, ok. thanks
12:05:05 <warlord> There may be a way to find it during a build by looking at the msgmerge output, perhaps.
12:05:16 <warlord> Are you offering to help translate?
12:05:40 <vlada_> asking that because I have problem setting locale to serbian...
12:06:30 <vlada_> warlord, not really. Accounting isn't my cup of tea. As I've mentioned above, I have insufficient knowledge of accounting terminology.
12:07:01 <warlord> Okay. What's the serbian locale?
12:07:16 <vlada_> Beside that, I think involvment in scribus, fontmatrix and inkscape is enough for one person. ;)
12:07:25 <vlada_> warlord, should be sr
12:07:32 <vlada_> possibly sr_SR
12:08:30 <warlord> nope, we don't have an sr translation. We have sv?
12:09:01 <vlada_> warlord, which is?
12:09:29 <warlord> I dont know.
12:09:43 <warlord> Ah, looks like it's Swedish?
12:09:44 <vlada_> haha
12:10:00 <vlada_> Let's stick to english then ;)
12:10:10 <warlord> We have slovak, sk. ;)
12:10:19 <warlord> But no, does not look like we have Serbian
12:10:48 <vlada_> pfff
12:10:58 <vlada_> warlord, what about hr?
12:11:41 <vlada_> that is croatian - it's close enough (like British and American English)
12:19:17 <warlord> nope, he and hu
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12:29:18 <vlada_> warlord, ok thanks
12:29:56 <warlord> Sorry.
12:30:18 <vlada_> warlord, it's not your fault
12:30:18 <vlada_> ;)
12:30:34 <warlord> True, but still sorry we couldn't help you.
12:31:56 <vlada_> Whose fault is that I've been born in such a small country :) Even worse - without accountant gene! :)
12:32:18 <warlord> LOL
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17:55:47 <JasonBoxLaptop> hrm, it was always 180 payments, just had it wrong; probably fudged it to get the monthly payment amount correct
17:55:53 <JasonBoxLaptop> Not that that's likely here or there at this point
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18:31:31 <JasonBoxLaptop> ah, I see where the 176 comes from
18:31:45 <JasonBoxLaptop> The original terms were for 3.5, but there's a 25 basis point reduction for electronic payment
19:18:02 <JasonBoxLaptop> hrm, so when I'm all done, but have a small balance left, what do I do with it?
19:18:18 <JasonBoxLaptop> Was thinking about just hitting equity and zeroing it out
19:18:44 <JasonBoxLaptop> Since I'm carying the loan on my books apparently at an incorrect amount
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20:53:53 <JasonBoxLaptop> Thanks to a neat Google docs template, I managed to find the missing money though
20:54:06 <JasonBoxLaptop> Everytime my loan is sold, it seems to reset the schedule
20:54:18 <JasonBoxLaptop> So some good came from having to do this by hand afterall, eh?
20:57:48 <JasonBoxLaptop> whoops, spreadsheet usage error
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22:52:42 <fghyfg> I'm trying to setup stock quotes in GC. What's the symbol for the DJIA?
22:54:02 * JasonBoxLaptop doesn't know
22:56:04 <JasonBoxLaptop> If I paid more principal than I thought I did as reported by a loan servicer, should I write down my loan with equity or credit my interest expense?
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