2011-07-24 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:39:48 <massimo_> warlord-afk: aqbanking remembers its settings, it's just gnucash, that forgets the account mapping.
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07:06:58 <warlord> massimo: are you by chance using the SQL backend?
07:07:38 <massimo> warlord: No, compiled without mysql on Gentoo.
07:10:02 <warlord> Hmmm... The only other reason I could think of is that either: a) you're not saving the file (which is unlikely), or b) you're overwriting the mapping during the import process by selecting the same account during one of the popups.
07:11:59 <warlord> Anyways, gotta go... I still think you should send mail to the list as I suggested.
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08:48:16 <candyflip> why must the account transaction for an invoice use an *income* account?
08:49:08 <candyflip> If I have $50 in lumber expenses, and I invoice the client for those expenses, I want it to offset the *expense* account
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22:01:02 <treeman> i'm having a problem with style sheets in v 2.4.2, can anyone help me?
22:06:01 <mishehu> wish I could but I've never messed with that stuff
22:06:29 <treeman> just read the topic says don't ask to ask...sorry. here is my problem
22:06:36 <mishehu> and I've not yet updated to the 2.4.x series.
22:06:42 <mishehu> also it seems that 2.4.7 is the most recent
22:07:32 <treeman> i run a small business and i always use the fancy invoice report to print my invoices, i added a heading banner to the "Technicolor" style sheet, but it doesn't work
22:07:49 <treeman> I even tried to create my own style sheet, but it still doesn't work
22:08:26 <treeman> i've tried using a jpg, and a png... this image i'm using as the banner is the same image that i used in an older version on my desktop that works just fine
22:09:09 <mishehu> I never fully got the invoicing in gnucash to work well for me, as I use a time tracking web app for my billing. so instead I made a php app that produces invoices and tracks them for me, and I just use gnucash for the financial aspects.
22:09:13 <treeman> thanks anyway mishehu
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