2011-07-25 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:27:26 <strk> I borrowed money from the kid, and logged them as liabilities. Now I opened a bank account for her but dunno how to log it anymore. If I go my_bank->her_bank there's no trace of the liability going down to zero
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06:27:42 <strk> while if I go my_bank->the_liability there's no trace of money bein in her bank
06:27:47 <strk> suggestions ?
06:37:39 <blathijs> strk: I think I've missed some context for your question. How did you mark the borrowing in the first place?
06:47:57 <Joeboy> Hi. Hope it's ok to ask a fairly general accounting question - how do we deal with interest on a long-term loan? Presumably the liability needs to increase each year, but what a/c should that increase come from?
06:48:07 <Joeboy> (sorry that's probably very n00bish)
06:48:55 <blathijs> Joeboy: That should be an expense account called "Interest" or something
06:49:27 <blathijs> (and the liability at the other end of the transaction, as you suggested)
06:51:19 <Joeboy> blathijs: thanks
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06:53:39 <strk> blathijs: it all started with an "Opening Balances" transaction
06:53:48 <strk> (old liability)
06:55:00 <strk> then increased everytime someone gave us a gift for the kid. indeed those gift transactions were kind of bogus (from liability to our wallets)
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07:25:29 <blathijs> strk: Seems like the right way to handle that
07:26:05 <blathijs> strk: If I understand it correctly that you have some money that really belongs to your kid (which you could indeed view as a loan)
07:27:13 <blathijs> strk: I think the problem is you're viewing your kid in two ways: External to your accounting, since you owe her money, and internal to your accounting, by including her bank account in your accounting
07:28:08 <blathijs> strk: The most straightforward way to handle that would be to give your kid her own gnucash file, which separates things
07:28:56 <blathijs> strk: The alternative would be to cancel the liability into some income account ("canceled loans" or something, not sure what would be appropriate
07:28:59 <blathijs> )
07:31:40 * blathijs gotta go
07:32:52 <warlord> Basically, yeah, what blathijs said... Once you opened your kid's account, including it in your own book as if it were YOUR account, then you just invalidated the liability. What you might consider doing is considering her account a liability, not an asset (it's her money, not yours). Then you can just move the liability account.
07:41:00 <strk> warlord: if I take that path I would just close the liability and keep no track at all about the new (her) bank account
07:41:03 <strk> right ?
07:41:16 <strk> and any gift would be an expens in my accounting
07:41:23 <strk> (gifts from me to her's)
07:43:17 <warlord> See, the issue here is that you need a double transaction. When someone gives you a gift for her now it's just L->Bank. But, when you open up her account you need TWO accounts: Bank->Liability & Income:HerGift->HerBank
07:43:25 <warlord> er, two TXNs
07:43:42 <warlord> One represents "your" accounting. The other represents "her" accounting.
08:04:24 <strk> nah, if I do that then It'd result I owe her the gift while she already took it
08:04:39 <strk> (ie: it's in her bank due to second transaction)
08:06:33 <strk> I'll estinshish the liability and open er a new file, as you mentioned
08:06:48 <strk> or even not open her any file, we'll use the bank facilities for her
08:07:02 <strk> don't want to consider that as an asset after all
08:09:38 <warlord> :)
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10:26:23 <brushb> lazy question
10:26:49 <brushb> I need to print out my check register for 2010, what is the easiest way do pull this off?
10:31:11 <warlord> Open the check register account, View -> Filter By and select the date range. Then Reports -> Account Report. Then Print.
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11:18:38 <brushb> Thanks
11:18:47 <brushb> perfect
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11:28:31 <warlord> you're welcome
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12:35:30 <dbreiser> is there a limit on how new a version of webkit gnucash works with?
12:35:56 <dbreiser> win32 packaging has 1.2.7, but 1.4.2 is available for gtk+
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13:08:00 <Hajo> Hello. I'm new here and would like to know who is the best to talk to for some gnucash enhancements :-)
13:08:34 * strk has been around here for a while and would bet on warlord (uninformed guess)
13:10:30 <Hajo> thx. will try him
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17:09:09 <blathijs> Hajo: Just posting your ideas here is probably the best approach. Don't try to send private messages to people, that'll only annoy them
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17:09:38 <blathijs> Hajo: IRC works for small ideas and quick feedback, you should consider posting to the mailing list for more in-depth discussion
17:09:52 <blathijs> (Also, more developers are on the mailing list than on IRC)
17:09:55 <kimmo> Hajo: the best try is either here, or the -user or -dev mailing list
17:10:26 <warlord> Hajo: are you offering to implement code?
17:10:26 <kimmo> but if you try here, warlord will most likely reply with "Patches always welcome"
17:10:42 <warlord> Or are you just trying to add to the wish-list?
17:11:08 <kimmo> I'm guessing the latter
17:13:16 <warlord> Hajo?
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17:28:34 <Hajo> thx. I've already put some info to #gnucash irc
17:29:14 <Hajo> sorry, meant http://gnucash.uservoice.com/forums/101223-feature-request
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17:30:15 <warlord> Okay.. for wish-list that's fine.
17:30:49 <Hajo> Hi warlord. I don't implement code but I have designed some three similar applications and am quite good at database design
17:31:54 <Hajo> cu
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17:45:26 <jsled> a designer who doesn't implement code?
17:57:38 * warlord shrugs
18:08:18 <kimmo> they be called Concepters and Service Managers
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18:15:24 <warlord> Anyways, must run again..
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19:23:12 <gdutton> Running gnucash for my soccer team. Is there a way I can "invoice" a player and have them get credit for a purchase they made for team equipment (an expense)?
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