2011-06-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:37:33 <mib_swr73b> Hello, anyone active?
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05:33:49 <gnucash> After pc crash and restoring data only "log" files appear in the folder where all data files where kept. I wonder if there is there something to do in gnucash for the program to see the other data files?
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08:51:48 <warlord> Teka: what version of gnucash?
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10:43:22 <rockfx01> warlord, do you know if the eguile reporting scripts are meant to replace the older scripts? It looks like eguile-html-utilities.scm contains code to encode html characters such as &, but it is not being used in the non-eguile reports (almost all of them)
10:43:47 <rockfx01> but I'm just wondering what the purpose of the eguile code is since it is only used in 1 report afaik
10:45:36 <warlord> e-guile is a different platform.
10:48:09 <rockfx01> right, but i mean was there a plan to actually replace the existing scripts (which seem quite old) with it (the file header is dated 2009)?
10:48:27 <warlord> I dont know if there's a plan to replace *all* the reports.
10:52:50 <rockfx01> on the other hand, the balance sheet eguile report has a huge number of errors
10:53:11 <rockfx01> and i just tested it and it doesn't look like the & conversion actually works :P
11:01:27 <warlord> okay...
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12:26:58 <rockfx01> ahhhhhhahahaha.... fml
12:28:30 <rockfx01> (don't ask)
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