2011-08-21 GnuCash IRC logs

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13:10:59 <antonneumann> Great program. I input account data in English but need to issue invoices in French and English. Is there a simple way of changing the invoice language depending on the language of my customer.
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16:41:06 <El_Loko> Guten Abend, wie ist die Channelsprache?
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19:31:44 <GlenK> so I'm confused here. when I change my retirement account's value to reflect the real world changes, an Imbalance account gets created and money goes into it.
19:31:53 <GlenK> how do I stop it from doing that?
19:35:05 <warlord> GlenK: gnucash is double entry... if the retirement account acquired more money, where did that money come from?
19:37:31 <warlord> if all you want is a price-change, then do just that...
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19:39:16 <GlenK_> warlord: not sure you saw that...?
19:39:18 <GlenK_> warlord: it's a mutual fund and whatnot, so they just went up in value is all
19:40:38 <warlord> right, if it just changed value then there is nothing to account for.. Just enter the new price in the PriceDB
19:40:52 <warlord> ... and watch how it adjusts in the Value in USD column on the CoA
19:42:36 <GlenK_> PriceDB? The price editor tool?
19:42:42 <warlord> yes
19:42:52 <GlenK_> K, thanks.
19:43:12 <warlord> welcome
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19:51:24 <GlenK_> And savings account interest, how would I do that. Seems like I'm going to run in to the same problem with the whole imbalance thing.
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19:51:58 <warlord> Nope, that's actually income, not a change in value.
19:53:41 <GlenK_> hmm, yeah. that makes sense. thanks.
19:57:18 <GlenK_> is there no way to override the double entry stuff though? seems like having an opening balance account sitting there forever doing nothing will annoy me
19:59:25 <warlord> nope, gnucash is double entry for a reason -- it's much more powerful than single-entry.
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