2011-07-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:04:59 <geraldh> Is someone willing to help me with some mess I created using the business features of gnucash?
09:07:56 <geraldh> (Or tell me how to do it..) In short: I have paid once too much, and now I received the amount I paid too much, but now Gnucash still says he is a debtor, and I don't know how to get it away...
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10:20:11 <warlord> geraldh: in what way does it say he's still a debtor?
10:24:43 <warlord> Unfortunately gnucash doesn't really have the concept of a "credit note".. I assume this is a vendor that you overpaid? In that case what you can do is just create a regular vendor bill for the amount they sent back to you but instead of going into Expense:... but it back into Assets:Checking.
10:25:57 <warlord> However, it sounds like you're hitting a different bug, where GnuCash gets confused and starts putting in strange balancing splits that cause invoices to not appear as "paid" even though the vendor report shows $0.
10:26:33 <warlord> The only workaround for *that* bug is to manually go into A/P, delete all the payments for the vendor and all the "Auto Payment Forward" transactions, and then Process Payment again, in chronological order, to re-insert all the payments.
10:26:41 <geraldh> In the debtors report (in the business section of the reports) it is still listed as a debtor
10:26:55 <geraldh> And yes, I overpaid a vendor
10:29:29 <geraldh> Hmm, maybe the double way (with one bill and one invoice) is the best, but I only have one 'paper' for the paper administration, so only one number to link the invoice and bill to, or I have to duplicate the paper also, but that's not very nice...
10:32:44 <warlord> Like I said, there is no "credit note" -- you can just give it an invoiceID of #####-Credit
10:33:09 <geraldh> That's also a solution, thanks!
10:33:11 <warlord> I dont know which "Debtor Report" you mean -- that sounds like a mis-translation back to the original.
10:34:05 <geraldh> I think so :P
10:34:46 <geraldh> The report that says like "This debtor hasn't paid yet for x days"
10:36:22 <geraldh> But now I have a problem to link the payment with the actual bill, because the bill is only (say) 20 euro's and the payment 30...
10:37:44 <warlord> I dont understand.. You overpaid, right? By how much did you overpay?
10:38:49 <geraldh> To be exactly: the bill was E35,45 and I paid E43,45 (please don't ask why ;-) )
10:39:16 <geraldh> Now I inserted a bill via the Business section of E35,45
10:39:51 <geraldh> And if I insert a transaction
10:40:20 <geraldh> I get a residu of 8 euro's I cannot link to anything
10:40:26 <warlord> What do you mean "insert a transaction"?
10:40:46 <warlord> So you created a bill for 35,45, then process payment of 43,45?
10:40:47 <geraldh> Pff, it's time I install the english version... Or is there a manual with pictures?
10:40:59 <geraldh> (Of the business features?)
10:41:25 <geraldh> Yes, that's what I did
10:41:26 <warlord> Run: env LANG=C LANGUAGE=C gnuash
10:42:02 <warlord> And they send you a check for €8?
10:42:16 <warlord> (or some other refund mechanism?)
10:43:02 <geraldh> (I tried those language things, but I'm on a Mac and didn't get it workin)
10:43:26 <warlord> Here's a question: Did you actually process the payment for 43,45? Or did you process the payment for 35,45 and then later *change* the number in gnucash when you realized you paid the wrong amount?
10:43:43 <warlord> Oh, Mac... No idea how to force-reset it there
10:43:43 <geraldh> I actuall processed the payment for 43,45
10:44:05 <warlord> Okay, and they gave you a cash refund somehow?
10:44:25 <geraldh> yes, a money transfer
10:44:37 <geraldh> (via banks etc, how do you call that?)
10:45:31 <warlord> there are multiple ways to do it.
10:46:15 <geraldh> I think I will use a memo book (or waste-book according to some economic translation website :P )
10:46:18 <warlord> Okay, so create a bill for that vendor for €8 but use "Assets:Checking" (your bank account) as the "Expense" account, and then post it to your A/P. Description is "Return of overpayment"
10:47:39 <warlord> If it's still showing up in the Bills-Due reminder, then you're hitting that bug I mentioned before...
10:47:51 <geraldh> Ok thanks, I will try that!
10:48:50 <warlord> good luck.
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18:24:09 <{-0-}> Hi! I have 2.40EUR which apparently equals 103.24UKL, cannot find this exchange rate in any of my transactions or in Price Editor, where else should I look please? GnuCash 2.4.2
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21:43:14 <warlord> {-0-}: Where do you see that equivalence?
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