2011-07-06 GnuCash IRC logs

01:19:13 <kimmo> hey is there a keyboard shortcut for Split while in account ledger?
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02:24:35 <fosstux> Hi! I'm planning to use GnuCash for an austrian club (Verein) - What would you Suggest as accounts???
02:24:43 <fosstux> I'm really new to Gnucash...
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04:59:12 <Mariusz> Is the someone here.
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07:15:13 <trinary> Hi, am using GnuCash 2.4.6, using default UK VAT accounts, can someone tell me for example if i were to put in a sale under Income, how i can get to GnuCash to automatically calculate the VAT and show it in the VAT/Output/Sales account? OR if there is a page explaining how to do this please can you provide a link as I have had trouble finding one. Many Thanks
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07:56:59 <warlord> kimmo: no.
07:57:19 <warlord> @nick gncbot
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07:58:16 <warlord> trinary: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_use_GnuCash_to_calculate_VAT.3F
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08:20:24 <trinary> warlord: thanks
08:22:14 <warlord> you're welcome
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08:59:48 <naibed> Hallo, darf man hier auf Deutsch schreiben?
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09:05:39 <warlord> naibed: no, this is an English channel.
09:05:47 <warlord> If you need german help you can subscribe and email the gnucash-de mailing list.
09:13:25 <warlord> gotta run
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09:21:54 <naibed> okay thx
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10:22:00 <JavaStreet> Hi all, I can't figure out why I can't read XML from my Ledger.gnucash file. Based on what I have read, it is supposed to be in a readable form that I might edit. I did set "XML" as the data type when I saved it, but the editor just brings in garbage. I am on Windows 7.
10:22:59 <JavaStreet> I am at the earliest stages of setting everything up, so it is not problem to recreate a new file.
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11:37:00 <kingjm> Hi I haven't been in here in a while. Still using gnucash LOVE IT! I have a question though
11:37:34 <strk> ask
11:38:37 <kingjm> I need to change the fancy report scm, but I don't know what to do..... The Date on the report is the date the invoice is created. I need to change this to the date posted. Also for the Date required to pay needs to change
11:39:48 <kingjm> Date posted as in the Date that it was posted to the ledger...... I create the invoice but not post as an estimating feature..... I have created a fance estimate scm
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12:13:02 <JavaStreet> Still hoping to get an answer to my question. I am saving my file in what it says to be XML on Windows 7. When I open "Ledger.gnucash" all I see is garbage. Any thoughts on how to get a file I can edit? Is there something else I need to do to read the file? Is the file being stored in another format even though I specified XML?
12:13:51 <strk> maybe it is compressed ?
12:14:22 <JavaStreet> What actions would I take to decompress or to eliminate compression on save?
12:14:50 <strk> I was just guessing, but try gunzip(1)
12:15:06 <strk> life is hard on a Windows system...
12:15:41 <JavaStreet> Okay, that got it.
12:16:03 <JavaStreet> Some of those little nuggets that you experts know! Thanks for the heads-up there!
12:16:21 <strk> so, worked ?
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12:17:07 <JavaStreet> Yes, it worked!
12:17:25 <strk> great :)
12:19:17 <JavaStreet> Thanks again Strk!
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13:01:20 <warlord> kingjm: It should be fairly straightforward to change the fancy-invoice.scm to call gncInvoiceGetDatePosted()
13:01:36 <warlord> (er, the scheme way would be: (gncInvoiceGetDatePosted ... ) )
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15:53:24 <c_korn> I have a typo patch for you http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=AcN1smpP
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18:40:45 <warlord> c_korn: thank you for the update, but your changes are gramatically incorrect. The correct correction would be childs -> child's
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22:45:56 <kingjm> Warlord thanks for answering. I have checked and that is what is in the scm by default. I have figured out what I needed. When you post the invoive. you can choose the date. As of now the date you choose is the date that was created. Is there a way to change to today's date by default? This is not done in the fancy invoice.
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22:54:06 <kingjm_afk> .motd
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