2011-08-23 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:51:30 <pyther> Hello
09:51:54 <pyther> I'm playing with gnucash and was wonder what the best way is to record a pending check (a check that hasn't cleared the bank yet)?
09:58:56 <geraldh> pyther: I think it is kind of up to you how you want to record that. For example, you could put it on a different balance-account or just at the debtors/creditors accounts (A/P and A/R)
09:59:38 <geraldh> But I'm not that familiar with checks, so I don't know how that's processed etc.
10:01:18 <pyther> hmm ok, my accounting experience is poor so I'm pretty much clueless
10:04:57 <geraldh> But you use the check to pay a bill or something like that?
10:05:28 <pyther> yah pretty much
10:05:46 <pyther> but if I write a check to say my sister, it make take her 10 days to actually go the bank
10:05:47 <geraldh> well, than I don't think you have to do anything with the pending part
10:05:59 <geraldh> When you receive the invoice, you put in on the Accounts payable
10:06:02 <pyther> and they have like 120 days to actually do something with it untill it becomes invalid
10:06:42 <geraldh> Hmm, I see
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10:08:13 <geraldh> Well, as I said I never use checks (we in Europe can just use wire transfers ;-) ) so I'm not sure what the perfect manner is, but I would do it like: when you receive the invoice put in on A/P, when you sent the check, make a transaction from A/P to a balance account named like "Pending checks" and when then cashed the check, you transfer it from the "Pending" account to your actual bank-account
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10:08:51 <geraldh> last then = they
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10:32:27 <ihf> trying to understand "Remove old" in Price editor. I have price quotes from yesterday but if I do "remove old" and date is today, they are not removed. What am I missing?
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11:57:23 <ihf_> is there a way to add a memo/note to a transaction (analogous to the memo field on a check)?
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12:32:18 <ihf_> I see that if I select the Transaction journal view, I get another line which permits a memo field. Is there a way to access this field when I enter a transaction (write a check) without changing the view?
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13:11:49 <warlord> geraldh: Your answer to pyther was incorrect. Checks should be recorded when you write them. When they clear the bank you mark them as cleared. If you delay in entry then you may over-commit.
13:13:43 <warlord> ihf: The check memo field comes from the transaction notes field. View -> Double Line Mode
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16:36:54 <PapaBear> I am brand new to IRC and this is my first attempt. I have a problem with printing checks with GnuCash which I just recently loaded.I hav read and printed the Printing checks section of the Help menu and have tried all of the suggested settings, the results are always very small print in the upper left corner of the paper I am using as a test sheet. I would like to be able to print to a three
16:36:54 <PapaBear> check sheet as I have been doing under Microsoft Money. suggestions Please.
16:41:13 <gjanssens> PapaBear: I guess you are on Windows ?
16:41:29 <gjanssens> The checks are known to not print properly on that platform
16:41:34 <PapaBear> Yes I am running windows XP
16:41:44 <gjanssens> See bug 631611
16:41:52 <gjanssens> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=631611
16:42:06 <PapaBear> I don't know what bug 631611 is
16:43:31 <PapaBear> Are you directing me to go to that URL for the information?
16:44:34 <gjanssens> I'm referring to a bug report that describes the problem you are experiencing.
16:45:14 <gjanssens> It's a developer's habit to show you that a. the problem is known and b. it's not solved yet
16:45:47 <gjanssens> As a workaround (suggested in the bug report) you can try to set the print resolution in your printer settings to 72 dpi
16:45:58 <gjanssens> That should result in a larger print.
16:46:31 <ihf_> trying to understand "Remove old" in Price editor. I have price quotes from yesterday but if I do "remove old" and date is today, they are not removed. What am I missing?
16:46:38 <gjanssens> I haven't tested this myself though, so I can't vouch for it.
16:47:32 <gjanssens> ihf_: are the quotes from yesterday the only quotes for a currency ? Then it won't be removed.
16:47:54 <gjanssens> And possibly quotes you entered manually will not be removed either, but I'm not sure here.
16:48:14 <ihf_> they are quotes for stocks and funds...obtained with FINANCE::QUOTES
16:49:28 <gjanssens> And do you have today's quotes also ?
16:49:44 <ihf_> yes
16:50:25 <ihf_> I figured that today's can only be deleted manually
16:51:03 <ihf_> although I would have thought that if the date were set to tomorrow in the Reove Old dialog then today;s would be delted also but they are not
16:52:07 <ihf_> it's not a big deal, I just wondered if I was misuderstanding how it works
16:52:24 <gjanssens> Not sure what to suggest here. It seems to work fine here.
16:52:47 <ihf_> meaning it deletes everything before the date you specify?
16:55:15 <gjanssens> Meaning it deletes every quote before the date I specify AND that was once downloaded via Finance::Quote AND it wasn't the only remaining quote.
16:55:23 <gjanssens> There's several conditions
16:55:37 <gjanssens> You can toggle them in the Remove Old dialog.
16:56:23 <ihf_> ahhh...maybe that is the issue, it leaves the last quote even if it was yesterday's
16:57:00 <PapaBear> Than you I will give it a try.
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16:57:53 <gjanssens> You can override this in the Remove Old Dialog if you want to remove the last quote also (second check box)
17:00:02 <ihf_> eureka (as long as I set the date to tomorrow and checked delete last price).
17:00:07 <ihf_> thanks.
17:00:25 <gjanssens> You're welcome
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17:28:21 <warlord> heya gjanssens
17:30:51 <gjanssens> hey warlord
17:31:14 <gjanssens> how are you
17:32:57 <warlord> I am well. Thought I had a disk failure but it was just a glitch.. reconnected the raid and all is happy again. But I ordered replacement drives just in case.
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17:35:04 <gjanssens> Oh, I'm just having hard disk issues as well. Just ordered 3 replacement disks for my server. All three showed serious performance issues.
17:35:40 <gjanssens> Did you read my mail regarding the locale issues on the devel list ?
17:35:42 <warlord> My laptop is also throwing disk errors.. And that's with a brand new disk.
17:36:14 <warlord> When did you send it?
17:36:27 <gjanssens> I'm still baffled I can't set a breakpoint in core-utils/gnc-locale.c
17:36:36 <gjanssens> This morning (European time)
17:36:38 <warlord> Ah, that.
17:36:50 <warlord> I only quickly browsed.
17:36:57 <warlord> Didn't really pay close attention to it.
17:37:16 <gjanssens> No problem.
17:37:42 <warlord> Personally I wouldn't mind if most of the stuff that are currently "modules" really got fed back into GnuCash as a static or dynamic library. This whole "module" thing is kinda problematic.
17:38:09 <gjanssens> Yes, I do think that's where it all starts
17:38:20 <warlord> Me too.
17:38:34 <warlord> The half-completed modularization project of 1.6 continues to bite us.
17:39:05 <gjanssens> I vaguely remember I once fixed this locally be explicitely adding some modules in some _LDADD I believe
17:39:12 <gjanssens> I'll have to figure out which ones again
17:40:46 <gjanssens> I wasn't around yet during the 1.6 development cycle, so I don't know the idea back then and what part didn't get finished.
17:40:56 <gjanssens> I guess then GnuCash was mostly guile still ?
17:41:37 <warlord> Their idea was to make gnucash a guile-script with loaded modules. It never finished making it there, so it became a shell script that ran a C program and loaded a bunch of modules.
17:42:15 <gjanssens> Ow, that's rather messy.
17:42:51 <gjanssens> I did get rid of the shell script (at least on linux) but the module part is still in there and making debugging pretty complicated.
17:43:06 <warlord> Yep.
17:43:12 <gjanssens> Hmm, I'll have to go. It's getting late here.
17:43:17 <gjanssens> See you
17:43:17 <warlord> There are very few parts of the code that should be modules...
17:43:26 <gjanssens> Agreed there
17:43:27 <warlord> Okay, have a good night. Say hi to the other half for us!
17:43:39 <gjanssens> Same there !
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