2011-07-11 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:17:17 <{-0-}> warlord-afk: it shows itself in the reports, eg Balance Sheet, Balance Sheet using eguile-gnc, Account Summary. The two values are listed side by side.
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10:44:14 <warlord> {-0-}: Are you sure that's an equivalence and not, say, the balances in two currencies? Without seeing the report image (screen shot), but first guess is that it's telling you that you have a balance of 2.40EUR and 103.24UKL.
10:45:07 <warlord> jsled: any chance you could op gncbot ?
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11:29:45 *** jsled sets mode: +o gncbot
11:32:02 <warlord> @op
11:32:03 *** gncbot sets mode: +o warlord
11:32:05 <warlord> thank you jsled !
11:32:12 <warlord> (hope you had a good weekend0
11:36:19 <jsled> you're welcome; was pretty good; hope yours was, too. :)
11:36:38 <jsled> I'm away from Wed for a week, so @op'ing services will be diminshed. :)
11:37:39 <warlord> Good to know!
11:37:58 <warlord> I wish I knew why I was having so many dropouts.
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11:58:25 <warlord> (oh, and have a safe trip!)
12:03:39 <{-0-}> Warlord: Thank you! it was as you suggested a second balance and not an equivalence within the account. The UKL going into the EUR account did not match the UKL coming out of it. Thank you!
12:04:46 <{-0-}> And thank you to all the team that made GnuCash, it's great, really helped me get on top of my finances
12:05:57 <warlord> You're welcome.
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17:41:50 <kraftb> hello !
17:42:02 <kraftb> I have a question regarding transactions in gnucash.
17:42:17 <kraftb> is it possible to get an unique ID of every transaction.
17:42:53 <kraftb> I know I can use the column "num" and the "+" key to create a number for each transaction. but it doesn't seem gnucash keeps this number unique for both accounts the transaction is acting on
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17:44:42 <warlord> kraftb: Didn't you ask this before? No, there is not a global, per-file, unique, monotonically-increasing transaction number counter available.
17:44:59 <warlord> You have per-account counters..
17:45:06 <warlord> And you have the (internal) GUIDs
17:45:26 <warlord> but no, there is no "txn 1, txn 2, txn 3, ..." available within the whole data file.
17:45:31 <kraftb> but it happens that there is the same number in the same account
17:45:32 <warlord> I recommend you change your behaviors.
17:45:43 <kraftb> hmm ...
17:46:00 <warlord> There's no reason in this day-and-age to require such a thing.
17:46:08 <warlord> Group your receipts by account.
17:46:21 <kraftb> afair this happens when I move an transaction. I just started using gnucash so I guess it takes some time till I have everything under control
17:46:43 <kraftb> I simply collect all paper bills I get and write a number on their back.
17:46:59 <kraftb> I already collect them per month. so there is quite a chance to find them again if needed.
17:47:13 <warlord> As for the same number in differnet accounts.... Well, fair enough. If you write a check (#x) from checkingA and deposit it into checkingB, and then write a check (#y) from checkingB and deposit into checkingA, it's quite possible that if x == y you'll have the same number appear twice.
17:47:14 <kraftb> but anyways ... thanks for the info
17:47:47 <kraftb> yes. I think that's whats going on.
17:47:47 <warlord> Don't write a number, instead write a date (which should already be on it) and an account.
17:48:05 <kraftb> I guess when pressing the "+" key gnucash should check both accounts for the next count
17:48:16 <warlord> "both accounts" makes no sense.
17:48:24 <warlord> A transaction can have any number of accounts..
17:48:46 <warlord> And often you enter that field before you even enter the other account information.. So how does it know where to check?
17:48:47 <kraftb> ah yes. split transactions
17:48:59 <warlord> Moreover, if you have multiple checking accounts, you *WILL* have duplicate check #s..
17:49:08 <kraftb> I see ...
17:49:12 <warlord> The num column really was for Check#, not "global transaction ID"
17:49:28 <kraftb> I just mean: technically it would be possible. But I am not into gnucash coding. so I'll let this be as it is
17:49:31 <warlord> seriously, change what you're doing.
17:49:48 <warlord> Technically anything is possible, but changing the Num column to behave how you suggest would be wrong.
17:50:11 <kraftb> i think it would not even be required to be globally unique. it should simply be unique in every account the transaction acts upon.
17:50:15 <warlord> You could add a new column, TxnId, that behaves as you wish, but re-using the Num column is wrong -- it already has a meaning
17:50:37 <kraftb> I am not thus far into bookkeeping so I could argue on that issue
17:50:37 <warlord> Except you can change the accounts it's acting upon.
17:50:49 <kraftb> I am a programmer and ex-freelancer how tries to get his finances properly :)
17:51:03 <warlord> That's where I started a decado ago
17:51:25 <kraftb> and yes. I guess it could cause confusion if this number changes randomly-looking if you move transactions and targets
17:51:30 <kraftb> :)
17:51:31 <warlord> Seriously, don't use numbers, use date+acct+desc to uniquely id a receipt.
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17:51:46 <kraftb> ok. thanks anyway.
17:51:55 <warlord> Enjoy!
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17:52:11 <kraftb> I think collecting them per month already eases my chaos
17:52:39 <kraftb> gnucash is quite nice ... I mean. I almost never use any other software than linux/gpl tools.
17:53:03 <kraftb> probably I even make you a donation at some time - it wont be the first time I donated to "some-random-gpl-project-here"
17:53:24 <kraftb> have a good day/night
17:53:32 <warlord> So long! And thanks.
17:53:36 <warlord> Happy GnuCashing
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17:57:06 <pertplus> if i run gnucash as root, i get error. if i run as user, i can open it but i can save anything :/
17:57:37 <warlord> pertplus: is your disk full?
17:58:02 <warlord> (I presume you means "Can't save anything")
17:58:05 <warlord> meat
17:58:06 <warlord> meant
17:58:08 <warlord> *grr*
17:58:11 <pertplus> nlohehe
17:58:20 <pertplus> no its some kind of permisison issue
17:58:31 <pertplus> i guess i ts probably not even related to gnucash
17:58:43 <warlord> File -> Save As to some directory you know you have write access to?
17:58:47 <warlord> ... like your homedir?
17:58:53 <pertplus> thats where i was saving
17:59:01 <pertplus> which is why i dont think its gnucash issue anymore
17:59:17 <pertplus> also possible is becase im using a file which i took from another computer
17:59:27 <pertplus> so i have to chmod that file properly before being able to resave it?
17:59:27 <warlord> Check the permissions of the file/dir?
17:59:38 <pertplus> ya
17:59:40 <pertplus> i will thanks
18:00:48 <warlord> try 'touch'ing something in that dir?
18:01:40 <pertplus> permission denied, but im still able to make new text file for example
18:01:53 <pertplus> i just need to go learn about setting folder and file permissions :]
18:02:35 <warlord> yep.
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18:09:28 <kraftb> which OS do you run gnucash on ?
18:22:16 <warlord> Me? Linux.
18:22:21 <warlord> (fedora to be exact)
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18:52:24 <kraftb> no. I guessed pertplus could have problems with selinux
18:52:33 <kraftb> because of the access problems
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