2011-07-07 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:28:02 <SlowGoose> Is there a library of additional reports somewhere to by used with gnucash? Maybe someone has tweeked the account summary report to include a "date window" instead of just an "as of" date.
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01:10:58 <SlowGoose> I'm shutting down for the night but if anyone wishes to respond, I will be checking the irc logs in the morning. Later....
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11:08:28 <kingjm_afk> SlowGoose that is an awsome idea. I don't know of any additional libraries with reports in them. But then again I am learning gnucash all the time. Perhaps there is a web site out there, somewhere.
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12:00:02 <SlowGoose> Further to my question on a report repository from last night, I have two more:
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12:01:24 <SlowGoose> 1.What is the long term strategy for reporting in gnucash? Is it to stick with the scheme internal reports or is it to go to another package (internal or external) that directly accesses the sql database?
12:03:32 <SlowGoose> 2. Should report changes be made in the guile version or the eguile version? I am not a serious programmer so do not understand the nuances of each but what I see is that the guile versions seem to be better developed.
12:12:02 <SlowGoose> minor correction: I said "better developed". Perhaps a better was to say this is "have been in development longer and therefore have more features and overall more reports"
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13:19:17 <SlowGoose> I guess another good question might be "Who is coordinator for the reporting functionality of gnucash?"
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13:31:04 <jsled> SlowGoose: there's no external library of reports; hopefully any that have been created have been contributed and integrated into the product
13:31:43 <jsled> SlowGoose: reports that "directly access the sql database" wouldn't be a very great idea, or very useful for people not using the SQL backend.
13:32:07 <jsled> reports should use the API, to be decoupled from the backend.
13:32:48 <jsled> I'm too disconnected from the project to answer the other questions, sorry.
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13:50:44 <SlowGoose> jsled: thanks for clarifying on the SQL question. I have a couple of "dumb" questions: does a standard windows install of 2.4 use an sql backend? If not, "can" a windows install of gnucash use an sql backend?
13:51:29 <jsled> yes, I believe the windows version of 2.4 has the sql backedn
13:57:27 <warlord> I believe it has sqlite and mysql. i do not think it includes the pgsql DBD
14:13:44 <SlowGoose> so which one gets used in a generic windows install or are they used together? I thought that sqlite and mysql do the same function (but in different ways).
14:14:16 <warlord> Which one gets used is completely based on which you choose when you File -> OPen or File -> Save As
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14:41:15 <SlowGoose> so if I have just openning my existing data file then can I presume that I am not using any sql backend?
14:41:49 <SlowGoose> oops: "openning" = "openned"
14:42:18 <warlord> When/how did you originally create the data file?
14:57:36 <SlowGoose> I upgraded from a previous non-sql version of gnucash
15:10:14 <SlowGoose> the file openned automatically when I started gnucash after the upgrade.
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15:16:55 <warlord> Then yes, you are still using the XML format.
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19:35:37 <SlowGoose> So when I heard that it was possible to use an SQL back end the first thing I thought was "great now I can use something like Crystal or even Open Office to access live data and I will be able to create great looking fully customized reports." Is this not one of the advantages of using SQL?
19:38:23 <kimmo> I wouldn't go as far as Open Office, btu Crystal Reports, sure
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19:52:26 <SlowGoose> so is there an open source equivalent to Crystal I should look at?
19:53:50 <SlowGoose> or is this a LAMP type solution if I wanted to keep it open source (not having messed with LAMP, maybe this would be swatting a fly with a sledge hammer)?
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