2011-07-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:29:21 <rosco_y> I'm new to gnuCash, and I just started invoicing customers and processing payments. This is working fine, but I have a question:
11:29:57 <rosco_y> Today I had a customer who paid in cash on the spot. No invoice was needed. Can I record this without generating an invoice?
11:30:16 <rosco_y> Or should I just create an invoice, and process payment?
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12:09:09 <rosco_y> Which import should I select to import a gnucash export?
12:10:08 <rosco_y> my gnucash is no longer displaying any data. I have an export from last night, but I don't know how to import it....
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12:16:47 <rosco_y> You'd think it would be easy to import a gnuCash export into gnuCash
12:20:27 <strk> do you have .log files around ? (backups)
12:20:46 <strk> actually, .xac files
12:37:21 <rosco_y> strk: Thank you, yes, they are all in my gnuCash save directory
12:37:59 <rosco_y> but no, they aren't .xac files
12:38:07 <rosco_y> maybe I'm missing something
12:38:30 <rosco_y> I'm kind of frustrated right now, looking into other packages....
12:39:11 <rosco_y> fortunately, I've only been using gnuCash for a few days now, so my source documents are right within arm's reach :)
12:39:24 <rosco_y> so it's a good time to switch, if I do
12:41:26 <rosco_y> Although, from what I'm seeing gnuCash has more of the features that I'd like to be able to keep using
12:42:49 <rosco_y> I really like the way you can easily make root asset and liability accounts and easily make subaccounts. It's very easy to understand
12:43:25 <rosco_y> even for someone like me, who barely survived BA200 and 201
12:44:14 <rosco_y> I'll make a pastebin of the contents of my backup directory
12:47:25 <rosco_y> this is my gnuCash Save Directory: http://paste2.org/p/1528720
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12:53:43 <warlord> rosco_y: You can choose either way, but the question is whether you want to tie that payment specifically to the customer. If so, then yes you must Income/Process Payment. If you don't care about tying it to the customer then you can just enter a regular txn from Income -> Cash
12:54:03 <warlord> rosco_y: define "GnuCash Export"
12:54:23 <warlord> also, what do you mean by "no longer displaying any data"
12:59:50 <warlord> Er, that previous one should have said "you must Invoice/Process Paymet"
12:59:53 <warlord> Payment
13:07:41 <rosco_y> warlord: Thank you, by "GnuCash Export", I meant I select from the top-line menu: "File-> Export -> Export Accounts"
13:08:35 <rosco_y> In this listing http://paste2.org/p/1528720, it's the 7_18_2011_export.gnucash file that was created
13:08:54 <rosco_y> It's a text file formatted like xml
13:09:44 <rosco_y> Actually, it is an xml file
13:10:26 <rosco_y> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
13:10:58 <rosco_y> but I guess it only has the account information, and none of the transactions
13:12:42 <rosco_y> and by not displaying anything, I mean a couple of things.
13:13:13 <rosco_y> First, when I open gnuCash, it used to display my list of accounts. Now there are no child windows displayed in gnucash when I open it
13:14:44 <rosco_y> Also, when I use the "File->Open" dialog, I don't know what to open, and my gnuCash data file name shows in the Recently Used File list, but when I select it, nothing happens
13:15:05 <rosco_y> so all I see is the topline menu and a grey window (gnucash with no child windows
13:17:02 <rosco_y> Although, the GnuCash Form Title does include the name of my save file, so I think it may be open, and maybe it's just not displaying anything
13:17:41 <rosco_y> My reports work
13:18:05 <rosco_y> so appharently I just can't see my accounts list
13:19:06 <rosco_y> Well, now I select
13:19:32 <rosco_y> I selected "View->New Accounts Page" and now I see all my accounts
13:19:39 <rosco_y> so everything is golden
13:22:18 <rosco_y> Thank you very much, warlord, strk, et. al....
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22:28:48 <me> hi
22:29:14 <me> ok. have a question about gnucash..just downloaded it today and imported bank information ofx file..
22:29:41 <me> for some reason...it has my deposit and withdrawl information reversed... is there a way to resolve this?
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