2011-08-24 GnuCash IRC logs

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14:23:36 <ihf> How can I show the value of stock positions? The docs say "by clicking on the tool bar Options button, and select to display the account field “Total in Report Currency”" but I am not seeing this.
14:31:54 <ihf> I also don't see the Stock Value Reports referred to in the docs
14:37:31 <warlord> ihf: see that arrow on the right side of the CoA headers? Click on that, then select Total in Report Currency.
14:37:40 <warlord> (I think you're reading old docs)
14:39:35 <ihf> I must be...that works perfect;y...thanks!
14:40:38 <warlord> you are welcome
14:41:29 <ihf> on a different topic...I am setting up gnucash for the 1st time...I want to put in expenses incurred for each month (by category) but without concern at thispoint for where the money came from...
14:41:55 <ihf> do I just let this look like it came from equity:opening balance and then add a balance to zero this out?
14:43:44 <warlord> Why do you not care where the money came from? That's just as important as where the money is going.
14:45:12 <ihf> the problem is recreating the past 8 months...I want to begin using gnucash and I ahve expsense info by category for each month but nothing about whether it was paid with credit card or check or cash or...
14:45:28 <ihf> nor at this pioint do I care
14:45:46 <ihf> going forward I will do transfers to show origin
14:46:00 <ihf> it's an intial condition problem
14:48:30 <warlord> If you don't care about the origin then just create a single "Opening Balance"
14:49:28 <ihf> ok, that's what I was thinking but wanted to make sure that made sense.
14:49:54 <ihf> the Stock Value Reports that I mentioned don;t seem to be there.
14:50:53 <warlord> what is supposed to be in a Stock Value Report? There's the Advanced Portfolio Report?
14:51:47 <ihf> ahh...that must have replced what is referred to in the old docs
14:52:03 <ihf> that does the trick...thanks again
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15:01:21 <warlord> You really should be reading the 2.2 or 2.4 docs!
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15:02:00 <ihf> I will look for them...was using the concepts doc...is there an updated version of that
15:03:19 <warlord> There should be
15:04:20 <ihf> got it.
15:06:43 <ihf> the new docs (help and concepts) make no mention of the Lots function...is that something that is working?
15:08:44 <warlord> Lots are only partially implemented.
15:09:01 <warlord> They are used internally, but the UI tie-in is not really complete
15:09:33 <ihf> ok
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15:28:53 <ihf> I was looking for a way to show IRR for investments and I came across this post: http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2011-January/030704.html which includes a patch and a scm file...can someone tell me how I would go about modifying my OSX version of gnucash to add this modified report?
15:33:06 <warlord> ihf: just apply the patch and add the new report file to your installed version and then rerun.. It's just a scheme patch, which is runtime-interpreted
15:37:12 <ihf> ok, first time I've patched the system...can you walk me thru that or piint me at a doc that describes it
15:37:26 <warlord> man patch
15:40:34 <ihf> I guess I need to go back a few steps as I am uing a compiled version of gnucash for osx.
15:41:37 <warlord> Doesn't matter -- scheme isn't compiled.
15:41:51 <warlord> You can patch the scheme of the "binary" gnucash.
16:06:38 <ihf> I guess I can't just replace that file with the modified .scm file
16:20:39 <warlord> Hmm, you might just be able to drop-in replace the advanced-portfolio report
16:21:16 <ihf> I tried that and unless I did something else wrong, gnucash no longer would start
16:21:39 <warlord> Well, it could be for an older version.
16:22:03 <ihf> yes, and if the startup does some checking of the reports that could be a problem
16:22:39 <ihf> it dies during loading when the progress line says "standard-reports"
16:24:35 <warlord> right... and I bet there's more in your gnucash.trace file
16:25:58 <ihf> I see log files but not trace...are they in a different palce?
16:28:00 <ihf> however the syslog has some lines that are prob relevant
16:29:03 <ihf> ahh well...IRR would have been nice
16:30:11 <warlord> I have no idea where Mac puts them
16:30:58 <ihf> s'ok. I'm not likelty to debug the scheme program
16:31:26 <ihf> perhaps someone will add it to the current version at some point
16:34:35 <warlord> Respond back to the original author and ask?
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