2011-07-30 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:51:45 <odverb> 'day peoples. back again looking for help with Price Editor hanging.
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03:03:42 <odverb> 'day ErKa
03:05:24 <ErKa> 'day
03:14:58 <odverb> do you know anything about Price Editor hanging?
03:20:43 <blathijs> odverb: Try to describe your problem a bit more precisely
03:20:58 <blathijs> What do you do to make it hang and does it happen every time?
03:27:01 <odverb> cool
03:27:56 <odverb> if i open Price Editor it hangs, or probably more accuately doesn't render.
03:28:09 <odverb> it worked fine until yesterday.
03:28:33 <odverb> i upgraded from 2.4.0 to 2.4.7 but the same thing
03:28:56 <odverb> it now happens for all accounts not just the one i was working on.
03:29:37 <odverb> the icon for it appears on the task bar
03:31:22 <odverb> i think i had it open with all the indexes expanded and gnucash crashed and it hasn't worked since.
03:31:31 <odverb> i'm running windows 7
03:32:27 <odverb> the window isn't visible is probably a better discription
03:33:13 <odverb> i don't use any price retreval system.
03:37:45 <odverb> i had just finished getting all the prices right and was adding some new stock items
03:41:30 <odverb> everything else seems working fine and pricing is still working for new stock items added. I just can't see the price editor.
03:43:16 <odverb> i have a lot of indexes, i use a different one for each manufacturer
03:46:27 <odverb> gnucash rocks, by the way. i have been using it for my business since last christmas, although i used it for one year's personal accounts back in 2001.
03:53:25 <odverb> not much more i can add. any ideas?
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03:58:03 <odverb1> sorry, lost my connection
03:58:11 <odverb1> did i miss anything?
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04:21:30 <ErKa> odverb: I only use basic stuff of GnuCash for my home accounting...
04:27:26 <odverb> thanks for reading ErKa. perhaps blathijs may know something.
04:31:15 <odverb> I am really enjoying using gnucash, ErKa, the windows version makes it much more practical for my application. back in 2001 i had to run a linux box for it.
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04:39:24 <odverb> 'day rtob and nomeata, do either of you know anything about Price Editor not being visible?
04:39:40 <nomeata> no, I don’t
04:40:25 <rtob> odverb, Hello odverb, I'm new to gnucash, so I don't.
04:41:27 <rtob> odverb, However here in 2.4.2, Price editor shows up
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04:42:01 <rtob> Hello everyone, I've gnucash 2.4.2 here. I've have problem changing transaction date. Neither built-in calendar nor keyboard entry works - it sticks with today. Any ideas?
04:43:45 <odverb> sorry rtob, no.
04:46:49 <odverb> does it not let you edit it? or, does it not change when you hit enter?
04:49:25 <rtob> In calendar, it's impossible to choose any other date but today. I can enter any date by keyboard, however after pressing enter, value resets to today again.
04:49:56 <rtob> what's your version pls?
04:50:58 <odverb> i'm using 2.4.7 windows but was using 2.4.0 for windows. i upgraded when i got this problem, but it didn't fix it.
04:51:49 <odverb> is it every transaction, or just one?
04:54:52 <rtob> I've started my book today and every transaction is affeceted as far as I can tell. You mean the Price editor problem?
04:55:33 <odverb> yes the price editor problem.
04:55:55 <odverb> i have never had any problem like that.
04:56:08 <odverb> can you set dates into the future?
05:01:30 <rtob> No I can't. But I've found bug 433669, that suggests setting LC_TIME=C locale and now it works.
05:02:04 <rtob> Strange though, because the bugreport is from 01/2007 - version 2.0.5-1
05:03:17 <rtob> hm, it's in Debian bugzilla
05:06:04 <odverb> well done
05:12:54 <odverb> i'm off. back later in my quest. thanks for the chat ErKa, blathijs, nomeata and rtob.
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05:27:27 <rtob> so it's also in gnucash bugzilla, 497831
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05:41:01 <odverb> hello all, i am back in my quest for a solution to Price Editor not being visible.
05:42:00 <blathijs> rtob: Seems there was some recent activity in the gnucash bugreport: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=497831
05:42:05 <blathijs> more recent, anyway
05:42:10 <blathijs> perhaps a comment there might help
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05:46:51 <geraldh> Is there some neat way in Gnucash for automatic depreciation of fixed assets? For example, that you just enter "I have a new car for E15,000 and depreciate it over 10 years."
05:47:00 <geraldh> Now I have a separate Excel-sheet for this stuff, but in a strange way people always manage to introduce errors between Gnucash and the Excel-sheet
05:56:36 <odverb> geraldh, are the assets represented as stock items or do they have seperate accounts or how do you represent them?
05:59:42 <rtob> blathijs, ok, will do
06:08:15 <geraldh> odverb: mostly separate accounts
06:08:49 <geraldh> (like "car", "inventory", etc)
06:10:09 <geraldh> of type assets
06:19:25 <odverb> hmm, i will have a similar problem but with stock items. I will need to edit their price in the price editor. (the one which won't display for me)
06:32:12 <odverb> back later, dinner.
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06:44:45 <geraldh> Dinner? Lunch for me now :P
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07:30:32 <odverb> yes, dinner just finished
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07:37:11 <warlord> geraldh: You could set up singleton SXes for the depreciation schedule, but no, GnuCash itself does not have depreciation schedules.
07:37:39 <warlord> odverb: That's very odd. Are you sure the window isn't showing up "off screen" or "behind" the main window? Have you ever use gnucash with a second monitor?
07:39:36 <odverb> warlord, thank you for your interest. quite sure yes. and no second monitor
07:41:04 <odverb> warlord, if I minimise all apps then click on the taskbar icon for the Price Editor nothing changes. I will do this again.
07:43:52 <odverb> warlord, I tried it again, and also tried moving the task bar to the side. nothing. It has a shadow which shows when you mouse over on the task bar, but when you click on it nothing apears.
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08:08:08 <odverb> i'm to bed. i have to get up at 4:30am and it is after 10 pm now. thank you for your help. I will be back tomorow.
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11:36:38 <Submarine> hi
11:36:51 <Submarine> Is it normal that Finance::Quote works for no currency and no stocks at all?
11:37:08 <Submarine> (You may answer "it's been unmaintained for 3 years now")
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16:30:47 <odverb> morning everyone. i'm back on my quest to make Price Editor visible.
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18:30:33 <odverb> I think i am going to have to learn to stay up late. activity here seems to start mid evening, my time, on. pitty i'm an early riser these days, in the old days it would have been perfect.
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22:22:12 <warlord> odverb: yes, most people here are on US hours.
22:22:47 <warlord> odverb: at this point you might consider emailing the gnucash-user mailing list with your issues..
22:22:50 * warlord has to go.
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23:02:48 <odverb> thanks for the advice warlord