2011-08-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:52:29 <smw> anyone here had success auto-importing data for capital one cards?
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09:56:28 <JasonBox> hrm, not having any luck getting 2.4.7 to input a historical loan using the loan druid
09:57:17 <JasonBox> The druid itself gets it exactly right before I hit 'apply', but then SX it creates does not run for the correct number of months
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09:58:37 <JasonBox> At the beginning of the Druid, it asks for the number of items and the initial date
09:59:32 <JasonBox> When I pick my date in the past and the number of payments, there's a remaining payments field as well; my loan is half done, so it displays about half of 176
09:59:59 <JasonBox> Been changing it back to 176, but the SX is only running for 86 periods
10:00:08 <JasonBox> So it seems to be ignoring my suggestion?
10:00:38 <JasonBox> I know I successfully entered a historical loan back in the 1.x days, but never tried with 2
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10:03:38 <warlord> the logic hasn't changed. Perhaps you need to tell it the full term and the remaining payments?
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10:09:41 <JasonBox> Perhaps
10:10:21 <warlord> Have you tried that?
10:10:23 <JasonBox> Before I started messing around trying to different things, I am pretty sure I left it alone and only picked the historical date, total number of payments, and let it calculate the remaining which happens automatically
10:10:42 <JasonBox> But it's not in front of me at the moment, so I'll have to try again later tonight
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10:11:17 <JasonBox> Hopefully with success
10:11:58 <warlord> Good luck.
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12:05:05 <sliptonic> I recently moved from Ubuntu to Mint and now I can't get my gnucash invoices to show any images (logo or banner). I don't see a reported but and file permissions on the images are wide open. Any ideas?
12:06:44 <warlord> What else changed? version of gnucash? gtkthml vs. webkit?
12:08:00 <sliptonic> I'm not sure. It's a stock Linuxmint install. I don't know enough about how mint is put together to answer your question. Gnucash is 2.4.2
12:09:35 <warlord> 2.4.7 is current.
12:09:44 <warlord> What version were you using on UB?
12:10:09 <sliptonic> Whatever was in the maverick repo. Searching...
12:12:44 <sliptonic> 2.2.9, maybe. But, honestly, I hadn't printed invoices for a while, so I'm not sure it was working in maverick. It did work for me in the past.
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12:21:32 <warlord> Okay, I think that the "available" image formats changed between gtkhtml and webkit.
12:21:37 <warlord> What image format are you using?
12:22:34 <sliptonic> I've tried both png and jpg.
12:23:55 <warlord> Try gif
12:24:19 <warlord> If that doesnt work, I'd suggest you send mail to the gnucash-user mailing list and ask for help.
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12:32:19 <sliptonic> warlord: No dice. Thanks for trying.
12:32:27 <warlord> sliptonic: sorry.
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17:18:19 <smw> What US credit cards do people recommend with free OFX?
17:18:57 <warlord> smw: you're probably best off asking that on the gnucash-user mailing list.
17:19:17 <smw> ok, thanks
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