2011-07-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:05:47 <soa2ii> Hi. I just installed 2.4.6. If I owe someone money or someone owes me money. Whery does this go? To Liability/Asset? Would you just create a new Account there called "Owed money"?
05:18:17 <strk> Liability
05:18:35 <strk> I'd create one account per person
05:18:52 <strk> so you know how much is left for or from each person
05:27:01 <soa2ii> strk: But isn't the money someone owes me an asset?
05:30:21 <soa2ii> The money I owe someone else is a liability of course.
05:30:51 <strk> there's a sign
05:30:57 <soa2ii> But the "One Account for each person" approach is nice … haven't thought of that.
05:31:06 <strk> a Liability is money you owe to somebody (if positive)
05:31:12 <strk> if negative, it's money someone owe you
05:31:18 <soa2ii> Oh …
05:31:24 <soa2ii> really? :P
05:31:31 <soa2ii> Then I got it a little wrong here.
05:31:50 <strk> I don't think it's an asset
05:31:54 <strk> but does influence your equity
05:31:59 <strk> which is asset-liability
05:35:30 <soa2ii> :S All this buzzword stuff is hard enough in german to understand :P
05:36:17 <strk> Asset is what you have
05:36:31 <soa2ii> Yeah … jsut read it.
05:36:48 <strk> the gnucash manual is very interesting as it gives you some background
05:36:48 <soa2ii> Liability/Debt/<Name> seems to be the right place.
05:37:02 <soa2ii> strk: I know. Have already read a lot.
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08:02:39 <jsled> you can do it either way
08:02:52 <jsled> We usually recommend it as an Asset
08:02:57 <jsled> Asset:Money Owed:<Person>
08:03:03 <jsled> s/We/I/ :)
08:17:24 <strk> oh
08:17:53 <strk> like an Account Payable ?
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08:24:23 <warlord> I would recommend it based on whether it's more often that you owe them or they owe you.
08:24:37 <warlord> If more often they owe you, make it an asset. if more often you owe them, make it a liability.
08:24:56 <warlord> strk: not quite, but sorta.. A/Payable is for business.
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14:23:16 <strk> alright, wife is sick of tellin me how she spends money... time to stop this game and convert everything
14:23:25 <strk> someone here warned me about "wife is expense, not asset"
14:23:39 <strk> now either I convert the accounts or start from scratch....
14:29:12 <strk> why there's a limit of 24 slices ?
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14:29:20 <strk> (for the Expense Accounts report..)
14:29:35 <strk> "Other" is still too big of a slice..
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15:28:04 <David> Hi I am getting the error message GLib-ERROR(recursed)**:gmem.c:175:failed to allocate 88 bytes aborting... repeatedly (3 times) when I try to filter an account register down to a small date range then highlight a transaction in the register in preparation to scroll up or down to find a certain transaction. Then GnuCash 2.4.6 disappears off of my Windows XP desktop when I click ok. Naturally, when I re-start, the file is locked, so I have to op
15:35:07 <David> Have I shot myself in the foot?
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19:33:31 <warlord> David: your first message ended at "so I have to op"....
19:33:41 <warlord> You can just click "Open Anyways", which is fine.
19:34:00 <warlord> As for thememory allocation issue -- how much RAM does your computer have? And what other applications do you have open?
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