2011-07-23 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:30:00 <chris_> has anyone looked at supporting OSX Lion? the latest libcups does not define a symbol (_iconv) that appears to be referenced by GNUCash (or one of GNUCash's library)
00:54:06 <chris_> guess not.
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00:59:43 <kpreid> guess someone didn't read the mailing list
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11:12:13 <yac> hi
11:12:53 <yac> does gnucash provide a way of keeping track of items?
11:13:25 <yac> I usualy buy the same items over and over, i want to have a table of items i can just reference in my accounting system
11:14:46 <yac> Then, as i see, gnucash uses double entry ok, it uses assets for what you have ... so if i buy an item - lets say a can of beans ... can of beans becomes my asset, right? Then i eat it, where does the asset go?
11:18:31 <strk> to an expense
11:18:42 * strk guessing, he doesn't use it for items
11:19:04 <yac> i want to also track item prices
11:19:47 <yac> so i can have an item but in transaction im using a (item, store) tuple
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12:34:35 <strk> how do you file income taxes ?
12:34:48 <strk> I'm makin them liabilities (till I pay them)
12:35:10 <strk> but... I dunno the entity until my accountant tells me (which is always way later than I've spent them all :()
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13:13:42 <yac> the problem with gnucash is that it tracks money only
13:16:26 <yac> i want to track resources
13:16:38 <yac> money is just one of the resource
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14:15:55 <massimo> Hi. I processed the aqbanking wizard. I linked all aqbanking accounts to gnucash accounts. Now if I try action->get_balances (sry my version is german localized) I get "not available for this account.
14:16:32 <massimo> Connection to the bank by aqbanking worked, since it got all other accounts from the bank.
14:16:44 <massimo> Its HBCI via Pin/Tan, Cortal.
14:17:25 <massimo> Then if I restart gnucash, it forgets that I linked aqbanking accounts to gnucash accounts, and I need to run the wizard again. Yes, I did save before restart.
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16:57:04 <robertjw> Using version 2.4.5 and would like to know if there is a way to add a free format comment to a line item.
16:57:10 <warlord> yac: Set up your items as stocks/funds...
16:57:21 <warlord> (gnucahs does not track "inventory", which is what you're really looking for)
16:57:58 <yac> yeah i was thinking about it should really be two systems
16:58:34 <yac> but i also want to minimize the bureaucracy around
16:59:14 <warlord> massimo: You might try asking on the gnucash-de mailing list in german.. or on the aqbanking list. If you have to run the wizard again it sounds like the wizard isn't saving data, but the list could help you.
16:59:16 <yac> also when i write in a transaction it allows me to write any description i want. i'd rather reference an item there
16:59:31 <yac> so i can then view all transaction related to an item
16:59:43 <warlord> robertjw: "Line item" -- you mean in the Customer Invoice entries?
16:59:55 <warlord> yac: yeah, gnucash wont do that.
17:00:14 <robertjw> no, I mean in an account register
17:01:15 <warlord> robertjw: ah, you mean like in the Notes field when you View -> Double Line Mode ?
17:02:01 <robertjw> Ahhh, View -> double line mode! Yes, that's it exactly. Thank you sir.
17:03:21 <warlord> you are welcome
17:04:52 <robertjw> By the way, kudos to the gnucash team. I switched my small business over from QuickBooks a year ago and will never look back. Great package!
17:06:11 <warlord> Thanks!
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