2011-08-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:44:27 <defunctidiom> why are my expenses all in the red?
00:44:59 <defunctidiom> they were black a few hours ago
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09:40:02 <joti> greetings
09:40:35 <joti> how do i pull an extract of all statements in a single account to hand it to the person referred by that account?
09:40:57 <joti> i am using gnucash to do open position bookkeeping with it
09:43:19 <joti> FischerFritz your account sounds german, have you tried EÜR with gnucash?
09:45:24 <FischerFritz> @jotti: nope, only using CHF (if the current devaluation of EUR and USD will continue, I don't see the need of ever using them...)
09:45:24 <gncbot> FischerFritz: Error: "jotti:" is not a valid command.
09:47:44 <FischerFritz> nope, only using CHF (if the current devaluation of EUR and USD will continue, I don't see the need of ever using them...)
09:47:45 <FischerFritz> [13:45]
09:48:05 <joti> FischerFritz hehe, i get your point...hey, i've still got a few franken in my pocket so i can at least buy me something to trink when arriving on the swiss side of the border after shit hit the fan ;)
09:48:40 <joti> anyhow have you by chance tried to pull an extract of a single account with gnucash?
09:49:30 <FischerFritz> Sorry, totally inexperienced user, was just asking some newbie-questions yesterday
09:51:30 <joti> :)
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10:01:09 <joti> warlord do you by chance know how to pull and extract of a single account with gnucash?
10:01:43 <warlord> What do you mean "pull and extract of a single account"?
10:03:56 <joti> i have a chart of accounts in which i am using single accounts (or rather a hierarchy of accounts) as accounts payable/recievable
10:04:25 <joti> now i'ld like to get a printable document of all entries contained in one of those accounts to give it to the holder of that account
10:05:02 <joti> anyhow was not able to produce such a document
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10:12:59 <mogliii> cant you create a report with filter for a certain account? Some report allow to specify the account
10:13:31 <mogliii> (In account view click "Options")
10:15:30 <mogliii> You could use "Transaction report" and "Account Summary"
10:17:39 <joti> i'll try that
10:18:19 <mogliii> On a different note: Can I daw your attention to this http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Syncencrypt_windows_construction
10:18:35 <mogliii> Do you think this would be an enrichment of the wiki?
10:19:12 <joti> Account Summary does not work as it just prints the summary (saldo)
10:19:29 <mogliii> How about the transaction report?
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10:20:50 <mogliii> Even better: "General Ledger"
10:21:03 <mogliii> This shows transactions and balance for each entry
10:22:12 <joti> transaction report produces the desired report anyhow not in table style but in some strange form
10:22:15 <joti> still configuring it
10:22:37 <joti> do i need to do anything special to get to use general ledger?
10:22:54 <mogliii> I think the gnucash dev team is working on more flexible reporting. Currently its html
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10:25:08 <mogliii> general ledger just worked for me
10:25:14 <mogliii> do you have problems with it?
10:26:12 <joti> now i have a configuration that looks acceptable, row dividing lines would be nice, although do not seem to be availble
10:26:24 <joti> can i save that report somehow?
10:27:17 <mogliii> no, its html. Check wiki, I think somebody succeeded getting it converted to a spreadsheet with openoffice...
10:27:24 <mogliii> you can save it
10:28:27 <mogliii> press export
10:28:38 <mogliii> and dont forget to put an .html after your filename
10:28:41 <joti> i mean, i'ld rather save that preset
10:28:56 <mogliii> save the preset... not sure
10:30:16 <mogliii> cant find any option for that
10:31:48 <joti> hm, general ledger does not seem to work right for me
10:34:23 <mogliii> what is the problem with it?
10:36:33 <joti> it seems that it will only work with partners and bills managed with gnucash
10:37:37 <mogliii> ^^ Now somebody else will have to help you. I have no idea what you just said
10:38:02 <mogliii> ..idea about waht you just said
10:38:26 <warlord> joti: open the account in question, then Reports -> Account Report
10:39:38 <warlord> joti: is there any particular reason you have a hierarchy of AR accounts instead of using GnuCash's AR subsystem?
10:40:14 <joti> there is a ar subsystem?
10:40:19 <joti> an
10:40:46 <joti> well gnucash is not exactly the most intuitive or user friendly, even for persons used to accounting...
10:41:13 <joti> anyhow it seems to be the only free solution that has a minimum of automation in creation of repetitive entries
10:41:13 <warlord> joti: The whole Business menu...
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10:42:20 <joti> warlord does the business menu support the repeating entries ("terminierte buchungen") as well?
10:43:09 <warlord> Not really. There is a "duplicate invoice" function, but not a "scheduled invoice" function.
10:43:50 <joti> that why i do not use that feature
10:44:34 <joti> the only reason to use gnucash is exactly that feature, all the other features do support the remaining features as well
10:44:37 <newie> Hola.. Una pregunta de novato. :)
10:44:37 <newie> Cuando grabo una factura a un proveedor.. ¿Es posible indicar como método de pago 3 vencimientos a 30,60 y 90 días por ejemplo?.
10:44:37 <newie> Veo el modo de declarar como pagada parte de una factura, pero no se como establecer 3 fechas de vencimiento para que el programa me avise del calendario de pagos. Gracias.
10:44:48 <newie> Hello .. A newbie question. :)
10:44:48 <newie> When I record an invoice from a supplier .. Is it possible to give as payment maturities 30.60 3 and 90 days for example?.
10:44:48 <newie> I see how to testify as part of a bill paid, but not how to set 3 dates for the program tell me the schedule of payments. Thank you.
10:49:33 <joti> warlord thanks for your help thou
10:49:48 <joti> and impressive domain :8001 ;)
10:50:38 <warlord> newie: no.. there is only one due date. and billing terms are not interpreted in any way at the moment; they are purely for humans.
10:51:01 <warlord> joti: ah, well if you were using the AR functions then you could have use the Aging reports and the Customer Report to print out exactly what you're asking for.
10:52:42 <joti> hm. but i would have had to create about 180 invoices of exactly the same type
10:53:04 <joti> each of them only slightly different...
10:53:12 <warlord> or write some code to help make that easier.
10:53:22 <warlord> If each of them is different then you have to enter them separately either way.
10:54:10 <joti> well its three types, repeating every month for 3-4 years
10:54:18 <joti> does not improve things too much
10:55:15 <joti> and 3 of them each month that need to be generated after the fact now due to change of accounting software
10:56:18 <warlord> Well, the point being: you can always submit a patch that adds the specific functionality you want/need.
10:57:20 <joti> if i would be able to write that strange scheme / whatever dialect you use and fumble myself into the megabytes of code you created, i could
10:57:59 <warlord> Where does this myth reside that people need to write scheme to hack on GnuCash?? 80% of the code is in C!
10:58:49 <joti> could from the fact that gnucash fails to compile on macosx due the scheme dependencies
10:59:00 <joti> and is not excludeable
11:00:35 <warlord> Sure, scheme is required, but you don't need to *know* scheme to hack on GnuCash.
11:00:55 <warlord> ... and we DO have a Mac build, but yes, building on a Mac is harder than building on e.g. Linux
11:02:43 <warlord> OTOH, scheme is required in the same way that, say, Gtk is required...
11:04:38 <mogliii> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Syncencrypt_windows_construction Anyone wants to have a look and thinks its mature enough and worth linking?
11:05:16 <warlord> mogliii: why dont you ask on the gnucash-user list?
11:05:43 <mogliii> *subscriptione comming along*
11:13:35 <newie> joti: Thank you for your answer.
11:13:35 <newie> Ohucch .. That disappointment ....Only one invoice due date!
11:13:35 <newie> Well I do not understand that then incorporated the payment schedule .. ;)
11:13:35 <newie> Thanks for everything.
11:15:29 <warlord> newie: you mean the billing terms?
11:15:45 <warlord> That's there for humans, and for future development. Patches always welcome.
11:22:47 <newie> warlord: No te entiendo al 100%.
11:22:47 <newie> Me refiero al hecho de poder especificar que una factura de un proveedor se paga en 3 veces; por ejemplo a 30,60 y 90 días.
11:22:47 <newie> La factura está contabilizada, pero no pagada al 100%
11:22:47 <newie> Teoricamente, debería poder especificarse esa cualidad en la factura para que el calendario de pagos recoja los 3 vencimientos, pero me parece que no es así.
11:22:48 <newie> En "Condiciones de pago" se puede crear una condición a 30 dias por ejemplo, (además del % por pronto pago) pero no una condición a 30,60 y 90
11:23:01 <newie> Uppss! ;)
11:23:03 <newie> warlord: I do not understand 100%.
11:23:03 <newie> I mean the fact you can specify that an invoice from a supplier is paid over 3 times, for example 30.60 and 90 days.
11:23:03 <newie> The invoice is posted, but not paid 100%
11:23:03 <newie> Theoretically, it should be possible to identify that quality in the bill to collect the payment schedule the 3 maturities, but I think not.
11:23:04 <newie> In "Payment Terms" can create a condition to 30 days for example (in addition to the% prompt payment) but not a condition to 30.60 and 90
11:27:40 <warlord> Correct, gnucash does not have a concept of multiple due dates like that. It will keep track of the fact that a bill is only partially paid and let you know how much is still due, but there is no way to say 1/3 due in 30, 1/3 in 60, 1/3 in 90.
11:29:25 <newie> Ok.. just understand.. Thanks for all.
11:29:38 <warlord> you're welcome.
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12:03:49 <joti> re "saving a report" doesnt work, close it and you lose the settings
12:03:49 <joti> yay
12:07:31 <warlord> joti: There are two ways to 'save' a report: #1: keep the tab open. When you exit gnucash it will save it, and it will reopen when you restart.
12:07:44 <warlord> #2: Use the "Add Report" function to save it to the Custom menu
12:11:39 <joti> where is the function for #2
12:12:45 <joti> if i select "user defined reports" and "create" it tells me that i must select an existing report, where the gui dialog for it is empty
12:13:20 <warlord> joti: run the report you want, make the configuration changes you want, change the name in the General page, and then click on the "add report" toolbar button
12:18:50 <joti> warlord thx a lot
12:19:18 <joti> its a bit messy, anyhow it works and i can create that for every account in question (there are not that many)
12:19:58 <joti> is there any simple way to make it have row separating lines in the report?
12:20:37 <joti> maybe those "report styles"?
12:21:13 <warlord> maybe. reports are not my forte
12:23:09 <joti> those styles enable activating "borders" around tables, anyhow the results aren't that desireable
12:23:15 <joti> well it'll have to do without
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15:17:19 <candyflip> should a VAT account be an expense account or asset account
15:17:23 <candyflip> ¿
15:17:55 <warlord> Depends on whether you expect to get the vat back or not. Check the wiki for suggestions.
15:18:37 <candyflip> thanks.. i check it out
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15:26:37 <candyflip> the wiki schemes don't seem like a good approach. When there are 3-4 accounts (paid, receivable, payements), then there will never be a single balance near zero
15:27:01 <candyflip> VAT receipt and payments is a zero sum game
15:27:23 <candyflip> so the balance should show zero when everything is going right
15:28:44 <candyflip> so I'll probably stay with one account.. but it probably should be a liability account, as suggested in the wiki (not a tax expense account)
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15:36:06 <warlord> It makes sense to keep two because you might want to separate vat collected vs. vat paid
15:36:15 <warlord> yes, it's zero-sum, which is why you use contra-accounts
15:39:16 <candyflip> contra accounts? I'm not sure what that means. If collected is in one, and paid is in another, I won't have a view on the running balance.. or is there a way to merge them into a virtual account of sorts?
15:39:31 <warlord> Give them the same parent
15:40:55 <candyflip> hmm.. might work. but that just shows a single balance right?
15:41:31 <candyflip> sometimes the accountant misses a transaction, and I can look in the one register I have to figure it out
15:41:51 <warlord> in the CoA it will sum up the children accounts (paid and received)
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15:42:54 <candyflip> if there are two account registers, I'm not sure how I could catch missing transactions
15:43:22 <warlord> You have one account with amounts paid, another with amounts collected
15:43:39 <candyflip> I tend to take reconcile the vat account based on what the accountant files
15:43:49 <candyflip> can i reconcile two accounts together?
15:44:06 <warlord> Yes. From the parent account choose "include subaccounts"
15:44:43 <candyflip> is that a checkbox? i probably need to upgrade
15:45:14 <candyflip> i have placeholder, tax related, and hidden checkboxes
15:46:09 <warlord> It's a checkbox as part of the reconcile process.
15:47:05 <candyflip> ah, i have that.. never knew what it meant
15:47:59 <warlord> there you go
15:48:09 <candyflip> thanks!
15:54:14 <warlord> you're welcome.
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