2011-07-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:22:45 <odverb> price editor hanging
04:22:57 <odverb> ?
04:24:57 <odverb> hmm quiet
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05:40:37 <odverb> 'day ErKa
05:41:05 <ErKa> hi
05:43:27 <odverb> i have a price editor hanging problem.
05:43:56 <odverb> without wanting to be direct
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14:26:20 <rosco_y> I've been using gnucash to keep track of my expenses. Can I get expense reports broken down by month?
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15:20:31 <family> i do not want to seem really dumb, but how do i get a bond entered into gnucash?
15:20:54 <warlord> rosco_y: You could run a transaction report over your expenses, which will do that. But the P&L for example will not give you a month-by-month column breakdown.
15:21:07 <warlord> family: I dont understand the question.
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15:21:36 <family> i just purchased a bond and want to enter into my gnucash
15:22:03 <family> there is stuff there for stocks, but no 'type' for bonds
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15:22:39 <kimmo> I just use "Asset" for everything
15:22:46 <kimmo> most people should, IMO
15:23:13 <family> you mean just enter it as if it were a new bank account?
15:23:31 <kimmo> in a sense yes
15:23:47 <kimmo> as far as general accounting is concerned, it's an asset with a monetary value
15:24:10 <kimmo> just like a share of common stock, or a checking account
15:24:18 <family> do you actually enter it under brokerage accounts?
15:24:37 <kimmo> you can if you want to
15:25:08 <kimmo> if you're doing personal finances, I don't think there's much regulation in the format of the account tree
15:26:05 <kimmo> I have Assets -> Current Assets -> Investments, under which I have simply "Listed stocks", "Unlisted stocks", "Mutual funds"
15:26:30 <family> ok. another dumb question. i imported stuff from quicken, but the values for things do not appear on the accounts display
15:26:46 <kimmo> but my account structure is dictated by the different taxation rules for dividends between listen and unlisted stocks in finland
15:27:06 <kimmo> humm, I have no idea about imports
15:27:38 <kimmo> I should, I have a Quicken Basic 2000 User certification that's only 11 years old
15:27:43 <kimmo> courtesy of BrainBench
15:27:43 <kimmo> heh
15:28:10 <family> how do you get it to display the value of something vice listing the number of shares
15:28:51 <kimmo> There's a price editor for commodities under the Tool menu
15:29:23 <family> i already did that, but all it displays on the accounts display is the # of shares
15:29:29 <kimmo> but my recommendation to everyone is to track the purchase cost, not the fair market value
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15:30:05 <kimmo> yeah it does that, but in the income statement and balance sheet reports you see the "Unrealized gains/Losses"
15:30:17 <warlord> You purchased a bond directly, not a "bond fund"?
15:30:52 <kimmo> maybe he hates the admin fees
15:30:53 <kimmo> heh
15:31:07 <family> yeah, i purchased the bond directly. on the second response, you are saying i have to run a report to see the values.
15:31:24 <warlord> family: Get a price quote, and turn on the "Amount in <USD>" column
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15:31:57 <kimmo> any word on the debt ceiling vote btw?
15:32:23 <kimmo> would be funny to see a government paycheck bounce though
15:32:33 <family> warlord: you are saying that i need to set something in the account settings
15:32:42 <warlord> No.
15:32:56 <kimmo> right-click on the Header row in account view
15:33:15 <warlord> You need to set up the stocks for quotes. and in the CoA you need to turn on the display of the extra column
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15:34:23 <family> ok. the light goes on. no thoughts on how to deal with the imported stuff from qucken?
15:35:06 <family> a few bounced congressional paychecks would be better than government employee
15:35:42 <warlord> What's the import problem?
15:36:44 <family> some stuff imported from quicken, i.e. stocks, is just # of shares without any of the other data.
15:37:22 <warlord> If you open the stock account it should tell you how many shares you bought, and at what price. Does it?
15:37:30 <family> this is leaving me a problem with trying to enter a stock sale when there is no purchase price, etc. data
15:38:06 <family> warlord: answer to your question. no there is no price data just shares
15:38:45 <warlord> family: ??? There is no share price or total price info in your stock accounts?
15:39:40 <family> in some of them. actually, the problem with the bonds is that they are just recorded (from the transfer) as number of shares and listed as 'type' stock.
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15:42:54 <warlord> GnuCash does not have a native "Bond" type.. I have no idea what QIF that would even be -- I didn't know QIF had a "bond" type!
15:42:56 <rosco_y> warlord: Thank you. When I run a transaction report, I'm getting "No accounts selected." How do I select an account?
15:43:52 <rosco_y> hmmm....I'll try double-clicking on an account, to open it. I think that'd work....
15:44:10 <rosco_y> :) yes, that seems to be it....
15:44:17 <family> apparently it doe not. quicken if keeping the info in some form that is not being exported as something usable in gnucash.
15:44:57 <warlord> rosco_y: in the report options, the same way you modify any report. RTFM
15:45:04 <rosco_y> no, that's not it
15:45:22 <warlord> family: probably.
15:45:32 <warlord> GnuCash does not handle 'bonds' in any special way..
15:45:54 <family> so i am trying to figure out how to convert those 'shares' figure out how to edit these accounts to make them into something i can use for the bonds
15:46:06 <rosco_y> I don't know how to modify reports....
15:46:34 <rosco_y> eh...click on the "Edit report options" link?
15:47:15 <rosco_y> nice...:)
15:48:58 <family> warlord: thanks for your help. i can at least figure out how to display stock values.
15:50:15 <rosco_y> Thanks warlord....!
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15:50:36 <warlord> family: You'll probably need to go back and re-enter those transactions.
15:51:01 <family> warlord: i was hoping that was not the answer, but...
15:51:39 <family> warlord: how should i go about deleting these entries without screwing everything up
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15:54:47 <family> can i just delete the entries or should i edit/transfer them into a different type account/
15:55:56 <warlord> family: It depends.. Are there no "value" numbers in either side of the transaction?
15:56:23 <warlord> I.e., if you look at it from the "bank" (checking/cash/etc) side, is it '0' or 'empty'? Or do you see the purchase/sale price?
15:57:15 <family> warlord: there is a purchase price for the bond
15:58:38 <warlord> Okay, so now I'm confused again as to what's not working.
15:58:51 <warlord> Maybe you can show me a screen shot?
16:00:13 <family> the bonds have a purchase price, #share which is not what you would associate with a bond. on the stock i am trying to enter the sale for there is not purchase price just #shares
16:01:37 <family> no display or report shows the value associated with the bond, i.e. face value
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17:57:14 <odverb> morning all
17:57:28 <odverb> who can help me with a price editor crashing problem?
17:58:16 <odverb> hanging, rather than crashing
18:06:07 <odverb> btw, the web site lists 2.4.7 as the latest stable release. the topic says it is 2.4.6
18:29:06 <odverb> will try again later.
18:29:13 <odverb> thanks.
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19:09:24 <odverb> 'day again, still looking for solution for Price Editior hanging. anyone awake?
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