2011-08-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:57:21 <Mo> Hi. I'd like to see a gnucash channel on Freenode, But ok, anyway... I'm new to Gnucash and Onlinebanking. I got it working so far with some accounts, with some others not (Cortal, Giro). Is there any way to conclude all online accounts in a structure and fetch all balances recursively? So I don't need to fetch every single account?
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06:09:32 <fleischergesell> My gnucash crashed during aqbanking transfer - now it refuses to start any transfer and says waiting for lock. How can I manually remove this lock?
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06:17:01 <rtob> fleischergesell, imho remove files with extension LCK and LNK
06:17:18 <rtob> that reside in the same directory as gnucash file
06:17:39 <fleischergesell> by gnucash file you mean gnucash binary or gnucash / aqbanking conf dir?
06:19:10 <fleischergesell> found them I guess, thanks
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06:25:39 <poorie> Does anyone know if the Buying property in New Zealand with a loan from Japan example in the GnuCash Tutorial and Concepts Guide is correct? I can't work out how the Split Transaction in Table 10.7 is supposed to balance after the currency conversions.
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07:43:04 <geraldh> Is het a commonly know bug that Gnucash crashes when you try to export to QSF? (Mac 2.2.9 version)
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08:24:51 <Mo> Anybody doing online-banking with Cortal Consors? I already checked the aqbanking mailinglist.
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09:03:14 <Mo> jsled: Hi.
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14:20:46 <Joeboy> Hi. After entering split transactions, I end up with an empty "Imbalance" entry. Can I get rid of it?
14:25:01 <blathijs> Joeboy: You can delete it using the delete button in the toolbar
14:25:10 <blathijs> Joeboy: After or before fixing the imbalence
14:26:03 <jsled> or, if you remove the label, transfer account and and credit/debit value, then switch or "tab off" the split, it should disappear
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14:35:31 <rosco_y> I wanted to set up a really simple system to track income & expenses for my wife's eBay sales. I have http://imagebin.org/165969, what am I doing wrong?
14:37:35 <rosco_y> today she sold a book for $25, the package cost .50 and the shipping was $2.41....I was hoping to see a net of 22.09...instead I see a balance of 26.91 ?
14:38:06 <rosco_y> or rather, and imbalance of 26.91
14:38:22 <jsled> can you show the split transaction?
14:38:52 <rosco_y> jsled: Thank you. I was just thinking about doing that....brb
14:39:36 <rosco_y> jsled: how do I open the split transaction?
14:40:09 <jsled> double click on the Ebay sales account
14:40:20 <jsled> then when on the transaction, use the "split" button in the toolbar
14:40:22 <jsled> (or the menu)
14:40:27 <jsled> just to make sure all the splits are visible.
14:40:29 <rosco_y> ok :) thanks
14:41:42 <rosco_y> here's one, I'll expand the view a bit, and add another
14:41:45 <rosco_y> http://imagebin.org/165975
14:42:03 <jsled> rosco_y: so, you have everything backwards.
14:42:13 <jsled> the income should be in the income (right) column.
14:42:45 <rosco_y> ok, Thanks jsled!
14:43:03 <jsled> you should never have an imbalance column.
14:43:08 <jsled> s/column/split/
14:43:15 <jsled> if you do, then your transactions are unbalanced.
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14:43:31 <rosco_y> Thank you, that is making more sense now :)
14:43:36 <jsled> and … you might want to think about things from the account where you receive the monies, like you bank account.
14:44:42 <rosco_y> jsled: so would I add a banking account as top-level account
14:44:44 <rosco_y> ?
14:45:16 <rosco_y> or would I add it under the Income account?
14:45:18 <jsled> well, underneath a top-level Assets account.
14:45:28 <jsled> there's whole pre-defined account trees to use, btw.
14:45:37 <Joeboy> jsled: thanks
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20:30:50 <duh40m> hello anyone here
20:31:20 <duh40m> i need some help
20:32:48 <duh40m> ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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20:39:51 <robertjw> Is there a convenient way to print a copy of an account register?
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21:48:51 <robertjw> Anyone know if there is a way to print a listing of an account register? Looked through the reports and am not seeing it.
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