2011-06-02 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:02:47 <phill> would like to track Canadian Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) stock investments in gnucash but it isn't one of the choices of stock exchanges in the drop down box when creating the stock account.... Can this be done?
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08:23:27 <frepe360> I want to buy funds with fractions of a dollar smaller than 1/100. For example, I've bought 2,524 shares for $24,459. Both the account which the USD comes from and the account for the fund are set to have fractions of 1/10000.
08:23:58 <frepe360> But when I enter the buy transaction, gnucash rounds off the sum from 24,459 to 24,460.
08:24:18 <frepe360> Is there a way to make it not round off?
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09:04:51 <warlord> frepe360: No, currencies have an embedded minimum.
09:05:01 <warlord> There *is* no such thing as a fraction of a cent.
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09:19:55 <frepe360> warlord: Yes there is. On mtgox.com bitcoins are traded with a precision of 0,1 cent.
09:20:11 <warlord> Bitcoins are not USD
09:21:03 <frepe360> warlord: That't not what I said. The mtgox account holds both USD and BTC. They are traded with each other and the precision of the transactions are 0,001 BTC *and* 0,001 USD.
09:21:08 <warlord> Sure, one bitcoin can be worth $.001, however show me how I can buy 1 bitcoin.
09:21:46 <warlord> Then I wouldn't consider mtgox to be USD, I'd consider it a dollar-equivalent commodity.
09:21:57 <frepe360> warlord: How? It's easy, you create an account on mtgox, deposit some USD and buy 1 bitcoin.
09:22:16 <warlord> (sort of like the Vanguard Treasury money market, which trades at .001 but is also a dollar equivalent)
09:22:18 <frepe360> warlord: Aha, ok. Can I perhaps use a mutual fund for that?
09:22:40 <frepe360> I did set up BTC as a mutual fund (since gnucash supports ISO currencies only)
09:22:48 <warlord> Yes. You use a mutual fund and make a MTGOX commodity, and a BitCoin commodity.
09:22:57 <warlord> (so, technically, two fund accounts)
09:23:01 <frepe360> I'll try that, thanks!
09:23:32 <warlord> Yes, you can put $$ into mtgox, but you can only put in as little as $0.01 -- :)
09:24:47 <frepe360> warlord: Yes, you are correct.
09:29:10 <warlord> So yes, that leads me to believe that, if you can trade smaller pieces on mtgox, then you are not necessarily trading USD, but a $-equiv commodity. Because if you wanted to get $ out, the smallest you could pull out is still $0.01
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09:33:08 <frepe360> warlord: That's correct. However, I'm now trying to set up two mutual fund accounts. One on the commodity "BTC", the other in "MTGOXUSD", both traded in 1/10000. The transaction still want's to round off to 1/100, not 1/1000! :(
09:33:48 <warlord> Make sure the MTGOX commodity is set for a smaller commodity fraction..
09:33:58 <warlord> Make sure the BTC is also set up for a smaller commodity fraction.
09:34:11 <warlord> Make sure the fund accounts are set up properly..
09:34:23 <warlord> (with correct commodity and commodity fraction)
09:34:36 <warlord> Your USD<->MTGOX will still get rounded to 1/100
09:35:10 <warlord> But your MTGOX<->BTC should be okay..... ER, wait... Maybe not.
09:35:38 <warlord> Each part of the txn is tying into USD as the transaction currency, so it *is* still going to be rounded to .01....
09:35:39 <frepe360> Both commodities are set to 1/10000, both accounts are set to 1/10000.
09:35:51 <frepe360> warlord: Ah, pity...
09:36:04 <frepe360> Any known way around that?
09:36:25 <warlord> Not that I can think of off the top of my head. It's part of the current gnucash design.
09:36:39 <frepe360> Ok, thanks anyway.
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09:37:58 <frepe360> This way, at least, one of the accounts are going to be correct. The other way, they were both off.
09:37:59 <warlord> I'd recommend emailing gnucash-{user,devel} to see if anyone else has ideas
09:38:34 <warlord> Yeah, this is a time when you really *do* want a user-defined currency.
09:39:52 <frepe360> warlord: Should I send to both mailing lists or just one of them?
09:41:01 <frepe360> warlord: Wait, actually the total in both accounts will be correct. Because I can adjust things with the MTGOXUSD <-> USD "exchange rate"!
09:42:08 <warlord> Possibly...
09:47:05 <frepe360> warlord: I've verified that they do, actually. But this is far, far from neat. I'll email the list.
09:47:38 <warlord> Go for it!
09:47:43 <warlord> Good Luck (I need to take off)
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09:52:49 <frepe360> warlord: Mail sent. Thank you for your help!
09:54:05 <warlord> You're welcome.
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21:53:03 <phill> how can I add toronto stock exchange TSX stocks to my investment accounts? TSX is not an option in the drop down....
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22:05:53 <warlord> phill: it's free-form. just type it in.
22:06:23 <phill> oh, so that field is not important just a descriptor?
22:06:28 <warlord> yep
22:06:54 <phill> curious what is "template", that was one of the options in the drop down...
22:07:09 <warlord> DO NOT use template...
22:07:13 <warlord> it shouldnt be visible.
22:07:18 <phill> k
22:07:48 <warlord> thay
22:07:50 <warlord> that's a bug
22:08:12 <phill> no problem
22:08:13 <phill> thanks for the help
22:08:51 <warlord> i would have answerd you this morning, but you only stuck around for 8 minutes.
22:09:23 <phill> oh, that was last night wasn't it?
22:09:53 <warlord> yes
22:09:59 <phill> didn't see any action at all whatsoever in 8 min so I figured.....
22:10:21 <phill> was thinking I should try during business hours, until you answered just now....
22:10:36 <warlord> Yeah you got lucky. I was about to shut down for the night
22:10:47 <warlord> I was debating leaving a message with gncbot for you.
22:11:25 <phill> appreciate it and gnucash. I looked at gnucash 3 or 5 years ago. It's come a long way from what I can tell so far, keep it up
22:11:32 <warlord> But 8 minutes is hardly enough time to wait for a response. Sometimes even 2-3 hours isn't enough, especially at that time.
22:12:08 <phill> good to know, thks
22:12:34 <warlord> you're welcome.
22:12:39 <warlord> Good Luck, and happy GnuCashing.
22:12:45 <phill> cheers
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