2011-06-08 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:58:53 <flabbergaster> hello I am a Gnucash noob, just moving over from Quicken. I am trying to understand how to reconcile...
01:00:14 <flabbergaster> In Quicken I used reconcile as a way to check my downloaded QFX file against my POS reciepts
01:02:00 <flabbergaster> is there a way of cycling between "n" "c" and "y" in the reconcile column?
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05:41:09 <hachque> my gnucash is reporting i have $100k of current assets
05:41:19 <hachque> even though the subaccounts don't add up to that (or anywhere near that)
05:41:22 <hachque> i'm using the mysql backend
05:41:36 <hachque> i tried check and repair
05:41:41 <hachque> but it doesn't seem to have done anything at all
05:43:43 <hachque> nothing matches the values in the database either
05:45:02 <hachque> umm
05:45:13 <hachque> i think it's caused by a number overflwo
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08:56:15 <warlord> @tell flabbergaster You can cycle between n and c (cleared) in the register. The 'y' is fully reconciled, is only available through the reconcile process. It's when you balance your accounts against your monthly bank statement.
08:56:15 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
08:56:49 <warlord> hachque: How do you figure it's a number overflow?
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09:51:14 <warlord> jsled: are you around?
09:53:36 <jsled> yup
09:57:16 <warlord> Cool.. I'm going to be doing some network work that may cause gncbot and I to lose our privs; wanted to make sure you were around to reset.
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11:51:57 <warlord2> jsled: can you op gncbot?
11:52:08 <warlord2> (there's still a chance we might lose her once more)
11:52:52 *** jsled sets mode: +o gncbot
11:54:58 <warlord2> Thanks
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11:57:09 <warlord> @op
11:57:09 *** gncbot sets mode: +o warlord
11:57:12 <warlord> yay
11:57:22 <warlord> Okay, now to re-try what I was doing earlier...
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12:14:55 <warlord> Hmm.. Well it seems to have taken the commands, but I can't tell if it's working.
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12:30:35 <warlord> Ah well, I don't think gnucash will be ready for v6 day.
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14:28:49 <mib_5p875j> Hello?
14:29:07 <hypatia> hi!
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14:29:28 <mib_5p875j> I am a Gnucash noob, just moving over from Quicken. I am trying to understand how to reconcile...
14:29:43 <mib_5p875j> In Quicken I used reconcile as a way to check my downloaded QFX file against my POS reciepts
14:29:57 <mib_5p875j> is there a way of cycling between "n" "c" and "y" in the reconcile column?
14:30:37 <jsled> mib_5p875j: <warlord> @tell flabbergaster You can cycle between n and c (cleared) in the register. The 'y' is fully reconciled, is only available through the reconcile process. It's when you balance your accounts against your monthly bank statement.
14:30:49 * jsled presumes you're flabbergaster
14:30:56 <mib_5p875j> yes
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14:32:10 <mib_5p875j> ok, so it sounds like I was using Reconcile incorrectly in Quicken. I reconciled as a way to clear my POS reciepts
14:32:39 <mib_5p875j> What I should be using in Gnucash is "Clear" correct?
14:33:26 <mib_5p875j> reconciling is to make sure the Gnucash balances with my online bank balance, yes?
14:34:10 <jsled> reconciliation is a process to make sure your records reconcile with the statement from the bank, yes.
14:34:34 <spike> hi, can anybody confirm that sf is down and you can't download gnucash?
14:34:54 <jsled> I'm not sure you can't also coopt it for POS reciepts
14:35:24 <jsled> spike: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/sf.net
14:35:39 <jsled> though it works for me. :)
14:35:41 <mib_5p875j> @spike SF is working I just tried it
14:35:41 <gncbot> mib_5p875j: Error: "spike" is not a valid command.
14:35:54 <spike> jsled: lemme rephase, sorry, not the site down, the download link
14:36:00 <spike> I can't download the mac version
14:36:50 <spike> tar.bz2 is the only thing I can download apaprently
14:37:12 <mib_5p875j> jsled, what is coopt?
14:37:54 <jsled> "misuse" :)
14:37:55 <spike> even http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnucash/files/gnucash%20%28stable%29/ is a blank page
14:38:11 <spike> http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/gnucash/Gnucash-Intel-2.4.6.dmg
14:38:14 <spike> can you access that?
14:38:51 <jsled> yup
14:38:59 <spike> weird
14:39:03 <jsled> I wonder if it's ipv6-related trauma
14:39:22 <spike> mmmh, might be
14:40:07 <mib_5p875j> ok so maybe I should rephrase... If I wanted to check my newly downloaded transactions against my POS receipts and somehow indicate to myself that they are accounted for, how best to go about this?
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14:42:34 <mib_5p875j> Gnucash is amazing , btw...
14:42:35 <jsled> when is the first time the transactions are making their way into gnucas?
14:43:47 <mib_5p875j> I would be downloading the QFX from the bank and they would import into my Gnucash (checking account).
14:44:37 <mib_5p875j> from there I pull out a fistful of receipts from the wallet and start checking them off.
14:44:43 <spike> bah, dunno, broken from all places I'm checking (don't have a host in the states atm unfortunately)
14:45:02 <spike> anyway, food now, thanks for the feedback and maybe I'll be able to get the dmg later
14:45:12 <jsled> mib_5p875j: do you have a summary value from the receipts?
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14:46:09 <mib_5p875j> not sure what you mean by a summary value, sorry...
14:47:44 <jsled> mib_5p875j: http://code.gnucash.org/docs/guide/txns-reconcile1.html might be interesting
14:47:58 <jsled> I don't use reconciliation, so I'm not exactly sure, but…
14:48:14 <jsled> it seems like after you d/l your statement, you'd just click all the transactions through to 'c'leared.
14:48:26 <jsled> then run reconciliation with some made-up summary amount
14:48:52 <jsled> and with your input, you could match receipts to transactions
14:49:03 <jsled> and anything missing or un-cleared would be problematic.
14:51:57 <mib_5p875j> ok, so it sounds like changing the transactions from "n" to "c" is the way to mark a receipt as accounted for. Thanks for that!
14:53:06 <jsled> well, just be clear about what reconcilation is really checking and what you're doing
14:53:43 <jsled> I mean, it's really a workflow for handling asynchronous activity like the time it takes someone else to deposit a check, and for that check to flow between banks and "clear".
14:53:59 <jsled> and how that might effect the statement you are (asynchronously) mailed at some point.
14:54:39 <mib_5p875j> I sure wish the indicator was a bit more visual. When I am pouring over a vast list of transactions I would love it if the ones I have not matched with my paper receipts would "jump out" a bit more. In Quicken I just changed them to "R" and they would un-bold, so it was easy to see the outstanding ones.
14:55:01 <jsled> what you might want to do instead is enter the POS receipts as you encounter them, and use the duplicate matching of the import to match the downloaded statement against the POS transactions
14:57:23 <mib_5p875j> Interesting idea, but the whole idea is to NOT enter the transactions, only to check that my debit card usage matches what the bank is reporting, (that would be to daunting.). Oh, yes and also categorize my spending.
14:58:18 <jsled> when you say POS receipts … you mean receipts that you get from your own purchases in the world
14:58:18 <jsled> ?
14:58:31 <jsled> not those from a POS system that you're running as a business?
14:58:37 <jsled> I assumed the latter.
14:58:38 <mib_5p875j> yes POS = Point Of Sale
14:58:52 <jsled> though it doesn't matter.
14:59:03 <mib_5p875j> the receipts I get from buyin' stufff :-)
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14:59:49 <jsled> so, yeah, you can invert the idea of reconcilation by just believing/importing the bank's records, then using the reconciliation tool to match against your evidence.
15:00:17 <jsled> but without having one of the summed balances, some of the functionality will be missing.
15:01:01 <mib_5p875j> ok, wow I guess I have been using Quicken and now Gnucash in a slightly different way than the rest of the world...
15:01:02 <jsled> and you'll have to pick out entries that don't match up on both sides, true.
15:02:54 <mib_5p875j> the system works fairly easily. I just save all my paper receipts. At the end of the week D/L the QFX file, check to make sure they all match and that they are all in the right category, and that's it.
15:03:13 <jsled> yup
15:03:26 <mib_5p875j> from there I can run reports on my spending etc.
15:04:36 <mib_5p875j> So I really wish there was a more obvious way to see which ones I checked off. Anyway forum to make feature requests? :-)
15:04:48 <jsled> bugzilla, mailing lists, &c.
15:05:48 <mib_5p875j> ok, I will try the bugzilla, thanks jsled. A really wish I was a programmer at times like these
15:05:52 <jsled> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/GnuCash
15:06:12 <jsled> I guess UserVoice is the Feature Request thingy, now?
15:07:10 <mib_5p875j> Ok, I will try that; thanks so much for your time and help with this, jsled
15:07:57 <mib_5p875j> I do have graphic design skills, so if Gnucash needs some iconography for their user interface I would be happy to help out!
15:10:28 <jsled> effort along those lines is always welcome
15:10:55 <jsled> but, really, what gnucash needs most is usually code.
15:11:46 <mib_5p875j> I understand... amazing how robust it is. I am very impressed coming from using Quicken
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15:19:41 <mib_5p875j> Thanks again jsled, I am signing off, and I will read more about reconciliation,
15:19:45 <mib_5p875j> bye!
15:21:04 <jsled> take care
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16:03:55 <warlord> W00t! I got v6 working on my network...
16:04:03 <warlord> Next step: to figure out how to get code up on a v6 address.
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16:09:50 <hypatia> warlord: switch to github, bam, done :)
16:10:24 <warlord> hypatia: I really should kick you just for making that comment.
16:10:29 <warlord> (no, it's not funny)
16:10:59 <warlord> what's a good 'hex' representation of 'gnu'?
16:11:45 <hypatia> the ascii values of the letters?
16:11:51 <hypatia> (i thought it was funny :( )
16:12:01 <warlord> No, sort of like: 2620:0:1c08:4000:face:b00c:0:1 for facebook
16:12:11 <warlord> I'd like to do something similarly "clever" for code.gnucash
16:12:28 <warlord> Maybe 'ca54:c0de' ?
16:12:41 <hypatia> ca54 is great
16:12:48 <hypatia> gnu is a bit hopeless i think
16:12:54 <warlord> But I don't know .... yeah...
16:13:35 <jsled> hypatia: heh
16:15:17 <warlord> Of course, it's not working. But that's probably due to the same thing where code can't see my router adverts.
16:16:07 <warlord> Anyways, I've got half of my network working fine..
16:16:44 <hypatia> do any home ISPs in the US support ipv6?
16:17:28 <hypatia> huh, comcast, eww
16:17:31 <hypatia> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPv6_deployment#United_States
16:18:30 <warlord> Yeah, comcast.. ;)
16:18:57 <hypatia> bleh.
16:19:02 * hypatia is moving to seattle in the fall
16:19:18 <Elise001> Today is World IPv6 Day, I see from your link.
16:19:23 <hypatia> yup!
16:20:25 <Elise001> By the way, are their ETX portions of gnucash? That might help me get a job. I need a steady job.
16:20:40 <Elise001> Substitute teaching is getting old.
16:20:56 <Elise001> And there is none in the summer.
16:21:28 <Elise001> But I worked on an ETX system for Security Pacific Bank a few years ago.
16:22:02 <Elise001> And somebody in the Mid-west wants an ETX programmer type. USA.
16:22:34 <Elise001> Ideas please?
16:24:03 <Elise001> The winters would probably be worse than the Massachusetts winters I grew up with. Been in California a long time.
16:25:03 <hypatia> dunno about ETX, sorry
16:25:08 <hypatia> dunno about much to be honest :)
16:27:24 <Elise001> You know enough to be here. Not everyone knows about irc.
16:27:44 <warlord> Elise001: yes, it is, which is why I've been working on getting v6 working here today.. (and took out my network for an hour in the process)
16:27:48 <Elise001> Or about this channel. Don't sell yourself short.
16:28:15 <warlord> Elise001: expn ETX?
16:28:34 <Elise001> Where is here? I am in Los Altos, CA now on AT&T at home.
16:29:16 <Elise001> Not sure. An employment agent from Massachusetts contacted me.
16:30:17 <Elise001> Experian?
16:30:51 <Elise001> Sometimes I get contacted about odd old systems I know about.
16:30:55 <kimmo_> I might go ipv6 if I didn't have dumb appliances that don't
16:31:17 <Elise001> Like the Vantage Repetitive Payment System was the last one. Annuities.
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