2011-06-05 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:39:01 <spike> hi
04:40:38 <spike> I'm looking for a better answer to this: http://gnucash.1415818.n4.nabble.com/Auto-Classify-GNUCash-Transfers-td2235392.html
04:41:00 <spike> I just started using gnucash and it's not really feasible for me to manually fix the imbalance thing by hand
04:41:30 <spike> the ideal scenario, like described in that post, would be to setup a regexp that matches a transaction's description and set an account for that
04:41:48 <spike> is there any solution along that line?
04:44:33 <spike> this is as close as I could find: http://dgtlmoon.com/qif_gnucash_python_preprocessor
04:44:54 <spike> but it's for qif files, I've got some .qbo from my bank which import fine as OFX
04:45:17 <spike> I'm happy to write some python, but some directions would be handy.
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05:58:35 <helmut> hi. is there an easy way to export all transactions for further processing?
05:59:24 <helmut> uhm. sorry. your docs/faq are better than I assumed. nevermind :-)
06:08:33 <helmut> i think all my other questions resolved themselves, too. they just looked hard, but gnucash made it all super easy. congrats to this great tool. :-)
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09:07:09 <warlord> spike: the best thing to do is spend the time to perform the proper target account mapping during hte import process.
09:09:34 <spike> warlord: how do you mean? when I did the import it only asked me about the destination/source account, ie my checking account. do you mean doing the import once, then rebalancing those transactions and gnucash will figure it out next import?
09:10:11 <spike> actually, that's not correct, is it, I'd have to move the transaction
09:10:28 <warlord> No, during the import process you can map each transaction to its correct target (income/expense) account.
09:10:58 <warlord> During the QIF import that's done by matching the qif category or by mapping the payee/memo.
09:11:16 <spike> it's not a qif tho, it's a ofx, I thought they were different things?
09:11:17 <warlord> Just go though the list and click on each one to change it.
09:11:47 <spike> I didn't see anything to specify the correct target, but I'll try again, thanks
09:11:47 <warlord> Ah, yes, for OFX, it's even better, because you can turn on bayesian matching so it will learn from your mappings.
09:12:13 <warlord> IIRC, you need to double-click on the target account column to re-map it.
09:12:22 <spike> oooh, bayesian sounds exactly what I'm after \o/, how do I turn that on?
09:12:25 <warlord> .. and if you turn on B-M it will remember that and learn for future imports.
09:12:36 <warlord> Edit -> Preferences
09:14:39 <spike> urm, don't see anything there about bayesian, checked all the pref tabs, maybe I'm being blind tho
09:15:57 <spike> ah, found it
09:16:04 <spike> it's on Online Banking, and it's already on
09:18:17 <spike> warlord: another quick q if I may, I realized that the account totals are incorrect probably because I only have some of the transactions (data export from the bank doesn't cover the whole period)
09:18:45 <spike> warlord: is there a recommended way to add money in to fix that up?
09:18:52 <warlord> It's called an "opening balance?"
09:19:21 <warlord> (just a regular transaction from Eq:Opening Balance -> <acct> to set the <acct> balance at your "start date")
09:27:45 <spike> warlord: should there be 2 transactions like for everything else? One inside the Eq:Opening Balance and one in the checking account?
09:28:20 <spike> warlord: also, if I do that, the transaciton in the Eq:Opening Balance is "Imbalance" (transfer column)
09:28:52 <warlord> That's not "two transactions".
09:28:57 <warlord> That's *ONE* transaction.
09:29:16 <warlord> Nothing should EVER be "imbalance" in the transfer column.
09:29:20 <warlord> If it is, you're doing it wrong.
09:29:33 <warlord> Read the Concepts & Tutorial Guide and learn about Double Entry accounting.
09:32:23 <warlord> anyways, gotta run
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09:34:13 <spike> ok, I'll re-read that again. I did read it, that's why I was saying "two transactions", meaning money was coming out of the opening balance and into the checking account, but clearly I'm not getting it, sorry about that
09:34:19 <spike> ok, thanks a lot for all your help!
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09:40:27 <spike> ok, I've tried to start from scratch and created a new account and the wizard says about entering an opening balance but if I click the relative column it doesn't let me edit it and just says "zero"
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10:40:13 <mishehu_> each transaction has 2 parts that need to balance out to be 0. where the money is coming from and where the money is going to.
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10:43:42 <spike> mishehu: yeah, I did a couple tests ans saw what I was supposed to do
10:44:05 <spike> I thought I was supposed to add something as "from" for the opening balance, but that was a mistake. I got it working properly now, thank you.
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18:22:50 <Elise001> Hi.
18:33:58 <spike> Hi Elise001
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20:08:55 <roe_> I am importing a few months worth of expenses from my american express card and I have three columns with check boxes that have headings of A,U+R, and R. Any idea what those mean?
20:09:02 <roe_> the A column is selected
20:09:05 <roe_> on all of them
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20:55:22 <Elise001> Bye for now.
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