2011-05-21 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:47:59 <ggherdov> Hi all. Question about managing a loan (money I owe to a friend). First, I made a transaction LIABILITY:loan -> ASSET:bank of the total amount, modeling the moment when my friend gave me 1000. Then I had LIABILITY:loan +1000 and ASSET:bank +1000. So far so good. Me and my friend decided to split the payback in four chuncks of 250. So I did a transaction EXPENSES:payback -> LIABILITY:loan of 250, but I had both account increasing of 500, which
11:48:00 <ggherdov> wasn't what I expected: I wanted EXPENSES:payback +250 and LIABILITY:loan -250, but ended up with LIABILITY:loan increasing. What am I doing wrong? How to model paying back a loan?
11:49:08 <ggherdov> (both account increasing of 250)* sorry for the typo
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11:50:08 <warlord> ggherdov: your payback of the loan isn't an expense. Just transfer from A:Bank -> L:Loan
11:50:14 <warlord> (the reverse of the original payment)
11:52:30 <ggherdov> warlord: i see. i'll do like that. tankyou
12:00:11 <warlord> You're welcome.
12:00:14 <warlord> Gotta run
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21:12:13 <santiago> hi, Any Spanish manual?
21:13:36 <santiago> Why my Linux Mint Software Application installed an outdated version??
21:19:17 <hypatia> santiago: because they haven't made a package for the new version yet
21:19:54 <hypatia> the old one should work fine, unless there is a specific thing you need in the newer versiona
21:21:01 <santiago> o.k. thanks.
21:23:08 <santiago> i have tryed the last version in Windows Vista and it has a better spanish interface, such as accounts and some help, that's why wanted to try it in linux
21:30:10 <hypatia> ahh, gotcha
21:30:30 <hypatia> santiago you can compile it from source
21:30:48 <hypatia> but that's a bit of a production :)
21:32:06 <santiago> its ok. Thank you very much for your concern.
21:32:19 <santiago> 10-4
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