2011-05-15 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:52:48 <phoniclynx> ahhh.. more ppl in this one... how do i get the latest GNUCash in Ubunt 11.04.. the PPA seens to be quite a fair bit old
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04:31:31 <casts> accounting question, so i have an Assets:Cash account and Expenses:Rent account, so my flatmate paid me rent in cash a month early, so i have +500 in cash right now, would it make sense to book it as a Expense:Rent rebate into Assets:Cash?
04:36:59 <Simon> where would it normally go?
04:38:43 <casts> for me there is no normal or precident
04:55:53 <geraldh> casts: The choice is really up to you, you can indeed book a negative expense (i.e. a income) to your Expense:Rent-account, but if you prefer to separate expenses and incomes you should (or could) make a second account "Income:Rent"
05:06:12 <Simon> I meant, where would it normally go if they didn't pay you early?
05:08:04 <Simon> if it's your property then it's really Income:Rent to Assets:Cash; if it's not your property (which is what it sounds like from having an Expenses:Rent) then it's not really an Income or Expense for you
05:10:15 <phoniclynx> how do i get the latest GNUCash in Ubunt 11.04.. the PPA seens to be quite a fair bit old
05:15:26 <geraldh> phoniclynx: I don't know that much about Ubuntu etc, but see this: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Ubuntu#Ubuntu_11.04_LTS_.28.22Natty_Narwhal.22.29
05:16:39 <phoniclynx> That dosn't tell me anything that I don't already know
05:17:08 <geraldh> Then I think that you have to download the sourcecode and compile for yourself, but I cannot help with that :P (or I dont even know whether it is possible at all)
05:19:39 <phoniclynx> lol.. i'd rather not.. cuz that can cause all sorts of problems
05:20:52 <geraldh> There are build-instructions for 10.10, but not (yet?) for 11.04
05:22:07 <hypatia> should be more or less the same as 10.10
05:22:34 <hypatia> phoniclynx: it can't cause much in the way of problems if 1) you compile the latest stable and 2) you install it as your user, not as root
05:22:57 <phoniclynx> more so... it kills it when it actually does get updated
05:23:53 <hypatia> meh, i have it running now from the SVN head on ubuntu 10.10 and it's fine
05:24:07 <hypatia> hasn't caused me any problems
05:24:34 <geraldh> You could even try to install it on some sort of (dummy) virtual machine, to test it all out?
05:25:10 <hypatia> that would work too
05:25:11 <phoniclynx> I am more concerned when a new update comes and PPA Updatesgo to update it.. it breaks it
05:25:28 <hypatia> so... don't install it through apt at all?
05:25:47 <hypatia> then it won't interfere with your locally compiled version
05:25:50 <hypatia> problem solved :)
05:25:51 <phoniclynx> i guess my bigest concern is that I have a dual boot.. and win 7.. but the version numbers are higher for win than nix
05:26:16 <hypatia> i'm pretty sure the data format hasn't changed from 2.2.9 to 2.4.x
05:26:27 <hypatia> but someone else should confirm that before you take my word :)
05:26:27 <phoniclynx> then I have to sit there and check the website every few months
05:27:03 <hypatia> why? if it works, it works
05:27:24 <hypatia> alternately, you can install 2.2.9 on windows and have the same version
05:28:12 <phoniclynx> yeh.. well.. so far.. i've alredy edited the data in the latest version.. so i guess i'll know when i jump back into ubuntu's gnucash if its broken anything
05:30:26 <hypatia> back up your file :)
05:30:44 <hypatia> if you do decide to compile it, let me know if you need any help
05:30:51 <phoniclynx> does that automatically :P
05:30:54 <phoniclynx> okay
05:31:02 <phoniclynx> thx
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07:32:33 <strk> say I pay the rent every 3months, but want to look at the expense as if it came out every month
07:32:48 <strk> is there a way to "pretend" such an expense was "distributed" when doing reports ?
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08:25:47 <warlord> strk: Not if you want the date to be accurate as to when you paid the rent.
08:30:26 <warlord> casts: If your roommate is sharing the rent expense (i.e. the money doesn't stay with you) then if they give you money early it would be Liability:Roomie-Rent -> Cash; and then when you pay the rent it would be a split from Cash -> Ex:Rent and L:Roomie-Rent.
08:30:38 <warlord> Technically you do not account for your Roomie's Rent. It's not *your* expense.
08:33:32 <Arcege> hi, I'm running gnucash 2.2.9 on ubuntu 10.10; when I try to create a budget using the estimate tool, it only creates estimates up to the current month, no matter the number of periods or when I start; how can I create a budget for the entire period based on the transactions since the beginning of the period?
08:39:27 * strk should learn to make budgets
08:39:56 <Arcege> strk: I would set things up like an internal escrow account; you put your money into the account each month; and the end of the period, your expense will come from the escrow account instead of the bank acct
08:41:17 <Arcege> you might have issues with reconcilation of the bank acct, but it would do what you are suggesting
08:46:28 <warlord> Arcege: You might try sending mail to gnucash-user and asking there. More people who've probably used the budget tool
08:48:36 <Arcege> thank you, warlord :)
08:49:04 <warlord> you're welcome.
08:51:36 <strk> Arcege: good idea, I shall try that
08:53:08 <strk> uhm, but that would be another asset, won't really distribute the expense
08:53:25 <strk> I guess I'll just make summaries every 3 months, or 6 months or longer..
08:54:34 <warlord> strk: it would distribute the expense, but it all depends on how you want to report it.
08:54:55 <warlord> You do Cash -> Escrow once a quarter, and then Escrow -> Expense once a month.
09:00:50 <Arcege> that seems like a better mechanism, warlord... myself I've only gone the other way; get a large bill annually and pay every three months
09:04:03 <warlord> Either way works.
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10:34:12 * strk just discovered "reconciliation" (still a yung gnucasher)
10:36:36 <casts> warlord-afk: l like it, will try that way
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11:32:25 <andrew> hi - is it possible to configure the default accounts created by Gnucash (eg expenses -> Expenditure or State tax -> council tax)
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