2011-06-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:35:54 <pfarrell> hi! I don't know anything about accounting; sorry I'm asking a question so basic, but it is hard to google. I work as a scientist and go on conferences etc. I spend money on food and hotels and such, and then the university reimburses me for these expenses. How should I handle all of this in gnucash?
11:36:43 <pfarrell> when I spend the money, it goes from asset -> expenses? and then I create something in accounts receivable to mark that the university owes me money? and then when they transfer money to my account, I put it in an Income > Expense claims? or what?
11:38:57 <gjanssens> pfarell: When you spend the money, it goes directly from assets->accounts receivable. It's not your expense, you are lending your university some money
11:39:09 <pfarrell> ahh, ok
11:39:32 <pfarrell> and then when the university pays, that is a transfer A/R > bank account
11:39:33 <pfarrell> gotcha
11:39:34 <pfarrell> thanks
11:39:39 <gjanssens> indeed
11:39:44 <gjanssens> You're welcome
11:41:35 * pfarrell is having great fun importing data from his bank from the past 5 years
11:41:44 <pfarrell> it's cool, I can't wait to generate all sorts of reports
11:41:55 <pfarrell> thanks for the software, I only started using it in the past hour, but it looks very useful :-)
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11:45:31 <gjanssens> Heh, I'm glad you like it :)
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12:35:11 <pfarrell> I've imported data from my bank
12:35:27 <pfarrell> is there any way to say, "all transactions called CASH should go to my Cash Account" ?
12:35:45 <pfarrell> i.e. set up rules for interpreting the data?
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12:38:54 <lepus> hello everybody
12:39:21 <lepus> can someone help me with gnucash and hbci
12:39:22 <lepus> ?
12:47:27 <brushb> hey
12:47:43 <brushb> I don't think I can help you guys
12:48:11 <brushb> but if you post enough information and then leave your client open, you will probably get an answer
12:48:33 <brushb> it just takes longer when people are offline or away
12:49:16 <brushb> if you are unable to stay online you can check the logs to see if someone answered, although usually if you don't stay online long enough they won't respond
12:50:41 <brushb> http://code.gnucash.org/logs/2011/06/
12:51:23 <brushb> you can also browse the older logs and get an idea of who usually answers the questions, if they are offline then you know to come back another time..
12:52:15 <brushb> you an also ask questions on the user list..
12:53:16 <lepus> ok thansk
12:53:28 <lepus> i try to explain my problem:-)
12:53:37 <brushb> also you can try some google foo
12:53:40 <brushb> hbci site:http://code.gnucash.org/logs/
12:54:18 <brushb> you'll find that almost every question is asked before, or at least close enough to get you going in the right way
12:54:24 <lepus> i try to add a new hbci account for online banking
12:54:58 <lepus> but i can't see any bank code field
12:55:04 <brushb> I don't use hbci..
12:55:17 <lepus> ;-)
12:56:19 <lepus> i tried older versions
12:56:21 <lepus> still the same
12:56:39 <lepus> now i try a very old version 2.2.1
12:56:56 <lepus> we will see what happen
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13:17:08 <lepus> here is a screenshot
13:17:09 <lepus> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/179618/gnucash_hbci.png
13:17:18 <lepus> thanks a lot for helping
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13:27:26 <pfarrell> I am importing OFX files from my bank
13:27:37 <pfarrell> is there a way to say "everything with SAINSBURY" is Expenses:Groceries?
13:27:44 * pfarrell is trying to prevent RSI
13:28:08 <pfarrell> I saw some mention of "Bayesian algorithms" on import, but I don't know how to activate them
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21:36:01 <smw> I am thinking of using gnucash. If I decide I want to move to another program, does gnucash have a method to export everything to something a program like quicken understands?
21:37:04 <smw> also, is this official? https://launchpad.net/~gnucash/+archive/ppa