2011-08-06 GnuCash IRC logs

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18:16:04 <warlord> there he is! jsled, could you op, please?
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22:15:53 <smw> Does gnucash support webconnect? Supposedly you can use that to get around paying chase for OFX.
22:16:45 <smw> If not, I need to start using capitalone for everything (free ofx) ;-)
22:17:20 <maxm> it does support ofx import and downloading via ofxbanking
22:17:32 <maxm> search the web for "gnucash ofx"
22:18:37 <maxm> thing that I personally found working are: american express, chase, discover card. things that do not have automatic download are citibank, citi credit cards.
22:18:41 <smw> maxm, you need to pay chase to get ofx transfered directly into your account.
22:18:47 <smw> I mean automatically
22:19:08 <maxm> hmm then I guess I remember wrong , I don't have any chase cards anymore, I remember downloading working
22:19:14 <smw> maxm, chase wants $10/month
22:19:25 <smw> maxm, or they will let me download through the website...
22:19:33 <maxm> also gnucash ofx import does not handle brokerage/investment transactions, it simply ignores them
22:19:40 <smw> not a credit card, it is a bank account
22:19:48 <smw> I think credit cards are handled differently
22:19:52 * maxm wrote his own python importer, but its not ready for general release, and requires python enabled gnucash anyway
22:20:10 <smw> lol
22:20:43 <smw> maxm, wait, I can make plugins in python?! :-D
22:21:01 <maxm> yea, basically whole API is exposed, you need to build from source
22:21:02 <smw> maxm, how do I tell if my build supports python?
22:21:29 <maxm> if you on linux, do locate gnucash_core.py
22:21:55 <smw> maxm, yep, it is there
22:22:14 <smw> sweet
22:22:15 <maxm> ok do python<enter> then type import gnucash
22:22:19 <maxm> see if you get any errors
22:22:29 <smw> works
22:22:43 <maxm> in the same directory where gnucash_core.py is
22:22:51 <maxm> should be an examples directory
22:22:58 <maxm> with bunch of examples
22:23:14 <smw> http://svn.gnucash.org/trac/browser/gnucash/trunk/src/optional/python-bindings/example_scripts
22:23:22 <smw> thanks for the info
22:24:09 <smw> thanks for the tip
22:24:10 <maxm> most of the API is exposed but some things are tricky, to convert amounts ,you need to lift gnc_numeric_to_python_Decmial() and its opposite from one of the example scripts
22:24:32 <maxm> np, go and code something cool
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22:24:49 <warlord> smw: no, it does not support web-connect, only direct-connect.
22:24:51 * maxm gotta cleanup his brokerage importer script, its actualy very cool
22:25:07 <smw> warlord, is there something online that explains the difference?
22:25:08 <warlord> for "web connect" you need to do it manually.
22:25:32 <maxm> auto-creates commodidies and accounts for each stock, handles mutual fund / options / interactive brokers futures etc, moves gains to correct account
22:25:35 <warlord> Ummmmm... web-connect is download from website. D-C is talking OFX protocol to the OFX server.
22:25:43 <smw> ok
22:26:17 <maxm> now that I have all my stock data in gnucash, I actually need some cool reporting scripts.. Like piechars on asset allocation...Also need to somehow encode "sector" in the commodity.. I'm thinking namespace?
22:26:22 <maxm> so I can have sector allocation report
22:27:24 <smw> maxm, something tells me now that I know this gnucash is going to become a build my own PFM program the same way emacs or vim are for building your own text editor :-P.
22:28:20 <maxm> well I started with gnucash, then moved to quicken, and holy cows that was a disaster, I did not realized how much worse non-double-entry system is
22:28:56 <smw> maxm, is it possible to move your data to quicken reasonably well?
22:29:25 <smw> maxm, also, I have no idea how you would do it without double-entry system... it makes no sense.
22:30:11 <smw> maxm, gnucash just makes perfect sense. All I read about in reviews is that it is the most complicated.
22:30:12 <maxm> quicken just inserts a bunch of adjustments to get numbers right
22:30:18 <smw> lol
22:30:47 <smw> maxm, I have a lost money expense which I use for cash that I have no idea where it went ;-)
22:31:20 <smw> other than that I keep the numbers correct.
22:31:52 <smw> of course, who knows how long I can do this. I have only been doing it for a month
22:44:44 <warlord> yeah, I would use the namespace for "sector"
22:45:09 <warlord> anyways, i'm off to bed. Good night all
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