2011-06-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:26:51 <warlord> @op jsled
10:26:51 <gncbot> warlord: Error: You don't have the #gnucash,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
10:27:47 <warlord> @op jsled
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10:58:26 <warlord> Oh, hey geert
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11:10:35 <gjanssens> Hi warlord
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11:29:13 <warlord> How are you doing? I'm in paperwork hell.
11:36:23 <gjanssens> Same here... I'm in the last two weeks before my holidays. That's always a rush to get everything in order
11:36:36 <gjanssens> But other than that all is fine
11:36:42 <gjanssens> And you ?
11:40:16 <warlord> Starting renovations on the house, and now the bank wants firm written quotes for all the numbers for all the pieces we're bringing to the table.
11:40:35 <warlord> What a nightmare. We have quotes for most of the big things, but lots of little things???
11:42:25 <gjanssens> Oh, yes. The fun of dealing with bank policy...
11:42:42 <warlord> Apparently I'm supposed to get a quote from Home Depot for each light fixture, bulb, etc. that we're plannig to buy there..
11:43:24 <gjanssens> They've clearly gone crazy since the financial crisis in 2008.
11:43:42 <gjanssens> Not that it helps much to realize that...
11:45:22 <warlord> Yep. I'm going to see what I can do. I can certainly leverage paperwork for about 80% of my number. The other 20%, however, is going to be more difficult.
11:48:21 <warlord> and of course my wife has been doing most of the negotiating there, so she has the quotes, not I.
11:49:54 <gjanssens> Well anyway, good luck with it.
11:50:07 <warlord> thanks.
11:50:18 <gjanssens> BTW, I saw you committed the trigger for the git repository.
11:50:32 <gjanssens> I'm eager to try it out, but I currently don't have much spare time for GnuCash
11:50:32 <warlord> and to you, too! Hope you guys have a great summer. Any interesting holiday plans?
11:50:34 <warlord> Yes, I did.
11:51:21 <gjanssens> It should make my workflow easier as I usually work on multiple branches at once
11:51:35 <gjanssens> For example to split out simple spelling fixes from real code.
11:51:49 <gjanssens> And then I prefer to push everything in one go
11:51:54 <gjanssens> One branch after the other.
11:52:22 <warlord> This will speed up the svn->git... But not necessarily the git->svn
11:52:36 <warlord> (I still dont quite understand how the git->svn part works)
11:52:42 <gjanssens> With the old config, I had to wait for a git sync before I could switch branches
11:53:00 <gjanssens> At least in my simplified workflow.
11:53:20 <gjanssens> I could premerge locally, but that always confused me.
11:53:50 <warlord> ok
11:53:57 <warlord> well, hopefully this will help
11:53:59 <gjanssens> git->svn is handled by the git-svn tool
11:54:10 <gjanssens> What part of it don't you understand ?
11:55:13 <warlord> well, i have never used git..
11:55:30 <warlord> i wasnt sure how everyone could share a repo but individually commit
11:55:32 <strk> what trigger ? where's git ?
11:55:45 <warlord> strk: github, somewhere.
11:55:51 <warlord> it's still "unofficial"
11:55:55 * strk has been using git for a couple of years now... can help if you need it
11:55:59 <warlord> (although a few of the devs are using it)
11:56:14 <strk> if it's kept up-to-date I'd love to use it
11:57:03 <gjanssens> strk: this is the wiki page explaining gnucash' git setup:
11:57:04 <gjanssens> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Git
11:57:21 <gjanssens> subversion is still the official repository for now
11:57:55 <gjanssens> but the gnucash github repo is kept in sync
11:58:21 <gjanssens> So you can use (a clone of) that repo to do development on
11:58:39 <gjanssens> and then integrate it back in subversion via git svn
11:59:06 <gjanssens> (if you have write access to svn, otherwise you can ask to pull from your git clone)
12:00:06 <strk> cloning
12:00:55 <gjanssens> warlord: I didn't really use git either before it was suggested on the list
12:01:17 <gjanssens> But I'm pretty happy that I switched
12:02:06 <gjanssens> I'm not sure how to explain it, but it seems to map better to the way I tend to work
12:02:31 <strk> "offline" :)
12:02:43 <gjanssens> I can have unfinished work in several local branches without cluttering the main svn repo with it
12:03:12 <gjanssens> And when I'm happy with a branch, I can bring it into the main repo
12:03:44 <gjanssens> I can even choose to clean up my branch (merge commits, split other commits,...) before merging to the main repo
12:04:19 <gjanssens> I think all that is also more or less possible with svn or perhaps svn+svk, but git seems to be built for that
12:04:29 <warlord> strk: I use SVK for my offline hacking
12:04:30 * strk hasn't learnt that part yet (merging/splitting commits in a branch)
12:04:50 <gjanssens> strk: git rebase -i is your friend there
12:06:00 <gjanssens> I must also admit it took some getting used to a slightly different use of the same terminology
12:06:04 <strk> what does "BP" stand for in commit logs ?
12:06:34 <gjanssens> A branch in git is similar to but not exactly like a branch in svn and so on
12:06:48 <gjanssens> strk: BP is used to mark a commit for backporting to the stable branch
12:07:34 <gjanssens> This triggers a rule that adds "AUDIT" to the commit message sent to our changes mailing list
12:08:30 <warlord> BP == BackPort
12:08:57 <warlord> It's basically a clue to other devs reading the commits that the original dev wants that changeset backported to stable..
12:09:29 <warlord> It was an issue when we had a stable-branch gatekeeper. So devs would work on bugfixes in trunk and signal to the gatekeeper the request to backport.
12:10:01 <strk> now it's done automatically ?
12:10:56 <gjanssens> No
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12:11:37 <gjanssens> Usually the dev that requests a backport, effectively does the backport some time later, unless there was negative feedback from others
12:12:24 <gjanssens> This 'some time later' can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the patch, or the risk of introducing new problems/regressions
12:16:21 <warlord> In the past (like 2.0) the backporting *was* done by a different dev.
12:17:50 <gjanssens> Got to run. See you later...
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12:27:46 <warlord> Later!
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22:57:26 <launcher> hi
22:57:35 <launcher> is there somone??
22:57:45 <launcher> I need some help!
23:06:55 <launcher> hola!!
23:06:57 <launcher> hey!!
23:07:01 <launcher> someone there?!?!?!
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23:47:59 <joe> Hello. I use Gnucash on both my desktop and my laptop. Since the last time I used it on my laptop, I've changed banks. I've used rsync to get the newest files but I can't get Gnucash to open up the new account.
23:49:35 <joe> This is Gnucash 2.4.5 on Fedora 14 under XFCE if anybody needs to know.
23:54:32 <joe> Every time I point Gnucash to the .gnucash fileI get an error that there's no suitable backend for it, but the exact same version at home works fine. (It should, it created it.)
23:56:45 <jsled> the ".gnucash file" ?