2011-05-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:11:36 <putz3000> Clean OS install, trying to resetup gnucash with data from last install. Unable to figure out how to import the data. Can anyone provide some help?
02:06:02 <hypatia> hey putz3000, is your save file not loading?
02:06:55 <putz3000> hypatia: No. I have all original save files plus I did an export of accounts. can't figure out how to get either to be seen. I assume its just me.
02:07:09 <hypatia> how odd
02:07:54 <putz3000> hypatia: How/what do I need to do to get either file recognized?
02:08:54 <putz3000> I have not used gnucash long enough to ever need to do this so I don't know the steps. I also did not see instructions in the manual although I might have missed them.
02:09:56 <hypatia> putz3000: well, i just opened a testing file and it was literally just file --> open
02:10:30 <hypatia> i have a file called books-2011 and a whole bunch of other files named books-2011-.....
02:11:51 <hypatia> are you getting an error when you open your file, or is it just not working, or what?
02:13:30 <putz3000> which file should I try to open, the account export, the log file or the other type of file that is saved along with the log file?
02:14:24 <hypatia> putz3000: do you remember what your file was called? there should be one which shows up as a zip file
02:14:50 <hypatia> putz3000: can you pastebin the output of ls in the directory the files are in?
02:14:53 <hypatia> assuming you're on linux
02:15:38 <putz3000> I am using Linux. Not sure what a pastebin is though - sorry. I don't think I created a zip file so maybe I didn't save/export properly
02:16:29 <hypatia> it would show up as a zip file in nautilus (gnome file browser) but not be called "file.zip"
02:16:37 <hypatia> putz3000: http://pastebin.com/
02:16:48 <hypatia> paste the output of ls
02:17:37 <hypatia> actually also file *
02:17:39 <hypatia> if you can
02:17:55 <putz3000> you want the ls of the directory that has all my gnucash account files (not program files) right?
02:18:14 <hypatia> putz3000: actually it should just be the .xac file with the most recent timestamp, i bet
02:18:35 <putz3000> well i have xac files. let me try to do just an open of the latest one
02:18:42 <hypatia> putz3000: http://pastebin.com/7ab9QxHG is what mine looks like
02:18:57 <hypatia> books-2011 being the actual file
02:20:57 <putz3000> Ok, I opend one of those files and it shows account names, descriptiosn and amounts but if I double click on one it tells me the register is read only. I am unable to open up into check register view - at least it seems that way
02:21:51 <hypatia> putz3000: it's probably read only because it's a backup file rather than the actual file
02:22:09 <hypatia> but i'm not sure :/
02:22:20 <hypatia> maybe try save as --> pick a new name
02:27:45 <putz3000> Ok, I think I am now getting some progress. Looks like I got the data finally open, thinks are looking little different, but probably just need to tweak the settings or something. Thank you for your help
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13:51:42 <fspi> Hey - I'm pretty new to gnucash. Living in Germany. Just want say: great work! Thank you!
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