2011-06-04 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:55:44 <geroldr1> Hello, has anyone worked to add a URL to a scanned receipt in the Notes field ?
10:56:35 <geroldr1> I would like to see GNUcash have a link I could click to open the scanned file
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11:08:05 <warlord> nobody is working on that, geroldr1. Patches always welcome.
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12:07:56 <mathieu> Hi. How can I get the "LEAVE" messages in the trace log?
12:08:38 <mathieu> I'm trying to debug the "Trading Accounts" functionality, which seems a bit broken
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12:21:12 <warlord> mathieu: ENTER and LEAVE are at 'debug' level.
12:21:24 <mathieu> warlord, ah OK
12:21:27 <warlord> So you need to enable debug level for the module in question
12:21:42 <mathieu> Yes, I just found out how to configure logging properly now
12:22:40 <mathieu> Thanks
12:22:50 <warlord> you're welcome
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12:35:24 <mathieu> Do I need to run 'make install' for every compile-test cycle? Or is there a quicker way?
12:48:21 <mathieu> I can't understand the following. According the the source code, an "receiveable" or "payable" account is not a "rate" cell. The exchange rate popup only appear for "rate" cells. This means that if I enter a multi-currency transaction in a "receivable" account, I cannot enter an exchange rate. Why is that?
12:50:28 <mathieu> I am creating a transaction between Income (EUR) and Receivable (USD). When I enter it in the Income account it works (exchange rate popup), when I enter it in the Receivable account it doesn't (no popup).
12:51:18 <mathieu> Am I doing something conceptually wrong by involving a receivable account in multi-currency transactions?
12:52:49 <mathieu> The idea is: A customer owes me 100$, so I write 70 EUR in income (I'm in Europe) and 100$ in receivable
12:57:19 <warlord> Yes, you need to make install, however you generally only need to "make install" in the directories where you change .c files
12:58:07 <warlord> The A/R and A/P accounts are "not for human consumption" -- you are not supposed to hand-enter transactions into those types of accounts. They are designed for automatic entry by the biz features.
12:58:29 <warlord> You are doing something wrong by using a Receivable account in a hand-entered txn
12:58:47 <warlord> If you want to hand-enter, then use a regular Asset account
13:00:40 <mathieu> warlord, OK, that explains a lot of strange stuff then :) Thanks
13:03:04 <warlord> :)
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13:06:24 <mathieu> warlord, maybe this should be documented then? On http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.4/C/gnucash-help/acct-types.html there's no warning about it.
13:06:57 <mathieu> IMHO, it even encourages the usage
13:07:34 <warlord> file a bug report.
13:07:49 <mathieu> OK
13:07:53 <warlord> Does it encourage use of the Received *TYPE* account, or just a "Receivables" account?
13:08:01 <warlord> s/Received/Receivable/
13:08:44 <warlord> (I'm surprised this isn't in the FAQ, as it's been the use-case for 10 years)
13:10:38 <mathieu> It specifically about the gnucash account types on that page.
13:11:26 <mathieu> Table 5.1. Types of GnuCash Accounts >> Accounts Receivable: Accounts Receivable records amounts for which money has not yet been received. Example: A business has sold something and issued a bill, but the client has not payed until later.
13:11:59 <warlord> That's 100% correct... It's talking about the business features.
13:14:22 <warlord> Also, my reading of that page does not "encourage" the use of receivables/payables per se... It just says what they are. That's the help, which documents "what is", not the guide, which documents "how to".
13:16:52 <mathieu> It may be correct, but I'm sure that most people, after reading this will think "ok great, I can use a specific account type for my manually managed receivable account, so I will just do that"
13:17:13 <mathieu> Unless I'm an exception. Then I feel special :)
13:18:11 <mathieu> And if the document describes "what is", it should not omit that it was specially conceived for a particular functionality.
13:18:53 <warlord> You are the exception, but the exception is more than just you..
13:19:08 <warlord> I'm not saying it's not a bug, which is why I suggested filing a bug report.
13:20:01 <geroldr1> Thanks warlord, I will give it some thought :)
13:20:09 <geroldr1> bye
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13:21:30 <mathieu> OK
13:29:03 <warlord> anyways, I'm heading out. Good luck.
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