2011-06-06 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:32:01 <Elise001> hi
03:36:08 <spike> morning
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03:47:11 <Elise001> I'd like to help this summer, while I don't have graduate classes.
03:48:15 <Elise001> I live pretty close to Palo Alto, CA, USA.
03:48:34 <Elise001> Where are you?
03:50:18 <Elise001> I think John is in the East Bay, not too far from here.
03:50:53 <Elise001> I've a background in computers and in business, including accounting.
03:52:36 <spike> I just started gnu cash, still learning the ropes and trying to understanding basic accounting concepts
03:53:46 * spike is uk based atm
03:54:07 <spike> s/understanding/understand/
03:54:50 <spike> I've started a business last year and budgeting in a .txt file isn't cutting it anymore... :)
03:59:36 <Elise001> My husband uses Quick Books. I've used it too. He is a CPA. I help him a bit.
04:00:03 <Elise001> Mostly I substitute teach for now. But their our no jobs in the sumer.
04:00:27 <Elise001> summer.
04:00:44 <Elise001> What kind of business, if I might ask?
04:03:04 <spike> I've got a SaaS product for infrastructure and software testing, it's connected to the agile/devops movement if you heard of them
04:03:22 <spike> and actually, I apologise but I've gotta shoot, need to get on a train shortly
04:03:26 <spike> have a good evening and ttyl
04:07:30 <geraldh> roe_: de R column has something to do with reconciliation (http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/guide/txns-reconcile1.html) but I don't understand that feature fully as well.
04:10:18 <geraldh> At least, I think so, if I understand your question fully..
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04:33:17 <strk> ERROR: In procedure read:
04:33:18 <strk> ERROR: Unknown # object: #\<
04:33:21 <strk> :'(
04:34:17 <strk> what can I do to debug/restore ?
04:34:22 <strk> the datafile is a gzipped xml
04:34:25 <strk> gnc-v2
04:34:33 <strk> GnuCash 2.2.9
04:51:11 <strk> now this is pretty crazy... copying the file somewhere else "fixes" it
04:51:21 <strk> diff(1) shows no differences in the files !?!
04:51:44 <strk> some shm issue ?
04:52:51 <strk> !!!!
04:52:53 <strk> cp budget.gnucash budget.gnucash.other
04:52:59 <strk> gnucash budget.gnucash.other # all fine
04:53:14 <strk> gnucash budget.gnucash: ERROR: In procedure read: ERROR: Unknown # object: #\<
05:06:10 <strk> 791e7e7b99c13c4397d6fb7b468d64dd budget.gnucash
05:06:11 <strk> 791e7e7b99c13c4397d6fb7b468d64dd budget.gnucash.other
05:07:22 <strk> ipcs
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05:21:43 <strk> where are bugs to be filed ? I see a trac instance and a bugzilla instance
05:23:07 <strk> ok, I see trac has _no_ tickets, so must be the bugzilla one
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08:35:44 <warlord> strk: Most likely the issue is your metadata file (open reports).. By changing the name of the data file you reset your metadata.
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12:06:03 <Elise001> hi.
12:10:59 <spike> can anybody comment on roe's question about the A U+R R columns when you import qif/ofx stuff? I'm looking at the docs for importing Qif, but don't see the meaning of those columns mentioned
12:11:03 <spike> thanks
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12:21:16 <Elise001> Sorry. Am new to gnucash. But I know some accounting.
12:22:21 <warlord> spike: I'm guessing it's a translation of something?
12:22:31 <warlord> spike: what locale do you use?
12:31:42 <spike> warlord: en_US or en_GB
12:32:04 <spike> geraldh was suggesting the R column might have to do with "Reconciliation"
12:32:34 <spike> the A column comes up with all the checkboxes selected
12:33:25 <warlord> Can you show a screenshot of where these columns show up? Note that QIF and OFX use completely different UIs which is part of why the question is confusing.
12:34:08 <Elise001> Reconciliation makes sense.
12:35:37 <spike> warlord: ok, apologies , I'm using OFX
12:36:26 <warlord> Ah, okay. I know very little about hte actual OFX UI; I dont use it.
12:37:21 <spike> I actually need to head into a mtg, I'll take a sshot as soon as I come back, thank you.
12:37:43 <spike> yeah, my bank only exports .qbo, which apparently are just ofx files and I've had luck importing them
12:38:10 <spike> also when importing multiple files some transactions appear in red, I think because they are duplicated in the files, but I'm not sure, didn't see info about that in the docs either
12:38:20 <spike> anyway, need to get into mtg, back later and thanks again for your help.
12:47:28 <warlord> k
13:06:19 <Elise001> Hi.
13:07:15 <warlord> Hello Elise001
13:10:23 <Elise001> You at MIT? I used to work near there.
13:10:36 <warlord> use to be at MIT
13:12:04 <Elise001> Used to work on co-op for IBM Cambridge Scientific Ctr as operator on co-op job from Northeastern Univ.
13:12:45 <Elise001> Also was programmer for ComEnergy.
13:15:04 <warlord> :)
13:19:14 <Elise001> Now I am near Stanford. For ComEnergy and other places, I worked on business applications: AR, FA, AP, pension plans, annuities, ETX, etc.
13:20:13 <Elise001> So I was thinking I'd like to help this summer, while I do not have any CSUMB classes.
13:20:43 <Elise001> I'd learn.
13:22:35 <warlord> Nice. I love Palo Alto. Unfortunately I suspect most of my future Bay Area trips will keep me in the city instead of down there (I've spent the past 5 years traveling to PA, MTV, and MPK)
13:22:43 <warlord> And sure, we'd love to have you help..
13:23:03 <warlord> Are you proposing to help as a programmer? If so, do you know C?
13:26:17 <Elise001> Some. I've played with it. I am learning Python. Know more COBOL and PL/I and DYL260 and DYL 280. Easytrieve and Easytrieve Plus too. I know basic HTML.
13:26:43 <Elise001> I could learn more C.
13:27:10 <Elise001> I know some French and German too.
13:27:44 <Elise001> DB2, SQL.
13:28:29 <Elise001> Have BSBA and MBA in Business Info Systems from CSULA.
13:28:56 <Elise001> Managed para-educators and students.
13:29:51 <warlord> Well, GnuCash is pretty much a C app with some Scheme (and embedded SQL). So I guess the question is how do you want to be involved? You could be a tester,
13:33:12 <Elise001> Ok. I still want to learn C. It is good to know. I could document too.
13:41:04 <warlord> Yep, test, docs, writing requirements... answering user questions.. all good ways to be involved.
13:44:39 <Elise001> ok.
14:10:02 <Elise001> Looking over wiki page about development. It was pointed to on email list.
14:10:12 <warlord> Obviously you are welcome here too
14:16:39 <Elise001> Thank you.
14:29:27 <warlord> you're welcome..
14:30:00 <warlord> I know jralls (mac guy) is out in the bay area..
14:31:57 <Elise001> I think he is in the East Bay.
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14:45:22 <warlord> Dunno.. Like I said, I'll be up in the city a lot.
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14:49:04 <Elise001> Sometimes I come up to SF. More time to do so after this Friday.
14:58:43 <warlord> right
15:03:36 <Elise001> And sometimes I go to San Leandro.
15:04:43 <warlord> I used to, and then my friends from there moved to Hayward.
15:07:41 <Elise001> My friends in San Leandro want to move to Monterey. But I don't think they can for a while.
15:13:31 <warlord> Monterey is beautiful.
15:28:12 <Elise001> I go to CSU Monterey Bay, 12 miles north of there.
15:31:30 <warlord> Gotcha.
15:31:41 <warlord> You seem very mature for a college student ;)
15:32:14 <Elise001> Yeah. Graduate school. I like to go to school.
15:32:28 <warlord> :)
15:42:25 <kimmo_> ah, california
15:42:36 <kimmo_> my second favorite residence
15:45:25 <warlord> lol
15:48:52 <kimmo_> florida being #1
15:49:02 <kimmo_> shit
15:49:11 * kimmo_ read a scroll of genocice. Mosquitoes
15:49:21 <kimmo_> must have been a cursed scroll
15:49:32 * kimmo_ is bait
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16:34:48 <warlord> Heh
16:34:53 <warlord> Wheree in FL, kimmo_ ?
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21:36:03 <warlord> Hey mta
21:36:05 <warlord> @op mta
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