2011-07-02 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:43:28 <David> I found a way to get back in. My computer has 3,143,404 K of memory, approx. 2.6 Gig is in use by 124 processes. My C hard drive has 125 Gig free and Windows from time to time makes more virtual memory.
09:44:21 <David> You don't really want a list of those.
09:47:22 <David> I also have tried to repeat this issue on another computer that has less memory using literally the same file over my home network. In that case, the program did not crash.
09:50:06 <David> I do not have any problems with other programs crashing on the first computer.
09:50:59 <strk> get to the point :)
09:52:58 <David> the point is that Gnucash crashes every time I try to do the same thing. Do I need to file a bug report, or is this a known problem
09:53:10 <David> ?
09:55:34 <David> If I do need to file a bug report, how do I narrow down the problem so that a developer can address it?
09:57:23 <David> Or should I invite the developer over for coffee?
10:02:09 <David> Or am I doing something dumb and Gnucash is not failing gracefully like it should?
10:03:13 <David> How about an error message Don't do that, try this instead?
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10:07:03 <warlord> David: without knowing what you are doing that causes it to crash, I have no idea. Are you using the same version on other hardware? Perhaps it's a hardware problem? (Bad memory chip?)
10:07:41 <warlord> As for tracking it down -- keep extensive notes of everything you do -- if you *can* reliably reproduce the problem then you should be able to keep a note of X, y, z *crash*
10:09:07 <David> This is my original description: Hi I am getting the error message GLib-ERROR(recursed)**:gmem.c:175:failed to allocate 88 bytes aborting... repeatedly (3 times) when I try to filter an account register down to a small date range then highlight a transaction in the register in preparation to scroll up or down to find a certain transaction. Then GnuCash 2.4
10:09:49 <David> .6 disappears off of my Windows XP desktop when I click ok. Naturally, when I re-start, the file is locked, so I have to open anyway.
10:10:16 <warlord> Yes, I remember.
10:10:17 <David> then I was G-lined and booted
10:11:12 <warlord> So it happens every time you "try to filter an account register ...." ?
10:14:46 <David> Specifically, I go to the same account, right-click in the register and set the filter start date to 1/1/11 and the end date to today,-,m,-,m,- until I get to 04/01/2011. Then the yellow transaction highlight is missing.
10:15:27 <David> So I click on a transaction and gnucash crashes
10:16:31 <warlord> Okay, that sounds like a reliably reproducible situation. Please get a stack trace and file a bug report: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Stack_Trace
10:19:39 <David> Ah, yes. I recall having fun with that once before.
10:20:36 <David> I don't remember how I finally got it that time or even if I actually did.
10:21:37 <David> I think I tried the second method. YThat will take a while.
10:22:02 <warlord> sorry.
10:22:32 <warlord> you can try filing a bug report without the stack trace and then add the stack trace later. But if it cannot be reproduced elsewhere they may close it.
10:22:49 <David> Wish me luck, I'll be back later. bye
10:23:36 <warlord> good luck
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15:34:27 <joe> Hello. I'm using Gnucash 2.4.5 on a laptop using Fedora 14. I also use it on my desktop. Since the last time I needed to use it on my laptop, I've added a new account.
15:35:02 <joe> I've used rsync to get all the proper files (I presume) onto my laptop, but can't get it to open the account correctly.
15:35:32 <joe> I have BankName.gnucash and BankName.gnucash.gcm but gnucash won't open either of them.
15:36:04 <joe> Whenever I try, I get an error that there's no backend for the file. What am I doing wrong, or what do I need?
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15:45:52 <joe> I've renamed BankName.gnucash to BankName. Still no change.
17:09:48 <joe> Does anybody out there know what I'm talking about?
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18:43:42 <joe> Jimrahel2, are you here to give or to get help?
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19:07:10 <warlord> joe: perhaps you created the file with sqlite but you no longer have the sqlite driver?
19:14:05 <joe> I created the file with Gnucash on my desktop. Shouldn't it be the same version? I keep both computers updated.
19:14:24 <joe> And, how would I tell?
19:18:04 <warlord> well, when you created it on your desktop, what backend did you choose?
19:18:28 <warlord> As for how to tell, try: file /path/to/your/file.gnucash
19:18:41 <warlord> the gnucash.gcm file is metadata, they should not be in the same place.
19:21:47 <joe> It says it's ASCII text, just like the file for the old account. And, btw, the old account doesn't end with .gnucash like the one from my desktop does.
19:23:12 <joe> What would the driver be called, and why wouldn't I have it now?
19:23:43 <warlord> What version of gnucash do you have on the two systems?
19:24:25 <warlord> ASCII?? Are you sure you're looking at your data file and not, say, the metadata file in ~/.gnucash ?
19:25:00 <joe> 2.4.5 here and AFAIK the same on the desktop. I use Fedora on both, so there's no reason for them not to match.
19:25:47 <warlord> They are both F14?
19:26:19 <joe> Yes, warlord, I checked the file in ~/.gnucash/books, which is also where the .gcm file is. And both are F14, currently running XFCE if that matters.
19:26:19 <warlord> The datafile should never say "ASCII text".. It would say one of: xml, gziped data, or sqlite db.
19:26:31 <warlord> No, that doesn't mater.
19:26:36 <warlord> Your datafile wont be in ~/.gnucash
19:26:48 <warlord> That's only the metadata file.
19:28:08 <joe> OK, where should the datafile be? It's possible that rsync didn't get it.
19:28:33 <warlord> It's wherever you put it. That's like asking "where did Open Office put my letter?" It put it wherever you told it to put it.
19:29:02 <warlord> Look for a bunch of .xac, .gnucash, and .log files.
19:29:02 <joe> When I created the account on my desktop, where would it be put by default?
19:29:11 <warlord> Your homedir?
19:29:20 <warlord> I dont know what it defaults to, honestly.
19:29:57 <joe> I do have some .log files under ~/.gnucash here, but only for the old account. Let me check my desktop via ftp...
19:31:20 <warlord> okay
19:33:13 <warlord> another thing to ask: what does "head" report for the file in question?
19:33:44 <joe> Weird! I know that this worked Just Fine when I only had the one account. Now, I've no idea where those logs might be.
19:34:20 <warlord> Possibly in the other user's account?
19:35:05 <joe> It starts off with BookGID, WindowCount and so forth. What "other user's account?" I'm the only user on either machine.
19:35:45 <joe> The "other account" I'm talking about is another *bank* account. I closed it and opened a new one.
19:35:49 <warlord> Well, you keep talking about "the one account"
19:36:01 <joe> Yes: one BANK ACCOUNT.
19:36:10 <warlord> What does that have to do with GnuCash?
19:36:18 <warlord> Did you start with a completely new data file???
19:36:53 <joe> Yes. I completely closed that account on Gnucash and started a new one. Isn't that what you're supposed to do?
19:37:05 <warlord> Yeah, that file that starts with [Top] BookGuid=... That's your metadata file.
19:37:11 <warlord> No
19:37:14 <warlord> Not at all!!!
19:37:29 <warlord> You just create a new account within your data file and migrate your assets to the new one.
19:37:34 <warlord> No need to create a new datafile.
19:37:35 <joe> This isn't a business I'm running. I just want to keep track of my checking account.
19:37:40 <warlord> Of course!
19:37:55 <warlord> But you have Assets:BigBank for a long time..
19:38:01 <warlord> Then you migrate over to Assets:NewBank
19:38:05 <warlord> No need for a new file.
19:38:25 <warlord> And you should DEFINITELY never store your datafile in ~/.gnucash
19:38:36 <joe> Well, I didn't, because I didn't know. Let's try to work with what I have, not with what I was supposed to have done. It works Just Fine on my desktop.
19:38:59 <joe> I've no idea where Gnucash is storing my datafile; that's part of the problem. What would its name be?
19:39:00 <warlord> Okay, go to your desktop and find the file.
19:39:11 <warlord> It's named whatever you named it
19:39:16 <joe> The desktop is about fifty miles away.
19:39:30 <warlord> ssh?
19:40:03 <joe> I'm house sitting for a friend. I have access to my desktop via ssh, of course. Would it be named after my new bank, or what?
19:40:58 <warlord> I have no idea; it would be whatever you named the file. It's like you asking me what you named the love letter to your SO. How am I supposed to know what file naming scheme you used? You can look for telltale signs, like *.gnucash, *.log
19:41:30 <joe> I named the account after the bank. Would Gnucash use that for the file name?
19:42:30 <warlord> By *your* definition of account, possibly. by *my* (and GnuCash's) definition of an Account, no.
19:43:45 <joe> I do know that the .gnucash and .gnucash.gcm files are named for the bank.
19:44:36 <warlord> but they wont be in ~/.gnucash
19:44:48 <warlord> So look for a file, not in ~/.gnucash, named <bank>.gnucash
19:47:01 <joe> AHA! I've just found what I need via ssh: it's not in /.gnucash, it's in /Gnucash. Big difference. Wait one while I grab it and see what happens.
19:48:49 <joe> A moment's thought made me realize that rsync would be better. Trying it now...
19:51:01 <joe> OK, now working. Thanx for your help. It never would of occurred to me that it wasn't in .gnucash. I should have thought of /Gnucash, but hit a blind spot. And now we *both* know where to look in the future. Thanx again.
19:51:44 <warlord> Well, Gnucash isn't a default, it's what you did ;)
19:53:56 <joe> If so, I've no idea how. Could it have asked for that when I first set it up on the desktop?
19:56:26 <warlord> Or maybe you were just being smart and putting it there? (It *IS* possible that 2.4.5 does it for you, but I didn't think it did)
19:56:37 <warlord> Note that I haven't created a new data file in 6+ years.
19:57:53 <joe> Well, I started using Gnucash about three years ago, so it might be a carryover from an earlier version. Not important now, we got it worked out.
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21:28:48 <enbloc> trying to troubleshoot ofx - gnucash 2.4.2, found my bank's info on http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings, I can connect and get account information, but attempting to retrieve transactions fails. (400 - Bad request).
21:29:21 <enbloc> google has me wondering about superfluous fields and whatnot, but the fact that I was able to retrieve my accounts listing makes me go hmmmm