2011-05-04 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:29:09 <JonathanEllis> Good morning. Is it possible for a transaction to have different dates for the two splits? The reason I ask is that when a transfer happens between two of my bank accounts (for example from my current account to my credit card or from Paypal to either my current account or credit card) there is a time lag
05:30:44 <JonathanEllis> This means that the same transaction has different dates in the two accounts. When I download the statements it becomes hard to reconcile the accounts as the date will be wrong in one of the accounts and so the reconciled balance will be wrong in one of the accounts
05:30:54 <JonathanEllis> This can make it hard to track errors
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07:00:14 <Silly> JonathanEllis, afiak a transaction only has one date associated with it. Although, the way I go about things is that I date the transactions based on when I initiated them not the date it goes through. The only way I could think of to do something like what you talking about would be to have an intermediate account and use two transactions, one to move it out of the first, and another to move it into the second...
07:01:57 <JonathanEllis> Silly. Yes I did consider that but it makes things a bit messy and difficult to audit
07:02:08 <Silly> yes
07:02:31 <JonathanEllis> Maybe I will submit this as a feature request
07:09:23 <Silly> Occasionally I have wished I could associate multiple dates with a transaction (with perhaps a note for each date)...
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07:42:51 <warlord> JonathanEllis: why not use the 'cleared' status in the reconciled field to track that the txn hit the account? That's what it's for.
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08:14:00 <JonathanEllis> warlord: My issue is this: I initiate a transfer from bank account A to credit card account B on day 1. The money arrives in credit card account B on day 3. I download both statements from account A and B and they both record the same transaction but on different dates.
08:15:39 <JonathanEllis> It has been suggested that I use a third account to timeshift the transaction so I record two transfers as follows: A to C on day 1 and then C to B on day 3.
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08:17:02 <warlord> JonathanEllis: Well, there's your FIRST problem -- downloading transactions instead of entering them as the occur.
08:17:12 <JonathanEllis> This seems viable and I suppose the third account could be called "Inter-bank transfer in progress" or something like that but it seems to make things a bit messy and hard to track.
08:17:34 <warlord> Second, the matching algorithms do have date windows.
08:17:55 <warlord> Even if they are on the same day, you STILL need to manually say "this transaction already exists in the books"
08:18:18 <JonathanEllis> But if I enter the transactions as they occur, then the balance will still not match the statements so again reconciliation is tricky.
08:18:55 <warlord> Huh??? What crack are you smoking?
08:19:22 <warlord> It's like this: You write a check on Jan 29, it doesn't get cashed until Feb 15th. What "balance" is there on Jan 31?
08:19:22 <JonathanEllis> Because the date the transaction is initiate may not be the day it shows up in the statement
08:19:29 <warlord> EXACTLY!
08:19:37 <warlord> That's EXACTLY why we have reconciliation states.
08:19:47 <warlord> The date you enter is the date you INITIATE the transaction..
08:20:04 <warlord> It's when you promise the funds will move..
08:21:08 <warlord> Reconciliation is no harder this way.. You just have to manually enter the ending balance instead of taking the value GnuCash "suggests". Then you still click off the right transactions.
08:22:09 <JonathanEllis> But finding errors becomes really hard if the transactions in the register dont match the statement
08:22:51 <warlord> How many transactions per month are you talking about?
08:23:43 <warlord> Even if you have 30-40 in a month on a credit card, is it really that hard to look around +/- 5 lines to find the transaction? The description should give you a good idea what it is.
08:24:03 <JonathanEllis> Probably 100 a month
08:24:22 <warlord> Fine, so 3 per day.
08:24:37 <warlord> If it's off by 3 days, that's +/- 9
08:25:26 <Silly> I find it helpful to check the online status every couple of days and check off 'cleared' on transactions I see, that way at the end of the month I have almost no work todo
08:43:36 <JonathanEllis> So then do you change the date of the transaction to match the statement?
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09:03:46 <warlord> no
09:04:20 <warlord> You wrote that check (initiated the transaction) on that date. The fact that it cleared later is irrelevant.
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09:21:15 <inv_id> Hi, I only wanted to say: Thanks to all persons, who contributed and still contribute to this cool accounting software!
09:21:27 <inv_id> It is very effective and simple to use!
09:21:38 <inv_id> for me
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11:37:55 <brushb> on the gnucash page it says GPL, contributions to gnucash should be marked the same?
11:39:05 <jsled> if you want them to be included, you probably should.
11:42:00 <brushb> do you have a copyright disclaimer to fill out?
11:42:36 <brushb> does gnucash keep a record on file of such disclaimers for the devs?
11:42:58 <brushb> I should have said a standard copyright disclaimer
11:44:17 <warlord> No
11:45:20 <brushb> ok, thanks
11:46:49 <warlord> Arguably we should, but it's impossible to go back the 15+ years to grab historical agreements.
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12:05:40 <njknk> Where can I find the "instant fill in the previously used account names" I use when importing an QFX file?
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13:00:10 <jsled> brushb: copyright assignment, you mean?
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13:11:43 <brushb> jsled: The programmers would have to fill out the copyright assignment, I would just have to say, this isn't mine and I am allowing (or maybe requiring) you to assign the copyright
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13:12:12 <brushb> At least that is how I understand it, I could be wrong
13:15:13 <warlord> Unfortunately GnuCash (as a project) has never done that.
13:15:23 <warlord> ... or if it did, it was before my time
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16:38:30 <t3sl4b1n1456456> hello, i have a problem when importing QIF file from Quicken 2009 Windows 7 to gnucash 2.4.x in ubuntu 11.04.
16:39:04 <t3sl4b1n1456456> german language is installed only.
16:40:11 <t3sl4b1n1456456> LANG=de-DE gnucash don't work
16:44:31 <warlord> try de_DE (underscore, not dash)
16:47:27 <t3sl4b1n1456456> oh sorry. my bad! i USED de_DE
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16:47:54 <t3sl4b1n1456456> but importing (now in english) did the same error
16:48:53 <warlord> What error?
16:49:03 <t3sl4b1n1456456> perhaps i can change all "ä" with "ae" in gedit and change it back in gnucash, is this possible?
16:50:37 <warlord> Maybe.. What's the actual import error?
16:50:48 <t3sl4b1n1456456> error: means that the umlauts (ÄÜÖß) where not importet
16:51:58 <t3sl4b1n1456456> befor import: "Rückerstattung" - after import: "Rckerstattung"
16:53:10 <warlord> Ah, the QIF file is probably in ISO format, not UTF8.
16:53:39 <warlord> Convert the file to UTF8 and then import.
16:54:40 <t3sl4b1n1456456> ok, but how?
16:55:01 <t3sl4b1n1456456> only a keyword
16:57:01 <warlord> iconv ?
16:57:08 <t3sl4b1n1456456> can i use shellcommand "iconv"
16:57:12 <t3sl4b1n1456456> ok hah
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17:00:47 <t3sl4b1n1456456> excellent advice warlord!!!!!
17:00:59 <warlord> :)
17:01:07 <warlord> As soon as I understood the issue.....
17:01:46 <t3sl4b1n1456456> love the linux community
17:03:24 <t3sl4b1n1456456> but now there is the import error: <Account type: unknown account type "T Oth. " Instead, "bank".> can i solve that later?
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17:08:17 <warlord> Hmm, T Oth.?
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17:09:22 <warlord> There are types "Oth A", "Oth L", and "Oth S".
17:09:27 <warlord> Not sure what "Oth." is?
17:11:41 <warlord> anyways, I need to run soon
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17:15:11 <t3sl4b1n1456456> ok import works very well. No T Oth. tho find.
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