2011-06-09 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:48:42 <rockfx01> good evening, anyone around?
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07:35:47 <Elise001> Hi.
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09:46:33 * warlord wonders why the gnucash lists have been so quiet since the update?
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12:19:59 <fenster> Hi there
12:21:42 <fenster> In Quicken, u can have multiple accounts (File in GnuCash) in one session, which I use for different years
12:21:52 <fenster> is something like this similar with GnuCash?
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12:26:39 <warlord> nope, but gnucash handles multiple years within on data file just fine.
12:48:53 <warlord> W00t! ping6 2001:4830:143:ca54::c0de :)
12:49:15 <warlord> (I wish I could find a good hex mnemonic for "gnu"
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14:30:51 <fenster> if in gnucash, there are multiple years, how does one reconcile (for) just one (fiscal) year?
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14:52:13 <warlord> fenster: I dont understand the question.
14:52:35 <warlord> reconciliation is always from "the start of time" to the "reconcile date"
14:53:09 <warlord> but just because you have 2010 reconciled, that doesn't affect reconciliatoin of 2011 (unless, of course, you go and delete some 2010 transactions)
16:06:13 <fenster> thank warlord. my only prev experience of financial software is quicken. In Quicken, I just have an account for one financial year so when reconcile I have to enter opening closing balance from statement.
16:07:12 <fenster> what I do like about it is the fact that all written cheques are entered, but for the cheques banked the following month appear as unreconciled/uncleared
16:07:24 <fenster> i can print a report then of all uncleared cheques
16:08:00 <fenster> I would like to print this report of uncleared cheques for a financial year using gnucash
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17:37:42 <warlord> fenster: for how many accounts?
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21:55:13 <brushb> anyone else try gnucash on fedora 15?
21:58:12 <warlord> Building it? Or using their rpm?
21:58:23 <brushb> both
21:58:27 <brushb> sorry
21:58:42 <brushb> i tried the newest, rolled back a couple, and now tried the package
21:58:53 <brushb> the links don't work on reports
21:58:58 <brushb> gncinvoice:invoice=e21ada1965c8dcbf647a1dc5d327b621#
21:59:07 <brushb> clicking this does nothing
21:59:21 <brushb> it used to bring up the invoice
21:59:52 <brushb> i haven't tested this on another computer, so i can verify on 3 different versions it doesn't work on this computer
22:00:32 <brushb> also on the accounts receivable report gnccustomer:customer=511587a9d36b0cf58f0174fce1fc47c0# doesn't work
22:00:57 <brushb> but gnc-ownerreport:owner=c:7e9f57226a94833a6bd127eaba6c1ef2&acct=111e4cda6cef70094a3c2d252042283d#
22:01:00 <brushb> does work
22:02:15 <brushb> I also tried with
22:02:18 <brushb> ./configure --enable-debug --enable-doxygen --enable-error-on-warning --enable-compile-warnings --with-html-engine=webkit
22:02:31 <brushb> but not difference
22:02:35 <brushb> no
22:05:32 <warlord> If their rpm isn't working, file a bug with fedora!
22:06:08 <warlord> But good to know. You should also try sending mail to gnucash-devel. F15 is pretty new (I just installed it myself this week, but haven't started using it, yet)
22:07:51 <brushb> i think filing a bug with them is a waste, nobody works on them..
22:08:18 <brushb> and i emailed the package maintainer once
22:08:28 <brushb> but yes you are correct
22:23:52 <warlord> That's not necessarily true.. People there do work on bugs, but Bill isn't going to respond to a random person via email. He's a busy guy.
22:24:03 <warlord> It could be a gnome3 thing
22:24:07 <warlord> or a webkit thing.
22:26:15 <rockfx01> Warlord, do you use Eclipse or another IDE for working on gnucash?
22:26:38 <warlord> no
22:26:54 <warlord> I use emacs and "make" in the shell
22:27:02 * warlord is "old school"
22:27:47 <rockfx01> ah ok, well you still might be able to help me
22:27:59 <rockfx01> I just started using Eclipse for Gnucash
22:28:13 <rockfx01> and i'm pretty fresh to C
22:28:39 <rockfx01> so I am wondering if I can launch gnucash after running make without doing "make install"
22:29:13 <rockfx01> because Eclipse allows me to build the app from inside the UI but when I try to launch it, it fails unless I go to the terminal and do a make install and then launch the app from the install location
22:30:21 <rockfx01> these may be stupid questions but I am trying to wrap my head around it :)
22:35:26 <warlord> no, gnucash cannot be run from the build tree -- you have to install it.
22:36:06 <warlord> note that this is why we recommend ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnucash ---- so you can "sudo mkdir /opt/gnucash; sudo chown <your username> /opt/gnucash"... And then you never need to be root to play.
22:37:30 <rockfx01> yes, that is where it is installing now but I was just trying to see if I would be able to launch it from the IDE and maybe also use Eclipse for debugging and such
22:38:19 <rockfx01> i've only used eclipse for some small Java apps before though, nothing in C/C++
22:39:41 <warlord> I've never used it, sorry.
22:40:12 <warlord> I dont know if you can launch gnucash from eclipse for debugging.
22:41:23 <rockfx01> also, if/when I end up at some point in the theoretical future actually writing a theoretical patch, is a git patch now preferred or svn diff?
22:41:42 <rockfx01> I saw subversion is still the main repository but there is a git one as well
22:51:09 <warlord> svn is still the master.
22:51:13 <warlord> either is acceptable.
22:51:21 <warlord> the key is to diff from the top-level.
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23:56:28 <shade304> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=712268
23:56:41 <shade304> filed a report for the Fedora 15 problem
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