2011-06-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:26:39 <fenster> Hi. Sorry. Went home for the night. Hope it is still ok to carry on where left off? No of accounts using: In Quicken - one physical file (extension qdf) containing 3 accounts (one for each financial year)
06:27:04 <fenster> * Number of accounts using: ...
06:27:13 <fenster> Many thanks
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07:55:23 <warlord> fenster: I think we have a terminology issue here.
07:56:11 <warlord> In gnucash an "account" represents "a bank account". A set of accounts represents is called a "book". A book contains many accounts of various types, asset, liability, equity, income, and expense.
07:56:26 <warlord> In/Ex accounts in gnucash are equivalent to what quicken calls "categories"
07:56:57 <warlord> You may only have one book open at a time, however a book can hold many years worth of data.
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11:24:11 <fenster> Thanks warlord. In GnuCash I have a account for each of my 'categories' including 5 accounts for my bank accounts (Asset:Current:Bank Acc) etc. At end of financial year, after I reconcile with paper bank statements, how do i print off my uncleared cheques? thx
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14:54:14 <brushb> would it be possible to save anything other than a date in the date field on an invoice, or to save an invoice without a date on one of the lines?
15:00:10 <warlord> What do you mean "other than a date in the date field"?
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15:04:17 <brushb> ok, what I had in mind was a designation for infinity, never, forever, or something like that... maybe a date range..
15:04:45 <warlord> What exactly are you trying to do?
15:04:57 <brushb> manipulate the autofill
15:05:21 <brushb> it uses the latest entry, just wishing I could make some things "stick"
15:06:02 <brushb> btw on another note, I discovered a possible reason that fedora 15 is broke, tell me what you think about this theory..
15:06:23 <brushb> on Fedora 14 the link is gncCustomer:customer=4a7e9dfec733d57457ef444b7339e635#
15:06:31 <brushb> see the "C" ustomer
15:06:49 <brushb> on Fedora 15 the link is gnccustomer:customer=4a7e9dfec733d57457ef444b7339e635#
15:07:02 <brushb> see the "c" ustomer
15:07:13 <brushb> could the browser thing be that picky?
15:07:38 <brushb> I know the command line is, but most dialogs in gnucash pick up both c and C
15:11:39 <warlord> the code *could* be that picky...
15:12:09 <warlord> As for the "manipulate autofill", I still dont understand what you're trying to do with the date field.
15:12:20 <warlord> Could you really take a step back and explain?
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15:39:39 <brushb> when you write an invoice the description autofill based on some sort order
15:39:58 <brushb> So you have like UPS prepaid and add
15:40:16 <brushb> but one day you type UPS prepaid and add ship direct to Mr blah...
15:41:24 <brushb> then the next day it autofills the same, it would be cool if you could somehow set it up to overide so the first always is the selection
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16:10:58 <warlord> I'm not sure the date has anything to do with that, and changing what's in the date field wont affect that at all.
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17:11:30 <brushb> ok
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22:50:50 <shade304> Does anyone know when reports are created what packages are involved?
22:51:00 <rockfx01> FYI I submitted a bug and patch for a memory leak in gnc-file.c https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=652257
22:51:29 <rockfx01> please take a close look at it before committing it of course!
22:53:55 <shade304> I know they end up being rendered in webkit or gtkhtml, but what goes on before that
22:58:34 <rockfx01> Hi shade, do you mean where in the gnucash code are they created? I think it is in src/report, but i am still new to gnucash myself so that could be totally wrong
22:58:37 <rockfx01> :P
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