2011-05-05 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:21:17 <zeth> Hello, I have just started using gnucash now. I have loaded my credit card info into gnucash and it has put all the liabilities in my credit card account
09:21:20 <zeth> that is good
09:21:38 <zeth> but then all the expenses are in my imbalance account
09:21:47 <zeth> So I want to assign them to each category
09:21:55 <zeth> but I don't know how
09:22:20 <zeth> what is the terminology I am looking for?
09:33:40 <zeth> I think I have figured it out
09:33:44 <zeth> I clicked show splits
09:34:10 <zeth> then used the drop down to change an item from unbalanced to expenses:groceries
09:34:18 <zeth> am I doing the right thing?
09:35:17 <zeth> Okay I don't even have to click show splits
09:35:25 <zeth> I just change the item under transfer
09:35:26 <zeth> is that right?
09:47:17 <zeth> Is there a way to do a mass replace of transfer based on description?
09:52:29 <geraldh> Are you familiar with double-entry accounting, zeth ?
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10:04:36 <zeth> I have a rough idea of it
10:04:46 <zeth> I tried to read the concepts guide
10:05:00 <zeth> and I did a couple of accounting modules ten years ago
10:05:06 <zeth> when I was an economics student
10:15:36 <geraldh> Ok, you got the right idea then, one entry is located in you credit card account and the other on another account that says something usefull
10:17:08 <geraldh> so each transaction in gnucash lowers somewhere an liability account (usually called the credit-side) and raises an expenses account (at the debet side)
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12:38:51 <Silly> hmmm
12:39:04 * Silly wonders about shortcut keys...
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15:48:22 <zeth> Hi folks
15:48:36 <zeth> first day with gnucash
15:48:53 <zeth> I loaded my bank statement and my credit card into gnucash
15:49:08 <zeth> it seems to have connected me paying off my credit card
15:49:18 <zeth> but it still links it to imbalance as well
15:49:31 <jsled> "connected"?
15:49:58 <jsled> how did you input the transaction in question?
15:50:03 <jsled> manually? via some import?
15:51:17 <zeth> Using ofx files
15:52:04 <zeth> so for example, in mychecking account I see withdrawal 25
15:52:31 <zeth> Then it says account imbalance
15:52:38 <zeth> then in the credit card
15:52:54 <zeth> it says payment 25
15:53:02 <zeth> Oh no, you are right it is not connected
15:53:08 <zeth> I was reading it wrong
15:53:32 <zeth> So how do I connect the too transactions?
15:53:56 <zeth> So how do I connect the two transactions?
15:54:43 <bxc_> they should be the same transaction
15:55:09 <jsled> delete one.
15:55:10 <bxc_> in the banka ccount, there must be a destination account for the payment (not the transaction description)...
15:56:10 <zeth> Okay, so I changed that to liabilities: credit card
15:56:18 <zeth> and I think it has magically merged them
15:56:28 <jsled> it did not. :)
15:57:07 <bxc_> if you go into credit card, do you now have two transactions in the reigster?
15:57:22 <bxc_> s/reigster/register/
15:57:54 <warlord> zeth: the issue is that you're not assigning accounts to both the credit and debit splits of the transactions.
15:58:15 <warlord> You're assigning one split to the checking account (or credit card account), but not the other split... So it's going into IMBALANCE.
15:59:12 <zeth> I se
15:59:14 <zeth> see
15:59:18 <zeth> I think I have fixed it now
15:59:19 <zeth> cheers
15:59:48 <zeth> No
15:59:49 <zeth> hang on
15:59:53 <zeth> I do have it twice
16:00:29 <zeth> oh dear
16:00:38 <warlord> Probably because you did an CC import and a Checking import, and both imports had the CC<->Checking transaction, and you didn't mark it as a duplicate during import because you didn't properly assign the destination accounts during import.
16:01:02 <zeth> That sounds very important
16:01:08 <zeth> but I don't quite understand that yet
16:01:21 <zeth> can you be a little more verbose please
16:01:23 <warlord> Then please go read the Concepts guide, as was suggested to you earlier
16:01:43 <zeth> I did have a go at it
16:01:51 <warlord> Please read it cover to cover.
16:01:51 <zeth> but the problem for me is to do with the importing
16:01:59 <zeth> I did not find much about that
16:02:10 <warlord> Make sure you understand double-entry accounting.
16:02:23 <zeth> I get the general point of that
16:02:35 <warlord> Importing is just another way to enter transactions; but if you don't understand double-entry, then that would explain why this is all confusing.
16:02:38 <zeth> I am not used to the interface yet
16:03:20 <zeth> No I did do some accounting modules ten years ago in my economics degree
16:03:25 <zeth> so I have the rough idea
16:03:28 <zeth> since I did pass those
16:03:41 <zeth> but the thing I don't get is the importing the files from the bank
16:03:53 <zeth> didn't mark it as a duplicate during import because you didn't
16:04:07 <zeth> properly assign the destination accounts during import.
16:04:17 <warlord> The importer helps you find duplicate transactions, but the duplicates depend on the credit and debit account settings.
16:04:28 <warlord> If you dont assign the debit/credit accounts the it wont match.
16:04:54 <warlord> One account will be the "import" account. The other is the "far" account. Which is debit and which is credit depends on whether the txn is + or -
16:05:17 <warlord> In your case, all your "far" accounts were IMBALANCE, because you didn't assign them.
16:05:30 <zeth> I see
16:05:37 <zeth> How do I assign them when importing?
16:05:40 <warlord> I don't use the importer, but I believe you just double-click on the account name (at the right?) to assign
16:06:10 <zeth> You mean in the view where it previews the incoming data?
16:06:56 <warlord> Yes
16:06:59 <warlord> (I think)
16:07:05 <zeth> Also since I have you here, is there a feature to update multiple rows at once?
16:07:11 <warlord> Like I said, I dont use that interface
16:07:16 <warlord> No.
16:07:45 <zeth> Because when I am assigning things to expense accounts, I would like to be able to select lots of rows based on the description
16:07:54 <zeth> so some kind of regex would be really helpful
16:08:04 <warlord> You're using OFX?
16:08:24 <warlord> The importer has a bayesian matcihng algorithm to learn.. so future imports will know how to assign.
16:09:29 <zeth> I see
16:09:36 <zeth> so is that based on what I do?
16:10:03 <zeth> so if I update the transfer cell in a row, it will do the same next time?
16:10:03 <warlord> It should be
16:10:09 <zeth> That is very cool
16:10:10 <warlord> It should.
16:10:40 <zeth> Thanks a lot warlord, now it makes more sense
16:11:18 <warlord> :)
16:12:34 <zeth> Sorry another question
16:12:47 <zeth> when I mark something as a duplicate transaction, what is going to happen?
16:15:59 <zeth> Oh that copies a transaction
16:16:13 <zeth> thats not what I want
16:17:05 <warlord> ?? marking as dup should prevent the import.
16:17:09 <warlord> (so you dont have a duplicate)
16:17:18 <warlord> Or.... did you click on the "Duplicate" button?
16:17:26 <warlord> (marking as a duplicate is during import)
16:27:39 <zeth> yeah it is all imported already
16:27:51 <zeth> so I have two transactions for the same thing
16:27:56 <zeth> do I just delete one
16:28:09 <zeth> or is there some clever thing?
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16:50:23 <warlord> just delete one
16:55:13 <zeth> cool
16:55:16 <zeth> thanks
16:56:19 <warlord> np
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