2011-07-31 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:52:56 <odverb> bye all, i'm off home. back later.
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02:22:22 <odverb> hello good people.
02:32:08 <venki> hello
02:39:34 <odverb> oh, hey venki
02:40:50 <odverb> you don't know anything about Price Editor not being visible, perchance?
02:56:25 <venki> hi odverb, sorry i do not know . what is the version of gnucash u are using
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03:19:33 <odverb> sorry for the delay venki, version 2.4.7, but the problem started in 2.4.0 and i have tried upgrading.
03:26:49 <venki> i am using 2.4.2 and it is visible for me under tools
03:36:29 <odverb> it used to work, until friday
03:42:46 <odverb> my two theories are that either 1. GnuCash crashed when all of the indexes were open and that has broken somthing which upgrading doesn't fix. or 2. I have added too many indexes an that has broken something. i deleted the last few additions to the Security Editor, but the problem persists.
03:44:02 <odverb> the porblem also exihbits for my personal book of accounts, which is much smaller.
03:44:58 <odverb> I am yet to try it on another machine. waiting availability.
03:45:57 <odverb> the pricing system still works fine, however if i make an entry mistake i can't correct it.
03:49:35 <odverb> GnuCash rocks, btw. awsome, very powerfull. i now understand the power of double entry book keeping.
03:50:22 <venki> :)
03:50:52 <odverb> there is a good marketing slogan. GnuCash usleash the power of double entry book keeping.
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03:56:30 <frepe360> Is there any way at all to import transactions into a mutual fund account? I have a csv file from mtgox with a TON of transactions with shares, price and value that I'd like to import, if possible.
03:58:11 <frepe360> I could even set out to write something in python if there's a way to convert the csv into a more easily importable format.
04:03:20 <odverb> you could convert the csv into XML.
04:05:59 <odverb> don't take that as any level of expertise with GnuCash. i'm here to get answers too.
04:07:27 <frepe360> odverb What would I do with the XML file? Can you import those?
04:09:06 <odverb> have you tried the File:Import:CSV/Fixed-Width option?
04:10:07 <frepe360> odverb No, I haven't been able to figure out how it works. What kind of input does it expect?
04:10:19 <odverb> frepe360 depending on your setup the GnuCash data file is an XML file which is an editable text file.
04:11:13 <odverb> frepe360 i have no idea. are your csv files fixed width?
04:13:49 <frepe360> odverb I think that every column has a fixed width, yes. (I am not very familiar with excel/openoffice terms, so I'm not sure what this means)
04:19:30 <odverb> i believe fixed width would be the same number of items per line. csv is a comer seperated value text file. similar to xml being a text file.
04:21:02 <odverb> values and items would have the same meaning within my previous two sentances.
04:32:01 <blathijs> Fixed width means every column starts at a specific position in the line, using spaces to fill up the space between two values
04:32:26 <blathijs> e.g. "value1 longvalue2 value3" might be a line from a fixed with file
04:32:45 <blathijs> as opposed to "value1,longvalue2,value3" in a CSV file
04:40:39 <odverb> sorry
04:42:46 <odverb> and thank you
04:44:07 <blathijs> Not sure what that sorry is for :-)
04:44:23 <blathijs> And you're welcome, hope this helps make things work
04:44:27 <odverb> so, a fixed width csv would be "1 ,10 ,100"
04:44:59 <blathijs> I'm not sure fixed width CSV files are actually used
04:45:13 <odverb> i was sorry for leading frepe360 down the garden path.
04:45:33 <blathijs> I suspect the "Import CSV/Fixed-Width" option means import either a CSV or Fixed Width file
04:45:59 <odverb> ah
04:46:18 <odverb> you know much
04:47:34 <blathijs> The latter was just a guess (but a quick glance at the import window shows it to be true)
04:47:40 <odverb> i was going to sugest that frepe360 make sure their csv files were fixed width, or convert them, then try the import options in a fresh book of accounts.
04:48:22 <odverb> true guesses are the sign of those who know much.
04:49:37 <odverb> that and the sign of the sandle.
04:53:09 <odverb> you do have sandles?
04:53:31 <odverb> mind you, it was cute xml when i looked at it. converting directly to which was definately down the garden path.
04:59:45 <odverb> back soon.
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05:46:02 <blathijs> frepe360: If you paste a line from the file you want to import, that might help?
05:50:03 * blathijs is off, though
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07:14:02 <poorie> hello
07:19:08 <poorie> does anyone know if the Buying property in New Zealand with a loan from Japan example in the GnuCash Tutorial and Concepts Guide is correct? The Split Transaction in Table 10.7 does not seem to balance after the currency conversions.
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17:36:33 <odverb> morning all.
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18:35:15 <odverb> bye all
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