2011-05-14 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:03:46 <arbortender1> I was having trouble making contact all day...is this working now?
01:05:29 <arbortender1> further, what does this 1 mean after my username?
01:07:26 <arbortender1> I asked a detailed question earlier today...hope it wasn't off-putting...I didn't get an answer & checked back all day long. Is the gnucash irc offline? Pidgin shows 35 people in the room...
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01:15:16 <arbortender> having some trouble making contact...can anyone see me here?
01:16:38 <arbortender> if so my question pertains to the General Ledger/General Journal
01:20:18 <arbortender> :-D
01:22:34 <arbortender> I'm not seeing a response.
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01:31:15 <quin> Hi there. I'm new to Gnucash and think I've found a little mistake in one of the Tips of the Day.
01:32:23 <quin> I'm on v 2.4.4. The tip is "To switch between multiple tabs in the main window, press Control+Page Up/Down." but that doesn't work for me, and the wiki page for hot keys says to use ctrl + alt + page up/down for this. Seems like "alt" needs to be added to the tip. Can someone confirm this?
01:34:41 <arbortender> I'm new too & not seeing any response all day. Can you read my post quin?
01:34:53 <quin> Yah I see you arbortender.
01:35:03 <arbortender> hmm.
01:35:11 <quin> Lot of ppl here for you not to get any responses all day!
01:35:30 <arbortender> Well I will stay tuned...I thought it was odd too. reposted repeatedly
01:35:40 <quin> I probably can't help, but what's your q?
01:36:14 <arbortender> has to do with the GL/GJ & their reports. Behavior not as expected & errors instead of reports.
01:36:42 <arbortender> Can you get a GL Report under Reports:Assets & Liabilities?
01:36:45 <quin> What are the errors?
01:36:52 <arbortender> or a GJ report?
01:36:56 <arbortender> hang on
01:37:15 <arbortender> Report error
01:37:15 <arbortender> An error occurred while running the report.
01:37:24 <arbortender> very informative
01:37:27 <arbortender> same for both
01:39:00 <arbortender> didja catch that? I see my connection is a little sketchy
01:39:21 <quin> Yah I was able to run a GL rpt just now. I don't really have any accounts setup in a fashion that's meaningful to me yet. Just some imported OFX files from old credit cards. But a GL report ran on one of them just fine.
01:39:55 <quin> Tried running the report on simpler accounts?
01:41:15 <arbortender> Well. I entered 2 GL transactions, and although they appear in the accounts they affected, they do not appear on the GL register, once posted. That's why I tried the reports, no joy. What's the difference between a GL report & a GJ report anyway? I always thought those were the same thing.
01:41:53 <quin> Hmm, I get the error you describe when I try running a GJ report on that credit card statement. A better error msg would be nice, but I don't know enough to know if that kind of report even makes sense to run against that kind of account.
01:42:34 <arbortender> I would expect the General Ledger report to generate a report of General Ledger transactions.
01:43:04 <arbortender> I would also expect the General Ledger register to maintain a list of such special transactions.
01:43:20 <arbortender> I am cornfused.
01:44:00 <quin> I THINK journal entries are usually for oddball things that are out of routine. They're a manual way of getting the GL to balance and keep track of why something wierd happened. I don't know sure sure how that related to a proper GJ report though.
01:44:51 <quin> Hmm, I'm not familar w/ the GL register. Sounds like what I thought a GL Journal was.
01:44:55 <arbortender> that's the sort of entries I entered. odballs.
01:45:33 <arbortender> I have always understood General Ledger & General Journal to be interchangeable terms for the same thing.
01:46:58 <arbortender> The register is what opens, when you go Tools:General Ledger, at those times when it is time to enter the oddballs
01:47:01 <quin> I'm not accountant, but the accountants at work talk about making "journal entries" to account for oddball things. Like, maybe when checks are printed and invalidated and reprinted to show where those check #s went.
01:47:28 <arbortender> that's basically right
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01:48:26 <quin> I'll bet somewhere there's a way of customizing those canned reports and tinkering with it might help you find what the snag is.
01:49:29 <arbortender> There may be but it isn't readily evident. It should be pretty straightforward, such a report.
01:49:37 <arbortender> Are you getting any other responses?
01:49:43 <arbortender> I see only you
01:49:56 <quin> Nah just you and me in here are actually chatting.
01:51:15 <arbortender> I see. Well, I've tinkered & scratched & can't seem to figure this out...was hoping one of those star people would whoosh in & answer our questions.
01:51:38 <quin> How long have you been on?
01:52:07 <arbortender> since about 9am & it is now 10:45pm where I am
01:52:49 <arbortender> I have been working on other things with the chat in the background...nothing until you came on.
01:52:54 <quin> Sheesh. That really is all day
01:53:00 <arbortender> indeed
01:55:18 <arbortender> So, does Ctrl-Alt-page up/down work then, to switch tabs? I noticed that the tip didn't work but had not pursued that further.
01:57:17 <quin> Yah adding Alt in makes it work just fine
01:57:32 <arbortender> Cool. That is extremely helpful.
01:57:33 <quin> The wiki page that had that correct tip is here: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Keyboard_Shortcuts
01:57:48 <arbortender> I'll study that. Thank you.
01:58:36 <quin> Seems like it would be. Most multi-tabbed apps use ctrl+tab and shift+ctrl+tab to move between them, so Gnucash is a little special there.
02:12:52 <quin> Huh. Looks like OFX files like my credit card co.'s give me have a "date posted" field, but no explicit "this transaction goes on this month's statement". I'll bet that makes getting a program like GnuCash to show end-of-month account status to match the statements from the CC folks difficult
02:14:17 <arbortender> Sounds like it might. I haven't tried importing any files, ofx qif or otherwise
02:14:43 <arbortender> Sounds like you may have to massage your data some after import
02:15:29 <quin> I'll bet there's some accounting function for handling that. Maybe reconsiling?
02:16:19 <arbortender> Well, reconciling will help match the statements to the transactions.
02:16:52 <arbortender> & help you screen for any errors & omissions
02:17:50 <arbortender> Dates should match OFX>statements for OFX'd accts.
02:20:26 <arbortender> & as long as the import mapped properly (like I said I haven't done any imports to Gnucash, but I understand there is a simple field-mapping confirmationfunction involved) then the dates should wind up in the date field & be pretty simple to reconcile with pertinent statements
02:29:52 <arbortender> I need some sleep. Good luck & happy gnucashing
02:30:02 <quin> Thanks. Laters!
02:30:11 <arbortender> Laters
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02:37:34 <quin> Is there anyway to add a comment to a transaction?
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03:57:25 <fuzzybunny69y> Hey everyone! I am trying to learn about what all the reports in GNUCash are used for? Does anyone know where there is some documentation on them?
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08:45:54 <arbortender1> anybody awake?
08:48:46 <arbortender1> apparently I am having trouble with IRC as well as confusion with Gnucash.
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08:58:55 <arbortender> What is the difference between a GL Report & a GJ Report under Reports:Asssets & Liabilities:?
08:59:00 <arbortender> H!
08:59:14 <arbortender> that's Hi!
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09:09:54 <arbortender> I surely did get spoiled on the first visit here...is anyone awake?
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09:14:34 <arbortender> I'm not getting any action on here. Can I be seen?
09:16:31 <arbortender> Hello in there!
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09:22:55 <warlord> arbortender: You are not having trouble with IRC. It's just that nobody else was responding. That's not a technical problem.
09:23:33 <warlord> Also, "AFK" == "Away From Keyboard", and yes, I really was away from the keyboard from 7pm yesterday until just now, 9:23am.
09:23:40 <arbortender> hmm. OK. I stood by for like 14 hours yesterday & finally gave up.
09:23:47 <warlord> As for the report error -- look in /tmp/gnucash.trace
09:23:49 <arbortender> Thanks for responding
09:24:05 <warlord> It was friday evening..
09:24:41 <arbortender> fair enough. I'm stuck on Friday evening & every other evening until I catch up with this backlog.
09:24:47 <warlord> As for the diff between GJ and GJ report, I couldn't tell you -- I don't use either.
09:24:59 <warlord> er, GJ and GJ
09:25:02 <warlord> GL
09:25:08 <warlord> (too early -- can't type)
09:25:11 <arbortender> I always thought those were the same thing.
09:25:42 <warlord> Honestly, me too -- I dont know the difference, but I dont care because I dont need them, and my accountant doesnt need them
09:25:50 <arbortender> anyway I can't look @ either...your reference to gnucash.trace...where is that /tmp/ located?
09:26:12 <arbortender> Maybe I don't need them too.
09:27:13 <arbortender> Shouldn't a General Ledger entry show up in the General Ledger register?
09:29:42 <arbortender> The reason this seems important is that I do end of year entries, sometimes complicated ones,in the GL, and will likely need to do similar ones in the future...Some record there, of the proper entry (once I've hammered my way through it to get it correct, would be helpful.
09:33:23 <warlord> Well, it depends on the date of the entry.
09:33:40 <warlord> We always recommend entries be done in the accounts and not in the GL
09:33:48 <warlord> It's definitely important if you handle multiple currencies.
09:34:21 <warlord> But also the GL has other limitations; like default date ranges and such. It's kinda a second-class citizen in terms of data entry..
09:34:32 <warlord> as for /tmp -- it's a directory -- what OS/Distro do you use?
09:34:53 <arbortender> Hmmm. I don't handle multiple currencies, but where a transaction requires touching multiple accounts with adjustments GL seems most convenient. I use Windows XP & have 2.4.5
09:36:22 <warlord> You can make Split transactions in any register.
09:36:39 <warlord> OH, Windows -- then the gnucash.trace file is elsewhere. CHeck the Wiki.
09:38:11 <arbortender> Well, sure, & the result of making the entry in the GL seems to be just as if I HAD done the multi-account split transaction in any one of the several registers involved: No GL entry.
09:38:36 <warlord> ?? You enter it into the GL and then it disappears?
09:45:28 <arbortender> Well, the entry appears in each of the accounts touched, as though I had entered it in, say, one of the account registers involved. But the GL register shows no record of this. The GL register persistently shows ONLY a stack of empty entries, dated today; the number of empty entries in the stack corresponds to the number of open register tabs and appears to reflect each open register tab's bottom (waiting) empty entry. Is that
09:47:07 <arbortender> Also, I searched my computer for gnucash.trace...nothing. I am not finding this at the wiki but can dig further I guess
09:47:30 <warlord> Your first message ended at: empty entry. Is that
09:47:50 <arbortender> Is that the expected behavior?
09:47:58 <warlord> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Windows#Error_messages.2C_Trace_file
09:48:18 <warlord> The blank entries in the GL is a known issue, but like I said GL is a second-class citizen so nobody has paid it much attention.
09:49:08 <warlord> But you didn't answer my question: you enter a split txn in the GL and then it disappears?
09:49:50 <arbortender> I did, perhaps not clearly: the entry appears in each of the accounts touched, as though I had entered it in, say, one of the account registers involved. But the GL register shows no record of this. The GL register persistently shows ONLY a stack of empty entries, dated today; the number of empty entries in the stack corresponds to the number of open register tabs and appears to reflect each open register tab's bottom (waiting)
09:50:10 <arbortender> It disappears from the GL register entirely.
09:50:40 <warlord> So the answer is "yes".
09:50:59 <warlord> What is the date of the transaction you just entered?
09:51:09 <arbortender> yes it disappears from the GL register, but not from the accounts touched. 12/31/2007
09:51:31 <arbortender> I'm not sure I am grasping the significance of the date.
09:51:40 <warlord> Right, my question was an implied "disappears from the GL"
09:52:25 <warlord> The GL, by default, only shows "recent" transactions. Generally only "this month" or "this year". You're entering a transaction outside its default display date range, which is why it disappears after you enter it.
09:52:38 <warlord> The GL refreshes and reloads only transactions based on it's display date range.
09:52:48 <warlord> Go to View -> Filter by -> and then "select All"
09:54:26 <arbortender> Hm. Now I am looking at every transaction.
09:56:43 <warlord> There ya go!
09:56:58 <warlord> Or you can filter by other date ranges, if you're working on a particular place..
09:57:03 <warlord> But like I said, the GL .... it's special.
09:57:49 <arbortender> Is there some other way to do a list of entries made directly to the GL?
09:58:11 <arbortender> I'm looking @ those trace files now too.
10:00:29 <warlord> Sure, you can enter them into the account(s) directly. Pick your favorite (most used) account (e.g. you checking or cc) and do your entries from there.
10:00:49 <warlord> the trace file should show you a scheme stack trace for the failed report.
10:01:26 <arbortender> ok, I'm gonna from there assume that direct GL entries are less than special & mainly useless.
10:02:55 <arbortender> RE the trace file...lots of info here...not sure where to start....Solve each problem or dig for the one that pertains to the reporting? How to recognize it? I am looking at the next to last one generated, as I am assuming that pertains to yesterday's work.
10:03:08 <warlord> the only benefit for making entries from the GL is that you can easily create for any set of accounts without switching registers.
10:03:36 <warlord> Beyond that, IMHO it's not useful.
10:03:45 * warlord never uses the GL
10:04:12 <arbortender> I'm thinking that's possible within any given favorite register also, as you suggested.
10:04:48 <warlord> Well, true, you *could* enter a transactoin from CC -> Expense from the Bank account, but then it'll disappear when you're done, too.
10:06:06 <arbortender> Well, I'd start in at least one of the accounts involved
10:06:25 <arbortender> I'm accepting that resolution.
10:07:54 <arbortender> I have no clue how to proceed with these trace reports though. Looks like multiple challenges, none involving reports.
10:10:21 <warlord> Well, run the report that fails and see how it adds to the most recent trace file.
10:10:35 * warlord doesn't use the GL or GJ reports...
10:10:47 <warlord> Pretty much the only reports I use regularly are Income Statement and Balance Sheet.
10:10:53 <warlord> And sometimes the Income Expense Bar Chart
10:16:37 <warlord> Anyways, I need to run -- got lots of errands to do today.
10:16:38 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
10:17:49 <arbortender> ok, well thanks
10:18:14 <arbortender> Anybody else willing to assist with interpretation of a trace report?
10:19:02 <arbortender> running the GJ report yielded two errors. The first is short: 07:05:31 CRIT <gnc.app-utils> gnc_option_set_selectable: assertion `option->odb->set_selectable != NULL' failed
10:19:02 <arbortender> *
10:21:39 <arbortender> The 2nd long & will likely need repost of its tail:
10:21:39 <arbortender> * 07:07:22 WARN <gnc.engine> Got a NULL guid_list but the QofGuidMatch is not MATCH_NULL (but instead 2). In other words, the list of GUID matches is empty but it must contain something non-empty.
10:22:14 <arbortender> ok there's 3. (that first may not be related to the report) * 07:07:24 WARN <gnc.scm> In C:\Program Files\gnucash\share\gnucash/scm/report.scm:
10:22:14 <arbortender> 646: 16 (let ((template #) (doc #f)) (set! doc (if template # #f)) doc)
10:22:14 <arbortender> 649: 17* (set! doc (if template (let* (# # # ...) (if # # ...) ...) ...))
10:22:14 <arbortender> 649: 18* (if template (let* (# # # ...) (if # # ...) ...) ...)
10:22:14 <arbortender> 650: 19 (let* (# # # #) (if # # #) (gnc:report-set-ctext! report html) ...)
10:22:16 <arbortender> 652: 20* [general-journal-renderer #]
10:22:18 <arbortender> In C:\Program Files\gnucash\share\gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/standard-reports/general-journal.scm:
10:22:21 <arbortender> 126: 21 [reg-renderer #]
10:22:22 <arbortender> In C:\Program Files\gnucash\share\gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/standard-reports/register.scm:
10:22:24 <arbortender> ...
10:22:27 <arbortender> 707: 22 (let (# # # # ...) (if invoice? #) (set! query #) ...)
10:22:29 <arbortender> 729: 23* (set! table (make-split-table splits (gnc:report-options report-obj) ...))
10:22:30 <arbortender> 729: 24* [make-split-table (# # # # ...) #<procedure dispatch (key)> "Debit" ...]
10:22:32 <arbortender> In unknown file:
10:22:34 <arbortender> ?: 25 (letrec (# # # # ...) (let* # # # ...))
10:22:36 <arbortender> In C:\Program Files\gnucash\share\gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/standard-reports/register.scm:
10:22:38 <arbortender> 619: 26 (let* (# # # ...) (gnc:html-table-set-col-headers! table #) ...)
10:22:40 <arbortender> 631: 27* [do-rows-with-subtotals () (# # # ...) ...]
10:22:42 <arbortender> 540: 28 (if (null? splits) (begin # # #) (let* # # # ...))
10:22:44 <arbortender> ...
10:22:46 <arbortender> 558: 29 (let* (# # # # ...) (if multi-rows? #) (if multi-rows? # #) ...)
10:22:48 <arbortender> 579: 30* (if multi-rows? (for-each (lambda # #) (xaccTransGetSplitList #)) ...)
10:22:50 <arbortender> 580: 31 [for-each #<procedure #f (split)> (#<swig-pointer Split * 7f873a0>)]
10:22:53 <arbortender> In unknown file:
10:22:54 <arbortender> ...
10:22:56 <arbortender> ?: 32 (begin (f (car l)) (lp (cdr l)))
10:22:58 <arbortender> ?: 33* [#<procedure #f (split)> #<swig-pointer Split * 7f873a0>]
10:23:00 <arbortender> In C:\Program Files\gnucash\share\gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/standard-reports/register.scm:
10:23:02 <arbortender> 581: 34 (if (string=? # #) (accumulate-totals split total-collector ...))
10:23:04 <arbortender> 581: 35* [string=? #f #f]
10:23:07 <arbortender> C:\Program Files\gnucash\share\gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/standard-reports/register.scm:581:31: In procedure string=? in expression (string=? (gncAccountGetGUID #) (gncAccountGetGUID #)):
10:23:09 <arbortender> C:\Program Files\gnucash\share\gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/standard-reports/register.scm:581:31: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting STRINGP): #f
10:23:16 <arbortender> Let me know if I should copy paste any part of that ...I do not get what to do with this information.
10:34:17 <arbortender> alrightie. well this is a little beyond my area of expertise. Maybe I need to come back & wait for warlord?
10:38:28 *** warlord-afk is now known as warlord
10:38:47 <warlord> arbortender: back for about 30 seconds.. Please file a bug report in Bugzilla and attach that stack trace.
10:39:10 <warlord> Most of the active developers don't hang out here anymore.
10:39:30 <warlord> So you'll get better answers on the mailing lists.. gnucash-user for usability help, generally.
10:40:19 <warlord> (also, in the future, please don't cut-and-paste long things into IRC -- it's better to use pastebin)
10:40:34 <warlord> anyways, I gotta run again, this time for real
10:40:35 *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
10:44:28 <arbortender> ok
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11:11:13 <arbortender> I posted that trace to existing bug # 639082 which appears to be related.
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18:55:39 <hilkhf> Where can I find the "instant fill in the previously used account names"
18:55:39 <hilkhf> I use when importing an QFX file? I need them for when I'm importing
18:55:39 <hilkhf> the transactions into a credit card account.
18:55:39 <hilkhf> I've moved my GnuCash data file from one computer to the other and the
18:55:39 <hilkhf> memorized account names that were GC filled in when I import the QFX
18:55:40 <hilkhf> account into the GC for reconciling an account are gone.
18:55:42 <hilkhf> Any ideas?
19:01:00 <hilkhf> Anybody around?
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