2011-08-09 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:00:47 <fleischergesell> Hey guys, two questions about the business module: 1) How can I write a credit note for a customer? Just a negative invoice? Will gnucash automatically put a "credit note" instead of "invoice" in there then as headline? 2) How can I have a fixed prefix before any new invoice number, like a number group, so that new invoice numbers look like e.g. 003.00001, 003.00002, .... 003.032323 etc.
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04:20:30 <geraldh> fleischergesell: I'm not really an expert, but I couldn't find any method for a fixed prefix. I always enter the number manually nowadays, because I use different character prefixes
04:34:21 <fleischergesell> geraldh: Well, that sounds not good to me. I cannot always remember or lookup the last invoice number before creating a new one.
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06:13:20 <geraldh> You kind of can, although I admit it's not the best, but you can search all invoives by entering the prefix and then it is sorted by the invoice number, in the search window there is also a button to create a new invoice
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06:46:42 <geraldh> fleischergesell: if you don't mind skipping the point in the prefix, than this is maybe an option: http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v1.8/C/gnucash-guide/bus_ar_invoices1.html#bus_ar_invoicestarting2
06:47:56 <geraldh> Then your invoice numbers look like 00300001, 00300002, etc. I think that's pretty common as well
06:48:06 <fleischergesell> Mh, the point (or any other non digit) is the only way to really have separate number groups. Any solution based on digits will eventually run out of numbers and there WILL be duplicates at some point
06:49:13 <geraldh> you don't start new numbering every new year?
06:49:26 <fleischergesell> of course not, it is not allowed in germany
06:49:47 <geraldh> Ah, okay, didn't know that...
06:52:48 <fleischergesell> You have to have consecutive numbers for all your invoices (you can have number groups, but in those groups the same rules apply) in Germany.
07:01:36 <geraldh> You're really sure that's true for every accounting year? I know that the Netherlands have kind of the same rule, only renumbering every year is no problem as far as I know when you put the year in the invoice number (because than the invoice numbers are still automatically ascending)
07:02:15 <geraldh> But probably you know it better than me ;-)
07:12:42 <fleischergesell> Well, they're ascending, but there will be "holes" in the middle every turning year, which is exactly the reason why we need to have consecutive numbers in Germany as you could mess with our VAT system otherwise.
07:14:14 <fleischergesell> But to be honest, it could work using a (yearly) changing prefix without a separator. I'll ask my tax laywer for this, since this might be the only way in gnucash
07:14:47 <fleischergesell> **lawyer
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17:35:04 <ToddDailey> GNUcash no longer imports QFX files. Transaction import matcher opens with blank window. Even previously working QFX files now don't import. Ideas?
17:37:41 <fell> ToddDailey: Follow http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_What_should_I_obey_as_a_beginner_in_bug_reporting.2C_enhacement_requesting_....3F ff to get more preecise details.
17:38:47 <fell> ... Console output, log file etc.
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18:04:18 <rosco_y> Where did the "rebate" in this transaction come from? http://imgbin.org/index.php?page=image&id=4751
18:04:42 <rosco_y> should I ignore it?
18:09:08 <rosco_y> supper time, I'll check for replies later :) (thanks in advance...)
18:10:47 <fell> rosco_y: Gnucash uses double entry accounting: If you pay some food there is a flow of money e.g. from asset:cash to expense:food.
18:10:52 <smw> rosco_y, if you pend money on chips and candy, the money needs to come from somewhere
18:11:18 <smw> rosco_y, it was "being helpful" by telling you how much needs to be removed from another account
18:12:16 <smw> rosco_y, just change "Imbalance-USD" to the account the money was taken from.
18:33:03 <rosco_y> back
18:33:13 <rosco_y> oops
18:34:14 <rosco_y> smw: Thank you very much--I'm aware of the double-entry system, and that gnuCash uses it. I'm just too lazy to setup the starting balances etc for my banking/cash accounts.....
18:34:30 <rosco_y> I'm just using gnuCash to track expenses :)
18:34:55 <smw> rosco_y, then you could cheat by having everything come from an income account...
18:34:56 <smw> lol
18:35:12 <smw> rosco_y, it is worth setting up for real though
18:35:22 <smw> it gives you all your finance data in one location
18:35:40 <rosco_y> smw: I do see your point, and I like the idea...
18:36:15 <smw> rosco_y, if you have too many bank accounts/credit cards, it is hard to track it all
18:36:19 <rosco_y> Thanks again friend!
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23:53:56 <sprocket> hello world
23:54:40 <sprocket> anyone using another currency then dollars on gnucash?