2011-06-14 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:30:49 <fixgnucash> Trying to get the python driven invoice importer working. I have Python compiled in but the invoice importer option doesn't show up in the menu choices. What am I doing wrong?
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09:54:54 <importincoices> Has anyone here ever gotten the invoice importing as mentioned on email lists working? And if you have, are you willing to share how?
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10:04:56 <warlord> importincoices: You can try emailing the author of the python code... I didn't even know you *could* use python to extend gnucash.
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11:04:47 <warlord> importincoices: another question: are you sure that the bi_import module is building *and* loading at runtime?
12:02:23 <warlord> HUH! v6 stopped working on code.. I wonder what's up with that?
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12:15:07 <warlord> So Weird.
12:15:11 <warlord> I'll look into it later.
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12:30:34 <importincoices> the bi_import module is building - that I
12:31:38 <importincoices> the bi_import module is building - That I am rather sure of. I turned on some debugging and get a woot message about python. Not sure how to check "Yes, you are loading this module"
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12:34:41 <warlord> honestly, importincoices, i dont know. I've never tried using that module.
12:35:03 <warlord> Try sending email to Sebastian
12:40:42 <importincoices> I sent emails to mikee@saxicola.idps.co.uk on the 2nd and on the 12th to Sebastian. Sebastian was helpful in getting me the flags to show that 'yes, Python was loading' but that path seems cold now.
12:41:38 <importincoices> At some point I need to either get it working or pick a different path - gnucash's lack of complexity is why I was hoping to add it to my box of tools.
12:46:30 <warlord> well, you ARE using development code..
12:46:39 <warlord> There is no 'released' importer importer
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12:48:11 <warlord> AFAICT, nothing actually loads the import module.
12:50:15 <warlord> Anyways, I must leave for the afternoon. the email list would be your best bet for answers.. and asking the authors of the mdoule
12:51:23 <warlord> importincoices: According to the commit log message:
12:51:30 <warlord> Users need to add a line in their ~/.gnucash/config.user
12:51:30 <warlord> for the module to be loaded:
12:51:30 <warlord> (gnc:module-load "gnucash/plugins/bi_import" 0)
12:51:30 <warlord> See bug #624911 for more details.
12:51:35 <warlord> Did you do that?
12:54:43 <importincoices> (gnc:module-load "gnucash/plugins/bi_import" 0) I have not added such Willl try that next
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15:03:20 <DavidWatson> I'm wanting to find out how to connect to my bank (US Bank) using OFX and gnucash. I have the bank's url, routing number, and FID, and I'm using aqbanking with gnucash. I can set up the user, but not the account. Please help. Thanks,David
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15:12:54 <jsled> DavidWatson: all I know is http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Setting_up_OFXDirectConnect_in_GnuCash_2
15:13:15 <jsled> and, really, that's all. I don't know anything about the contents of the page, or OFX in gnucash.
15:13:32 <jsled> good luck!
15:17:35 <DavidWatson> Thanks jsled. That's the url I'm using. I'll keep trying, and ask a more specific question when I do my next try to connect.
15:34:58 <importincoices> the line in .gnucash/config.user should look like:
15:35:31 <importincoices> load "gnucash/plugins/bi_import"
15:41:21 <importincoices> gnucash --logto=stderr --log=gnc=message output shows no bi_import in it. :-(
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16:26:21 <importincoices> cat .gnucash/config.user
16:26:21 <importincoices> (gnc:module-load "gnucash/plugins/bi_import" 0)
16:26:21 <importincoices> And thus my saga of getting invoice import in the menu comes to a close. Than you for the breadcrumbs Warlord.
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16:31:14 <jm_1> hello everyone - I'm googling in the wrong place - can someone point me at a gnucash c api example directory where I can learn how to grab an account from a gnucash file in c - many thanks in advance
16:32:49 <jm_1> I've got the help from here http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/C_API - but it just says get the account from somewhere - how do I create a new file/account or grab an existing account from an existing file
16:41:50 <jm_1> well if you have any suggestions I'd be grateful of an email to a not so heavy jandcmoore@blackhole.gmail.com
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16:42:06 <jsled> jm_1: the testcase...
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