2011-08-02 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:44:18 <robertjw> Does anyone know of a way to make a printout of an account register?
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04:51:11 <Joeboy> Quick lazy question - I want to do a cashflow projection. Will Gnucash be good for this or should I skip it and go straight to oocalc?
04:51:47 <Joeboy> (hope it's ok to be that lazy here)
05:06:18 * Joeboy feels the looks of disapproval and starts fiddling with Budgets
06:20:08 <geraldh> robertjw: I've the Dutch translation of GnuCash, so I'm not sure how it's called in English, but I think you're looking for the report "transaction report" in the main menu of the reports
06:20:54 <geraldh> In the options you can select/deselect all the different accounts you have, and set the time span etc.
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08:43:46 <ipo> Hi
08:45:08 <ipo> Can enybody help me
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10:31:04 <SmokeyD> hey everyone. I have a asset and a liability account of which I want to show the total transactions in both accounts over a specified period of time.
10:31:08 <SmokeyD> can I show that in a report?
10:31:36 <SmokeyD> So I just want to show how much has come into, or gone out of those accounts over a specified amount of time
10:34:30 <geraldh> SmokeyD: see my ealier post, the Transaction report can do that, but it will also list all individual transactions...
10:34:51 <SmokeyD> geraldh, which post?
10:35:31 <geraldh> 12:20 CEST today, or was you offline then?
10:35:43 <SmokeyD> I was offline then. Just joined
10:35:57 <SmokeyD> But I will check out the transaction report
10:35:57 <SmokeyD> thanks
10:36:02 <geraldh> 12:20 < geraldh> In the options you can select/deselect all the different accounts you have, and set the time span etc.
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10:40:11 <SmokeyD> geraldh, there is hno other report? The transaction report is kind of unclear. I need to have a summary for VAT (which I book in assets and liabilities) for the 2nd quarter of this year.
10:41:07 <SmokeyD> Maybe like the account summary, but then allowing to filter only the transactions of a certain period.
10:42:10 <geraldh> In profit & loss the balance report?
10:43:05 <geraldh> That shows just the your current balance-sheet
10:47:17 <SmokeyD> The profit & loss report only works on income/expense accounts, not on liabilities/assets. But apart from that, it is what I need.
10:49:19 <geraldh> The balance sheets must show your liabilities and assests for sure, maybe check the options?
10:49:58 <geraldh> (Normally a balance sheet only shows the liabilities and assests, that's kind of its definition)
10:52:04 <SmokeyD> geraldh, profit and loss by itself only involves the income-costs (if I understand correctly). But the trial balance report seems to be what I need
10:52:38 <geraldh> That was the one I was referring to, I only didn't know the correct English menu-item
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16:10:10 <annapolishome> question: just started to use gnucash and trying to reconcile checking account, but there is a difference between what gnucash says is the starting balance and what the statement says is the starting balance. how can i change the starting balance in gnucash to reflect the statement?
16:15:58 <annapolishome> the account does not reconcile by the difference in the starting balances
16:17:05 <maxm> well if you click reconsile, then check-off all the transactions, it will show the difference on the right bottom corner.. you click "Balance" button on top, and it will generate adjustment
16:17:16 <maxm> well actually it will ask you for ending balance (as of now)
16:17:48 <maxm> then you click "balance" and it generates adjustment. You can then move that adjustment transaction "From" account to be Equity:Opening balances, and change date to beginning of the yea
16:17:49 <maxm> year
16:19:14 <annapolishome> ok, that puts a negative adjustment into the accounts, i.e. checking and equity
16:19:52 <annapolishome> gnu is saying the opening balance is higher than what the states is saying.
16:20:51 <annapolishome> actually, the statement is correct as it reflects the reconciled amount from the quicken software i was using previously. this says that some account got screwed up in translation.
16:21:14 <warlord> annapolishome: When you started entering data into gnucash, didn't you enter the starting balance of the account?
16:21:37 <warlord> (it's just a regular transaction from Equity:Opening Balances.)
16:21:37 <annapolishome> no, all that was imported from quicken
16:21:53 <warlord> Maybe Quicken didn't.. Or perhaps the import wasn't reconciled?
16:22:17 <maxm> It should be easier to figure out then Ouicken, since there are always 2 ends of the transaction.. There are special accounts like "Equity", which is what you started with (ie you don't have any transactions that show how money got there)..
16:22:54 <annapolishome> the import was reconciled to the june statement
16:22:58 <maxm> basically lets say you imported a bunch of transactions in quicken, they are +1000 salary, then -400 expenses... Your checking account balance is 600.
16:23:22 <maxm> if you tell gnucash that your real balance is 700, then it does not know where extra 100 came from.
16:23:49 <maxm> so obviously you are missing some transactions to show how account got to 700, while you only have transactions that add up to 600
16:24:06 <annapolishome> ok, but everything was imported, so all my transaction were just added or subtracted from the numbers imported from quicken
16:24:07 <warlord> annapolishome: so it was reconciled in Quicken through June?
16:24:14 <annapolishome> yeah
16:24:16 <maxm> Equity:opening balances is that special account to hold the 100 that you have to transactions for, ie "its what I started with"
16:24:36 <warlord> and does the gnucash 'starting' reconcile balance match June's ending reconciled balance?
16:24:40 <maxm> "to transactions" meant to be "no transactions for"
16:25:28 <annapolishome> warlord: no that is the problem with the reconcile. the difference is exactly the difference in the starting balance
16:26:02 <annapolishome> maxm: i dont think i follow
16:26:04 <warlord> annapolishome: okay... Look in the account. Is the first txn the opening balance txn?
16:27:05 <annapolishome> warlord: no it imported years of transactions from quicken. there is no way to see the exact reconciled balance from quicken
16:27:26 <warlord> annapolishome: quicken wont show you the ending reconciled balance?
16:28:34 <maxm> You have two choices, a) clean up your data and figure out what was missing/screwed up in quicken.. b) Say screw it, I know something is incorrect, so I'll just make adjustment for the difference, and use gnucash from now on
16:29:02 <maxm> in the end I choose option b) since my quicken data was beyond screwed up
16:29:16 <annapolishome> warlord: no, as you look at the register the exact reconciled balanced does not appear anywhere. there were always transactions 'in progress' so there was never that exact balance.
16:29:47 <annapolishome> maxm: you may have the only solution without trying to figure out what exact transaction is screwed up.
16:29:58 <warlord> annapolishome: okay, so ignore that for now.. Look at the start of the register at the first transaction and see if it's the correct opening balance transaction.
16:30:37 <warlord> or a better question: when you say the balance is off by the "opening balance", what exactly do you mean?
16:30:41 <annapolishome> warlord: the start of the register is like 1991
16:30:58 <warlord> so?
16:32:13 <annapolishome> warlord: if i reconcile the account for july, the difference is exactly the difference between what the statement opening balance is and what gnu says the opening balance is.
16:33:29 <warlord> annapolishome: Let's take a step back, please. You start the reconcile process and it pops up a window. You enter the statement date. It shows you a starting balance (non-editable) and an ending balance... Are THOSE correct?
16:33:46 <warlord> (do those match the statement?)
16:33:51 <annapolishome> warlord: the answer may actually maxm's suggestion. just make a balance adjustment and go from there.
16:34:04 <warlord> annapolishome: maybe... maybe not..
16:34:25 <warlord> It depends on the answer to my latest question.
16:34:43 <annapolishome> warlord: no, the starting balance from gnu is 1700 more than the starting balance from the statement
16:35:02 <warlord> Okay.. Is there a $1700 "opening balance" transaction in your account somewhere?
16:35:08 <annapolishome> no
16:35:11 <warlord> Are you sure?
16:35:30 <warlord> ... you DO have 20 years of data
16:35:32 <annapolishome> yeah, that is a number i would pickup on
16:36:00 <warlord> Maybe you have some duplicated transactions that add up to 1700?
16:36:11 <annapolishome> oh, i see what you are saying. can i run a check in gnu for a transaction for that amount?
16:36:28 <warlord> Yes. C-f (Find Transaction)
16:37:04 <annapolishome> ok, so i can find the exact amount if it exists. the other thing is a bigger problem.
16:37:16 <maxm> ahh
16:37:22 <annapolishome> if it is multiple transactions
16:37:26 <maxm> you mean "starting balance" in the reconsile window
16:37:29 <warlord> Right, that would be a bigger issue.
16:37:36 <maxm> that one is actually the balance of all the reconsiled transactions
16:38:28 <warlord> maxm: right, so if it's wrong that would imply that there's $1700 worth of transaction(s) that are in the wrong reconcile state,
16:39:14 <maxm> well did you ever reconsiled it before? because if you never reconsiled an account, it will show "openning balance" same as your ending balance
16:39:17 <annapolishome> warlord: not sure what you guys are talking about
16:39:20 <warlord> annapolishome: another option you have is to ignore the starting balance but go through the process anyways. Make sure you enter the correct ending balance from your statement. Mark off any transactions from the statement, but also see if there are some older transactions that should be reconciled but arent.
16:39:35 <warlord> annapolishome: that's because maxm is confusing you.
16:39:49 <annapolishome> maxm: reconciled as of 30 june 2011
16:40:08 <warlord> but only reconciled in quicken -- this is the first time you reconciled in gnucash, right annapolishome ?
16:40:35 <annapolishome> yeah, first time in gnu
16:41:47 <warlord> Right, so it's a question of whether the import missed something.
16:41:52 <annapolishome> warlord: did pretty much what you are suggesting, that is why i know the unreconciled balance is exact the difference in the starting balances
16:41:56 <warlord> (or imported something improperly, which does happen)
16:42:47 <warlord> annapolishome: I dont understand what you mean by "difference in the starting balances"? You mean the difference between what gnucash thinks is the starting balance and what your statement says?
16:42:56 <annapolishome> warlord: yeah, that is why i said that finding multiply transaction that match the 1700 could be an impossible task
16:42:59 <warlord> ... so when you get to the end, the difference is that same amount?
16:43:11 <annapolishome> yes
16:43:30 <warlord> Okay, are there any older transactions unmarked in the reconcile window?
16:43:55 <annapolishome> yeah, actually there are some back several years
16:44:18 <warlord> Okay.. And do those add up to 1700?
16:44:38 <warlord> (better question: *should* those older transactions be reconciled?)
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16:45:04 <annapolishome> warlord: not exactly. i guess i could go through combinations of them to see if there is a match
16:46:14 <annapolishome> warlord: don't know any longer. i don't know if there was a 'balance adjustmen' made by quicken back then.
16:46:16 <warlord> Might not be a bad idea... Or go to quicken and check.
16:46:34 <warlord> any balance adjustment should have been imported too, no?
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16:48:11 <annapolishome> warlord: thanks. you gave me some things to check that i did not think about. i will first look at those unresolved items to seem if they come out to the difference. if not, try to see if there is a 1700 duplicate or something. duplicate some almost impossible to be able to find combinations
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16:48:37 <warlord> yeah, duplicates might be very hard to find.
16:48:43 <warlord> especially in 20 years of data
16:49:00 <warlord> another option is to just start over...
16:49:33 <warlord> or as maxm suggested, put in a balancing transaction to make it work (after you reconcile everything to date) and then just move forward.
16:50:01 <annapolishome> warlord: starting over throughs out 20 years of data. not sure what i might be looking for from 20 years ago, but murphy's law
16:50:33 <warlord> annapolishome: sure, but nothing says you need to delete that data -- just set it aside if you DO need it.
16:51:45 <annapolishome> warlord: yeah, but the balancing transaction might be an easier route. i can always see that that was made to the account.
16:51:45 <maxm> you sure you not misunderstanding the terminology? when you do reconsile, the dialog shows you the line "opening balance = 1200" or such, that is the balance of all reconsiled transactions at the date.. Its basically what the balance was when you last reconsiled (up to the stmt date)
16:52:08 <maxm> it will not be zero, its only zero if you never reconsiled before, or if your actual account balance was zero on that day
16:52:41 <warlord> maxm: it is, assuming transactions didn't become un-reconciled.. In this case all reconciliation statuses were due to the import. if the import was wrong, there could be a bad balance.
16:52:45 <annapolishome> maxm: the starting balance that gnu shows is 1700 diffent from the starting balance on the current statement
16:52:52 <maxm> if you reconside now, enter adjustment, and your ending balance agrees with your statament, next month you do reconside, it will show "openinng balanece" as what your balance is today (assuming you marked all new transactions as reconsiled)
16:53:23 <maxm> ok, that pretty much means some data is missing there, or some transactions that are on your statement have different date
16:54:20 <annapolishome> maxm: yeah, i understand, i was just trying to see if there was some way to figure out if i could quickly identify in gnu where something went wrong
16:55:17 <warlord> sometimes it's easy. sometimes it's not.
16:55:25 <maxm> the way I do it, I usually just go through my statement, and GnuCash account simultaniously, and see if I can find the balance that matches, usually its easy.. Ie "aha" an 6/17 it was 7538.32, and here it is in GnuCash 7538.32
16:55:31 <annapolishome> maxm: i kind of think along warlord's line that in 20 years of data, something did not get transfered correctly.
16:55:41 <maxm> and then I just scan transaciton by transaction to see what the problem is..
16:56:28 <annapolishome> warlord: thanks
16:56:29 * maxm went from GnuCash to qucken, and now back to gnucash.. I did not realized how much qucken sucks until I tried it. :-)
16:56:52 * maxm wrote python imported for OFX brokerage accounts, and now I'm a happy camper
16:57:13 <maxm> if anyone interested in complete investment imported for Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers, let me know
16:57:24 <maxm> s/imported/importer
16:57:35 <maxm> you need custom compiled gnucash with python support tho
16:57:49 <annapolishome> maxm: thanks, i have not been with gnucash long enough to figure out which is best. the problem with linux and financial software is that there is no good tax software for linux, so i need quicken to do the taxes
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22:59:01 <martin> ...help... I am experimenting with this s'ware - how do i delete an invoice please?
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23:04:02 <warlord> martin: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_can_I_delete_an_Invoice.2C_Customer.2C_Vendor.2C_or_Employee.3F
23:04:12 <warlord> good night
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23:06:04 <martin> thanks!
23:10:29 <martin> next... when I enter an invoice under a Job, nothing shows in the accounts receivables... or anywhere for that matter... strange - does this feature work?
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