2011-08-03 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:34:41 <blathijs> martin: You'll have to "post" an invoice to create the transaction in A/R and the relevant income accounts
02:34:57 <blathijs> martin: And then do "process payment" to get the payment in
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08:24:27 <warlord> martin: Did you post the invoice?
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09:32:40 <os3> what is a checking book
09:34:52 <os3> @fell what is a checking book
09:34:52 <gncbot> os3: Error: "fell" is not a valid command.
09:35:31 <warlord> os3: where do you see that term? (perhaps you mean "check book"?)
09:36:19 <warlord> os3: please respond in channel.. Sending private messages is impolite without asking first.
09:36:21 <os3> yes
09:36:34 <warlord> A checkbook is a book of checks.
09:36:34 <os3> ok
09:37:22 <warlord> It's also sometimes used as a term for the register you keep to track your deposits and withdrawals.
09:38:21 <os3> so when all transactions are only cash which set of accounts do you use
09:39:30 <os3> transactions are only related to expenses and incomes
09:40:19 <warlord> This is double-entry.. The income and expenses have to go to and come from somewhere (generally an Asset, like Cash or a Bank account)
09:40:31 <warlord> If it's all Cash, then use Cash.
09:41:34 <mishehu> double entry is like physics
09:41:52 <mishehu> each transaction creates and equally and opposite retransaction
09:42:23 <os3> so which set of accounts should i use in gnucash?
09:42:43 <warlord> os3: whichever set you want. Have you read the Concepts and Tutorial Guide?
09:44:10 <os3> yep and i want accounts that only make income and expenditure
09:44:14 <os3> not balance sheet
09:45:33 <warlord> os3: then GnuCash is not for you. GnuCash is double entry, so you need to have an Asset account. Or some other balancing account. You need at least three accounts total: Income, Expense, and a balancing account (usually Asset, but you could use Equity)
09:46:32 <os3> ok
09:47:41 <mishehu> double-entry isn't hard once you get used to it. and it doesn't take much to get used to.
09:47:58 <mishehu> every time I make a purchase, I post the other half of the tranaction back to an expense account type
09:48:06 <mishehu> easy peasy
09:48:24 <warlord> Yeah, it works best if you think about it from the wallet side instead of the income/expense side.
09:48:40 <warlord> So think about from payment method.
09:49:10 <warlord> For example, you go to the grocery store and pay with your credit card: so you open L:CC and make a transaction to Ex:Groceries
09:49:17 <mishehu> or I get my paycheck, the first half of the transaction goes into a current asset account (bank) and the other side of the transaction goes into an income account type. again, easy peasy.
09:51:59 <os3> how do you use gnucash for budgets?
09:51:59 <os3> is gnucash good for incomplete records of transactions?
09:53:37 <warlord> I dont use the budgeting features myself, so I cannot answer your first question
09:53:41 <mishehu> "incomplete records of transactions" ?
09:53:53 <mishehu> yeah I've not used the budgeting functions either
09:54:03 <warlord> As for the second -- what do you mean by " incomplete records of transactions "?
09:57:21 <mishehu> if you don't know w hat the transaction was about, you can always post the other half of hte transaction back to a "miscellaneous" account of whatever type makes sense
09:57:43 <mishehu> I don't see how any program can really be any better than the data you provide to it. :-)
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10:08:04 <warlord> I guess he got his answer(s)
10:09:39 * mishehu shrugs
10:09:51 <mishehu> or he thought it was too complex.
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10:10:20 <mishehu> I can't wait until this btrfs problem is solved so I can leave the damn datacenter
10:10:53 <martin> sorry Warlord - i tried posting the invoice, and it works when I don't use Jobs, but the values don't show when I run the invoice as part of a job
10:11:26 <warlord> martin: the values don't show? But you still see an entry in the accounts?
10:12:19 <blkbrd> Hello all
10:12:31 <blkbrd> Nice to meet you all this morning
10:13:05 <blkbrd> I would like to know if it is possible to put account numbers in the chrart of accounts
10:13:51 <warlord> blkbrd: sure, enable the "Account Code" column.
10:14:21 <blkbrd> in settings?
10:14:58 <warlord> Open up your CoA page -- see that little arrow at the far right of the headings?
10:15:00 <warlord> Click on that.
10:18:13 <blkbrd> oh
10:18:21 <blkbrd> wow that was really hidden
10:18:32 <blkbrd> so I have to type in all the account codes?
10:18:54 <blkbrd> is there a chart of account with codes already setup?
10:19:53 <warlord> blkbrd: Only the german one, AFAIK. Codes are old-school pen-and-paper. You don't *need* codes -- they were there to help when you needed to find an account in a huge book.
10:20:16 <blkbrd> Hmmm depends on the program
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10:20:32 <blkbrd> I usually id account by codes
10:20:34 <warlord> In GnuCash you can see the full tree.. And you can use short-hand typing.
10:20:49 <blkbrd> when working with multiple department its a must
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10:22:08 <warlord> Why is it a must? You still need a different account (leaf/tree) for each department.
10:22:39 <warlord> Why is it any better to type 201221 vs. Expenses:Utilities:Electrical:DeptA
10:22:52 <warlord> (or Ex:DeptA:Ut:Electrical)
10:23:01 <blkbrd> faster
10:23:33 <blkbrd> but that's always opinion
10:23:34 <warlord> Nah... You can just type e x : d : u : e --
10:23:55 <warlord> so, 8 characters... And easier to remember than 201221
10:24:07 <warlord> (IMHO)
10:24:32 <warlord> However, if you DO enter account codes into GnuCash, you can enter an account by code (I believe htere's a pref to turn that feature on)
10:24:56 <warlord> But you do need to edit each account and add the code manually.. At least for the US based account trees.
10:25:34 <blkbrd> ok
10:25:37 <blkbrd> fair enough
10:25:47 <blkbrd> last thing
10:25:57 <blkbrd> how can I import and export transactions
10:27:01 <warlord> There are lots of importers of various formats, including QIF and OFX.. Exporting is a little more challenging. Please see the Wiki/FAQ
10:27:52 <blkbrd> ok
10:27:57 <blkbrd> sorry one last last thing
10:28:07 <blkbrd> where is the trial balance?
10:28:18 <blkbrd> report
10:28:32 <warlord> Reports -> Income & Expense
10:32:38 <blkbrd> you know while I have you here... Is there any way to print checks on the "fly" ? Or do I have to create an invoice for each one?
10:35:03 <warlord> Just enter in the transaction and then print it.
10:35:08 <warlord> You don't need an invoice to print a check.
10:38:33 <blkbrd> hmm..
10:38:43 <blkbrd> now how would a actually print a check?
10:39:21 <warlord> In register: Select the transaction, then File -> Print
10:41:45 <blkbrd> ok cool
10:42:03 <blkbrd> is it possible to import a chart of accounting?
10:49:01 <warlord> Yes and no. It depends what you mean by that.
10:53:30 <blkbrd> like if I wanted to import a chart of account from quickbooks or by csv?
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10:59:26 <warlord> No, there is no way to import and empty CoA through any of those importers -- they are transaction importers.
10:59:57 <warlord> The only way to import an EMPTY CoA is to generate a GnuCash XEA xml file (XEA == XML Example Account) and then load it through the New Hierarchy Druid.
11:05:56 <blkbrd> oh
11:06:14 <blkbrd> aight thanks warlord
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17:05:03 <leafad> can anyone point me to the docs about what file gnucash creates and what theyre for. I cant seem to find that info obviously in the manual
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17:18:04 <warlord> What do you mean, "what file gnucash creates"?
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18:02:46 <mishehu> leafad: depends on the config, as it can use a database too. you could always run the app and see if something shows up with lsof
18:02:50 <mishehu> heh
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