2011-07-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:15:18 <Sc4Freak> hey guys, new user of gnucash here migrating from quickbooks
01:15:49 <Sc4Freak> quick question - when I enter a transaction into my accounts receivable, is there any way to "link" that transaction with a customer I've previously set up?
02:22:16 <blathijs> Sc4Freak: You should never enter transactions into A/R (or A/P) manually
02:22:44 <blathijs> Sc4Freak: Instead, create an invoice or bill and "post" it, which will create the entries in A/P or A/R and link them
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02:38:06 <Sc4Freak> hmm, okay, so the only way to do it is by creating an invoice?
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02:39:31 <Sc4Freak> still working out the quirks of gnucash, in quickbooks we could enter something into a/c receivable directly and link it to a customer (without issuing an invoice)
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05:51:59 <alex87> how should i handle irregular expenses (such as insurance)? if i put it in as a one off expense i can't compare the months expenses
05:55:44 <strk> if you have an account just for insurance expenses you can get a report of expenses by month
05:55:47 <strk> bar chart
06:03:36 <alex87> strk: sorry, what i mean is i
06:03:55 <alex87> 'd like to spread out an expense so i can see if i'm spending less or more month to month
06:08:40 <strk> bar chart isn't enough to tell ?
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16:15:06 <SophieW> Hi, I'm having problems setting up stock accounts, when I add a new account and try to change the security/currency option, it isn't available, only currency
16:16:22 <SophieW> then I tried going into the security editor and adding them that way, I even enabled the live quotes, but I still can't create the stock accounts
16:17:39 <SophieW> I'm using 2.4.7 on windows 7
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17:43:07 <warlord> SophieW: when you edit the account, what Account Type do you have selected?
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18:13:55 <SophieW> under assets I have created a stocks acount and I'm trying to create the accounts there
18:15:37 <SophieW> i've been following the tutorial
18:19:47 <warlord> SophieW: right. And when you create(d) it, what Account Type did you select?
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18:22:37 <SophieW> i highlighted stocks, clicked the new icon and then tried to change it using the select button on the securities/currency line
18:22:52 <SophieW> is there another way to do it?
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18:27:59 <tim> How can I adjust the margins when printing a report? My header is off the page.
18:29:49 <warlord> SophieW: you need to select Stock and *then* you can select the commodity, which includes creating a new one.
18:30:07 <warlord> tim: I dont know if you can..
18:30:57 <SophieW> ha! such a simple little thing... thanks warlord :)
18:31:21 <tim> warlord: that's lousy. It doesn't make sense...
18:31:59 <warlord> tim: the printing is all done by other things; gnucash just tells gtkhtml or webkit "print it"
18:32:09 <warlord> SophieW: you're welcome.
18:32:13 <warlord> tim: patches are always welcome.
18:32:49 <tim> I wouldn't know where to begin...
18:34:07 <tim> What version are others using with Ubuntu/Linux? I have 2.2.9 but I know there is 2.4.7
18:34:50 <warlord> No clue. I don't use Ubuntu.
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18:36:13 <tim> warlord: what OS do you use if you don't mind me asking?
18:37:14 <warlord> Linux
18:37:29 <warlord> (Fedora, to be precise about the distro)
18:37:51 <tim> warlord: what version of gnucash are you using?
18:38:38 <warlord> 2.4.current (I build from SVN -- I'm a dev)
18:45:44 <tim> warlord: many noticable changes from my 2.2.9? I'd have to compile it myself I believe...
18:47:58 <warlord> I'm pretty sure there's a 2.4 backport deb somewhere, maybe in getdeb?
18:48:20 <warlord> The only real user changes are WebKit, e-guile, and SQL Backend Support.
18:53:19 <tim> Thanks
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