2011-07-04 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:14:02 <opalepatrick> looking at using gnucash again. Failed to get going every time previously. A few questions. Does it handle multiple currencies?
05:25:11 <opalepatrick> ok answered myself rtfm (past tense)
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11:20:01 <pnema> Hi All, Is there an easy way to copy one transaction from one window to a different window?
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11:32:53 <strk> jump to "the other" side of the transaction, change the other side
11:33:12 <strk> not sure it's clear :)
11:38:17 <warlord> pnema: it depends. Is the other window just another account or is it another instance of GnuCash? Also, are you just trying to move the transaction or are you really trying to make a "copy"?
11:39:51 <pnema> warlord: different instance. Rebuilding my accounts so want to copy from my old "books" to the new set of books
11:40:27 * strk will need to do that or something similar too soon
11:42:14 <warlord> pnema: then no, I do not believe there is an easy way to copy a transaction from one datafile to another data file.
11:42:27 <warlord> strk: why?
11:42:38 <warlord> pnema: This begs the question: why are you rebuilding your accounts into a new datafile?
11:42:46 <pnema> warlord: yeah that is what I figured from the documentation but figured I'd ask
11:43:43 <pnema> warlord: learning gnucash, while learning accounting. As I learn more I learn my mistakes and want to restart. The number of transactions is small
11:44:29 <pnema> using gnucash for me biz
11:44:47 <pnema> s/me/my/
11:45:09 <strk> warlord: wife got sick of telling me how she spends money, so I'll have to reorganize all books to have some Assets changed to Expense
11:45:34 <warlord> strk: no need to copy stuff around to do that, just move the account to top-level, chane the type, then move it back into the tree.
11:45:45 <strk> uhm
11:46:02 <strk> not sure that'll do what I want. Actually I'm not really sure about what I want yet.
11:46:35 <strk> maybe I'd better start a completely new book, importing all liabilities
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11:52:31 <warlord> strk: Maybe, maybe not.
12:03:32 <strk> I can't just turn an Asset account, full of Asset->Expense transactions into an Expense transaction, or how would I ?
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12:04:07 <warlord> strk: well, what would that mean? Yes, you *could* do that.
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12:05:08 <strk> they all transactions would become from Expense to Expense ?
12:05:11 <strk> *then
12:09:40 <warlord> Not all of them.. Money has to get *into* the "Asset" account somehow, right? And *those* will be your new "Asset->Ex" transactions. Everything else is just "oh, I know how my wife spent *this* money"
12:10:21 <warlord> I do that. I have "Expenses:Wife" and use that for stuff that goes from my account to hers. And then when there are transactions from there that need to hit my other accounts I do Ex:W -> <other acct>
12:17:24 <strk> oh, interesting. you get money _from_ expenses ?
12:17:30 <strk> not bad
12:17:35 <strk> I might try that
12:24:54 <warlord> Well, I give my wife a large check, and then she pays some of my bills.
12:25:15 <warlord> So really it's not getting money from expenses per se, but changing the end expense account in the P&L report.
12:25:47 <strk> ic
12:26:00 <strk> problem with that is you don't really know how much money go in bills
12:26:06 <strk> but can't fight with that ...
12:29:28 <warlord> True. I dont know everything she spends.
12:29:34 <warlord> But that's the point of this approach.
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12:43:30 <cascades5> How can I import my Quickbooks data into Gnucash?
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12:46:52 <cascades5> can I pay my bills through the gnucash software?
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12:55:08 <warlord> cascades5: at this time there is no QBW import. See http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_do_I_import_my_data_from_Quickbooks.28TM.29.3F
12:55:52 <warlord> As for paying bills, only in Germany using HBCI to german banks. GnuCash's OFX-DC support does not include transaction initiation, because there are no OFX test servers to test an open source implementation.
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22:21:51 <warlord> jsled: can you op gncbot, please?
22:29:56 <warlord> (when you get the chance, of course)
22:30:13 <kpreid> shouldn't that be ChanServ's job?
22:31:47 <warlord> There is no ChanServ on this network.
22:32:27 <kpreid> D'oh. Sorry, I forgot I wasn't on freenode here.
22:33:31 <warlord> yeah. they have CS over there.
23:00:10 <warlord> Anyways, happy 4th of July...
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23:55:34 <gncbot> jsled: Error: You don't have the #gnucash,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
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