2011-05-22 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:48:58 <Krzysiek_K> hi All, I have problem with Gnucash and Postgresql. I do migration from file to PgSQL and everything was fine until I want to create new account: Unable to save to database.
04:49:40 <Krzysiek_K> On the console I get some SQL hint's: NOTICE: view "transactions_tree" does not exist, skipping
04:49:40 <Krzysiek_K> CONTEXT: SQL statement "DROP VIEW IF EXISTS transactions_tree"
04:49:40 <Krzysiek_K> PL/pgSQL function "build_acct_tree" line 11 at SQL statement
04:51:20 <Krzysiek_K> I could create new account in psql, if someone advice me what SQL command should looks like
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04:52:37 <Krzysiek_K> I am using 2.4.2 version of gnucash.
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10:02:35 <killermouse0> hello there !
10:03:30 <killermouse0> is there a way to clean a file ? I have weird behavior, mostly with recurring transactions, and I'd like to start somewhat fresh without having to start over ...
10:03:43 <killermouse0> sort of a fsck for a data file ...
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10:59:50 <warlord> killermouse0: There is "Check & Repair", but I dont think it'll do anything with recurring transactions.
10:59:59 <warlord> What issue are you having? What Version of GnuCash?
11:27:06 <indigo> does anyone know offhand a way to programaticaly download en masse historic NAV and distribution information for mutual funds?
11:27:43 <indigo> ie, can Finance::Quote do it?
11:29:08 <warlord> I dont think F::Q can.. Check the FAQ, maybe?
11:30:29 <indigo> the gnucash faq says historical quotes can't be imported
11:30:59 <indigo> f::q doesn't have an FAQ i can find
11:31:14 <indigo> really i don't care about getting them in to gnucash; i just want to do some analysis.
11:33:34 <warlord> I dont know where to even find historical quotes
11:36:23 <indigo> i might have just found them on yahoo
11:37:32 <indigo> totally. ex: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/hp?s=SWERX&a=06&b=20&c=2005&d=04&e=22&f=2011&g=d has a link at the bottom to download CSV
11:38:05 <warlord> There you go...
11:38:06 <indigo> amazing. I've been looking for weeks and have stumpped two brokers so far.
11:38:08 <warlord> Import into OOs
11:38:09 <warlord> Ooo
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