2011-08-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:42:30 <fell> @tell sprocket Sure, all ISO currencies are supported.
03:42:30 <gncbot`> fell: The operation succeeded.
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07:58:00 <warlord> @nick gncbot
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08:21:16 <warlord> jsled: any chance you could op gncbot?
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09:43:18 <jsled> @op warlord linas__
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09:43:28 <warlord> Thank you jsled!!!!!!
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11:35:49 <fleischergesell> There is an option in File -> Preferences -> Numbercounters to set the format string for automatically assigned invoice numbers. But if I set this to, say %f, numbers still look like 000001, 000002 etc. What do I do wrong?
11:38:02 <warlord> That option is very limited in what it can do.
11:40:53 <fleischergesell> Can you point out a reference link?
11:41:13 <fleischergesell> I cannot find anything about this option and I really might need to use it (if it can do what I hope)
11:42:55 <warlord> I dont think it's documented.
11:44:41 <warlord> It's very limited, and I think it's OS-dependent on what it can do.. It was not very well thought out (IMNSHO)
11:46:08 <fleischergesell> Mh, that sucks - I use Windows, for a chance you might know anything about the functionality there
11:47:08 <warlord> What are you trying to get it to do?
11:47:29 <fleischergesell> Putting a string (like AA) in front of any number
11:48:58 <fleischergesell> Another question: How much trouble can I get into by deleting all transaction from my mysql database? Reason I want to do this: I need a separate file for a part of my business but with the same customers and vendors (I already created in the original database).
11:49:35 <warlord> fleischergesell: File -> Export Accounts ; File -> Open ; File -> Save As
11:49:59 <fleischergesell> But then customers and vendors will be gone, won't they?
11:50:04 <warlord> Yes...
11:50:28 <warlord> For the former: try AA %d ?? (%f is wrong -- it's a float)
11:50:32 <fleischergesell> Well, thats what I need to keep (That is ~100 customers, I'm not in th mood of recreating them all)
11:51:13 <fleischergesell> Oh sure, %f was just a test, I thought its a very common printf argument to test with
11:52:11 <fleischergesell> Well, does not help either - invoice number still shows up as 000003
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11:52:22 <fleischergesell> It seems this option is ignored entirely
11:52:24 <warlord> Unfortunately there is not a good way to clear the account of only transactions.
11:52:46 <warlord> fleischergesell: it might depend on the invoice you use... I honestly don't know much about that option -- I didn't create it
11:53:01 <fleischergesell> Could I just create a blank account and copy over the customers and vendors table?
11:53:10 <warlord> I wouldn't recommend that..
11:53:21 <warlord> As always you should backup your data before you try modifying anything.
11:53:32 <blathijs> fleischergesell: The must use a specific format specifier, for long int IIRC
11:53:33 <fleischergesell> I do not play around in my production table
11:53:45 <blathijs> fleischergesell: The format string, that is
11:53:57 <fleischergesell> blathijs: Can you point out which format string thati s?
11:54:07 <warlord> You might need %ld
11:54:12 <blathijs> fleischergesell: Isn't there a default value in those fields which you can edit?
11:54:18 <warlord> blathijs: no
11:54:23 <blathijs> Hmm
11:54:24 <warlord> (I dont think so)
11:54:36 <fleischergesell> No, no default value there
11:54:48 <fleischergesell> using http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/clibrary/cstdio/printf/ there is no such thing as "long int"
11:55:17 <blathijs> Hmm, seems ther isn't
11:55:22 <blathijs> I'ts %.5li here
11:55:26 <blathijs> (linux amd64)
11:56:19 <warlord> it does vary from system to system.. it's not a well designed system, IMHO.
11:56:46 <blathijs> there was also supposed to be an error message, but it doesn't show it in the GUI it seems
11:56:48 <warlord> it shouldn't use printf per se. I think it should be our own home-rolled function to make it standardized.
11:56:57 <blathijs> warlord: "it seemed like a good idea at the time"
11:57:01 <fleischergesell> wikipedia says I64 is used for long ints on windows, I'll give that a try
11:58:11 <fleischergesell> Well, no matter what I enter there, it is ignored and always an integer representation with preceeding zeros is used
11:59:05 <fleischergesell> I know this is not a commercial project and you guys use your spare time to do this, but to show options that are not implemented or are ignored anyway won't help anybody
11:59:28 <fleischergesell> Especially if options are not documented _at all_
12:00:42 <blathijs> I guess that's my fault, I still had a final patch (to validate the input) to make and documentation to write, but I got distracted by other RL things
12:01:29 <warlord> fleischergesell: feel free to help out!
12:01:51 <fleischergesell> I would, but I have no clue about c/c++
12:01:53 <blathijs> I guess I didn't realize stuff was committed and actually released as well in the meanwhile
12:02:44 <fleischergesell> Well, if the stuff is committed, you might be able to tell me what string I can use to achieve my needs (having invoice numbers like AA00001, AA00002 etc)
12:03:00 <fleischergesell> I'm using Windows 32bit
12:03:08 <warlord> fleischergesell: you don't need to know C/C++ to e.g. help work on docs or testing..
12:04:56 <fleischergesell> okay, thats true, atleast in regard to testing - helping to document I can only do when I know what a function / option really does and what the proper userinput is
12:05:13 <blathijs> warlord: Where does PWARN end up?
12:06:26 <warlord> blathijs: gnucash.trace
12:06:29 <blathijs> If you put an invalid format in the box (say, "%d") you should get a warning outputted using PWARN when trying to use the counter (e.g., when creating an invoice)
12:06:58 <blathijs> fleischergesell: So you might be able to find the right format specifier from that warning in gnucash.trace
12:06:59 <warlord> fleischergesell: true, but that's when you ask questions: "what is X supposed to do?"
12:08:45 <fleischergesell> Where is that gnucash.trace file located in Windows? I'm happy to watch output, but I'm not a programmer or something :/
12:10:01 <blathijs> I suspect the wiki knows, or perhaps warlord does ;-)
12:10:18 <warlord> nope, I dont do windows -- Look at the wiki.
12:11:36 <blathijs> fleischergesell: In any case, thanks for pointing my nose back at this feature. I'll try to get a patch for showing error messages somewhere in the coming weeks and put some documentation up
12:12:31 <blathijs> (Though you're welcome to beat me to the documentation part if you manage to get it working)
12:12:40 <warlord> blathijs: IMHO I think we should change it to use non-printf-style.. And we should define a limited number of replacement tags that we support. This way it's standardized across all platforms.
12:13:52 <warlord> e.g. %Y, %M, and %I for (4-digit) Year, (2-digit) Month, and (6-digit) Invoice# -- or perhaps allow %nI for n-digit Invoice#?
12:14:17 <warlord> Or perhaps not use % -- maybe use @Y@, @M@, and @I@?
12:15:13 <fleischergesell> You should definetely include some form of grouping, e.g. non digit characters
12:15:45 <warlord> fleischergesell: I dont understand. It's a free-form text entry. So you could say: AA@I@ and it would output AA000001, etc.
12:16:11 <fleischergesell> That should work exactly that way, yes
12:16:21 <warlord> Or you could say: @Y@-@M@-@4I@ and it would output 2011-08-0011
12:16:49 <warlord> My point is that we should write out own replacement function instead of using printf
12:17:10 <warlord> (perhaps we dont allow @nI@ and it's always 6 digits)
12:17:15 <fleischergesell> Great, I'd love to have this in a (very near) future release. Any way to speed this up?
12:17:37 <fleischergesell> How many manhours do you think needs this feature?
12:17:38 <warlord> fleischergesell: other that you coding it yourself? ;) convince blathijs to jump on it ;)
12:26:17 <blathijs> warlord: Hmm, I guess that's a reasonable proposal, that also enabled extra stuff like you illustrate (date, other stuff)
12:27:08 <warlord> Yep. And limits the interface..
12:27:22 <fleischergesell> blathijs: Can I do you a favor to speed development up?
12:27:22 <warlord> We can add more features later, but I think those are the three most important things to put in there.
12:33:36 <blathijs> warlord: Though the @nI@ would be essential, that's the entire reason I started coding this feature in the first place :-)
12:34:17 <warlord> blathijs: Because you dont always want 6 chars?
12:34:21 <warlord> (er, 6 digits)?
12:35:04 <blathijs> warlord: I think I want 4 or 5, and add a year-based prefix
12:35:10 <warlord> I suppose you could do that relatively easily: you print into a 6-char buffer and that if n is provided you index into that buffer, asserting n <=6
12:35:29 <blathijs> warlord: Or just use printf internally :-)
12:37:08 <warlord> blathijs: true, that could be possible, too..
12:50:02 <blathijs> (at least for individual replacements, probably not for the whole)
12:51:39 <warlord> I think it's only reasonable for the Invoice#
12:56:23 <blathijs> But I want to use 8 digits for the current year! ;-p
12:56:50 <blathijs> As a special case, I think a two-digit year and a four digit year would make sense
12:59:56 <warlord> Oh, I suppose a 2-digit year makes sense..
13:00:09 <warlord> @2Y@? (or do you still want to use %2Y?
13:00:09 <gncbot> warlord: Error: "2Y@?" is not a valid command.
13:00:17 <warlord> sorry, gncbot, that wasn't for you
13:01:34 <blathijs> warlord: an alternative would be to have @Y@ and @y@ or something, sine the semantics of 2 vs 4 digit year are different from a 2 or 4 digit invoice number
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13:02:42 <blathijs> I don't suppose there are other data items that make sense? Perhaps the customer/vendor ID?
13:02:59 <blathijs> (to have per-customer invoice numbering?)
13:03:05 <blathijs> Hmm, that doesn't make sense
13:03:12 <blathijs> if there is just a single counter
13:05:54 <warlord> Right
13:06:12 <warlord> I think for the first go the only things that make sense are year, month, and inv#.
13:07:02 <blathijs> might as well add day for the same price
13:07:35 <blathijs> (actually, inv# would be "counter", since the format is intended to build the invoice number ;-)
13:08:03 <blathijs> fleischergesell: To answer your question, I don't think there's anything you can do
13:08:37 <blathijs> might be a while until I find some time for this, though
13:09:07 <fleischergesell> Okay :/
13:09:46 <fleischergesell> Any (easy) way to get to the error that the mysqlserver gibts in case of failure to connect to the database?
13:09:53 <fleischergesell> **gives
13:10:21 <warlord> fleischergesell: Um, check gnucash.trace?
13:10:46 <warlord> blathijs: okay, InvID instead of inv#?
13:11:18 <warlord> We're generating the Invoice# from the InvID, (or would it be the other way around)
13:11:32 <fleischergesell> warlord: I could not find out how to view this on windows. I have not the skills to compile myself.
13:14:30 <warlord> No need to compile anything. It's just a text file.
13:14:38 <warlord> open it in notepad or wordpad
13:14:41 <warlord> or emacs
13:14:46 <fleischergesell> I would, I just cannot find it.
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13:15:30 <warlord> fleischergesell: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Tracefile
13:22:47 <fleischergesell> Ah well, this computer uses totally different temp directories - finally found it.
13:23:11 <warlord> great!
13:24:34 <fleischergesell> Do you know which table currencies get recorded in?
13:25:25 <warlord> they dont, generally. currencies are stored in the app
13:26:45 <fleischergesell> so the ids are the same in any file?
13:27:08 <warlord> They should be
13:27:12 <fleischergesell> I have a hard time copying over the customers from a file to another using mysql - it always complains about empty currency when I try to safe
13:27:40 <warlord> Do it in XML and then Save-As to MySql?
13:28:30 <fleischergesell> Thats what I did, and that apparently emptied out all the currency uuids
13:29:20 <fleischergesell> actually, what I did was: export accounts, import; close gnucash; copy data from tables billterms,customers,taxtable_entries,taxtables,vendors from old to new db; restart gnucash
13:34:34 <fleischergesell> Okay, the currency uuid DOES change for different files!
13:34:37 <fleischergesell> I just did a quick test
13:37:14 <fleischergesell> apparently, the currency is a commodty
13:37:21 <warlord> yes, it is...
13:38:50 <warlord> note that i dont know much about the sql stuff.
13:39:02 <fleischergesell> Thats okay, I found out eventually
13:39:38 <warlord> k
13:55:18 <fleischergesell> Btw, I also found out the correct usage for the printf format in windows: %I64i
14:00:43 <warlord> Ah, there you go.
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14:06:02 <fleischergesell> Okay guys, you have been a great help, I solved everything I need to do (in a lot more time than I hoped, but anyway).
14:06:43 <fleischergesell> Is there an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to contribute to the documentation?
14:11:09 <warlord> I dont know offhand.
14:11:18 <warlord> (I've never really been involved in the docs)
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15:10:09 <sfalanga> After upgrading to v2.4.2 (ubuntu package) images banner and images logo no longer work in invoices or reports any pointers?
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15:17:27 <warlord> sfalanga: 2.4.7 is current
15:17:39 <warlord> from which version did you upgrade?
15:21:44 <sfalanga> warlord: 2.2.9-5 which came with Ubuntu 10.04 - I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04 and then copied my ~/.gnucash & ~/.aqbanking back into place. Everything works fine except banner image (.png) which worked fine previously.
15:23:50 <sfalanga> warlord: I filed a bug report (656165) but it hasn't been "confirmed" yet. I use GnuCASH for all my invoicing & reporting - I run my business with it. :)
15:24:19 <warlord> Bugs are rarely put into the "confirmed" state.
15:24:43 <warlord> Also note that stylesheet configurations were not migrated from 2.2 -> 2.4; so you need to reset.
15:25:25 <sfalanga> That wouldn't be a problem, I can recreate the stylesheet(s) but how do I "reset"?
15:32:25 <warlord> THat's what I mean, you need to rebuilt the stylesheet
15:33:45 <sfalanga> I tried that ... it "builds" fine but will not display the image(s).
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15:34:49 <sfalanga> Is there a new restriction .. such as now the images need to be in a specific directory or some such?
15:38:43 <warlord> I dont know. I dont use style sheets
15:40:42 <sfalanga> Yeah, it's definitely broken from everything I see. All the attributes of the style sheets are working otherwise.
15:40:55 <sfalanga> No images.
15:45:03 <warlord> What is the image format?
15:45:30 <sfalanga> I'm using the same images I used in 2.2.9 - PNG
15:46:07 <sfalanga> I installed imagemajick (on a whim) no joy.
15:46:52 <sfalanga> I cannot get a banner or logo (left, right, or center) to display if my life depended on it.
15:48:05 <warlord> Try jpg?
15:48:16 <sfalanga> Okay. I'll report back momentarily
15:50:12 <sfalanga> No joy.
15:53:32 <warlord> Sorry. Try asking on gnucash-user? But the first thing to try is upgrading to current stable.
15:54:37 <sfalanga> I'd have to compile that because Ubuntu doesn't offer the package.
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15:56:54 <warlord> I'm absolutely sure there's a package available.
15:57:03 <warlord> You might just not have the right repo configured.
15:57:12 <warlord> (dont ask me the right one -- I dont use Ubuntu)
16:04:00 <sfalanga> warlord: I ran an strace on it and here's what comes out when I try to change stylesheets http://pastebin.com/gC0xkubb
16:05:31 <warlord> Okay, so it IS reading your image..
16:05:51 <warlord> May be a display issue with WebKit on your Ubuntu version? Again, I suggest asking on gnucash-user
16:23:04 <sfalanga> I found libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 installed on the system. Do you think I need libwebkitgtk-3.0-0 because that's not installed.
16:25:31 <warlord> Nope, that wont work -- that's the gtk-3 build
16:26:22 <sfalanga> ... as I found out. Hehe
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18:29:18 <joe> Hello. I'm using Gnucash 2.4.7 and have a simple question about setting up a scheduled transaction: how do I set one up for the third Wednesday of every month?
19:00:32 <warlord> joe: I thought there was a way, maybe under the 'week' view..
19:02:42 <joe> Setting it to Weekly lets you pick how many weeks between occurrences, but that's it.
19:04:18 <warlord> Yeah, looks like there is no way to say "3rd Wed"
19:04:23 <warlord> File a bug report.
19:04:30 <joe> The reason I'm asking is that my Social Security payments will be by direct deposit on the third Wednesday of every month starting in October. I'd like to automate the recording if I can.
19:05:08 <joe> OK, thanx; I will. Does Gnucash have its own bugzilla, or should I do it through my distro, Fedora?
19:07:37 <joe> OK, I found it through gnucash.org. Conveniently, I already have an account.
19:08:07 <warlord> :)
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19:20:21 <joe> Here we go: the bug is at https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=656316
19:20:38 <joe> Now, if a few of you out there would confirm this, things might start moving RSN.
19:25:56 <joe> Thanx, warlord-afk. CLater!
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